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Texasrentrelife Com (Feb 2021) How And When To Apply?

Texasrentrelife Com (Feb 2021) How And When To Apply? >> The write-up shares details of the new emergency rental relief fund for the eligible tenants and landlords.

Qualified applicants in Texas can now apply for financial assistance via Texasrentrelife com to prevent financial hardships, housing instability, and possible exile of tenants and homeowners during the COVID-19 emergency.    

Texas Rental Relief is the financial assistance program in Texas, United Statesand the eligible applicants would receive financial assistance to deal with the economic hardships during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) has started accepting applications for emergency rental funds from tenants and landlords. The program to fund the tenants and landlords is under the new Coronavirus Relief Bill. 

Please note, when applying for the program, you have to use texasrentrelief.com in place of Texasrentrelife as it is the searchable term only. 

What is Texasrentrelife com?

Texasrentrelief.com is the website that shares details of the new financial relief program. The website was registered only 34 days ago (19-01-2021), and it is the source from where you can apply for the emergency rental fund for tenants and landlords. All qualified applications in Texas, United States, can apply for the website’s rental funds relief program.

Eligible landlords and tenants can apply for the relief program and get funds to prevent financial hardships and housing instability during the pandemic caused by COVID-19. The officials confirmed that the emergency rental funds would support the renters with utility bills and rent, including noting landlords, past due utilities, and rent.   

Renters and landlords can apply and access the rent relief program from Texasrentrelife com. It is the rent relief program offered by TDHCA as the organization has received around $1.3 billion funds for the assistance initiative under the new Coronavirus Relief Bills passed by the Biden administration. 

What is the New Rental Fund Program?

The new Emergency Rental Relief Program is the Biden Administration initiative to provide financial assistance to tenants and landlords across Texas to prevent housing inability, probable exile, and economic burden caused by the Coronavirus public health emergency. 

The emergency funds are only for the eligible tenants and landlords in Texas, and the funds can be used only for paying utility bills and rent. Eligible residents can access the details and apply for the emergency rental relief program online via Texasrentrelife com.  

How and When to Apply?

In Texas, eligible tenants and landlords can apply for the emergency fund relief program online via Texasrentrelief.com and by calling the official number 1-833-989-7368 and completing the program’s application form. 

Applicants can also apply for the emergency relief program online from the website mentioned above. The program started receiving applications from 15th February 2021, Monday, and the process will remain open until the funds are disbursed to the eligible tenants and landlords. 

Applicants in the priority group are requested to apply for the program by 28th February 2021 for the priority review.  


Eligible tenants and landlords can now access their emergency funds online from the website. Please remember, Texasrentrelife com is just the searchable term as the original website is Texasrentrelief.com. Moreover, we would like to mention that as we have not received any customer reviews, so cross-check at your end also.

Have you applied for the emergency rental fund online? Please share your experience in the comments section. 

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