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Thesocialdelimma com {Sep} Find Out More Here

Thesocialdelimma com {Sep} Find Out More Here -> Get to know the effects of social media on mental and physical health and how they influence human behavior to make money.

When it comes to social media, it is both a blessing and a curse. As a blessing, it connects the people across the world through internet. It solves problem-related to them and makes people socially active. However, it also has ill effects on individuals as it can lead to addiction and keeping away from people in real life. Thesocialdelimma com talks about the manipulation it can bring on human behavior for a profit. As infinite scrolling and continuous notifications keep user engagement, personalization influences our actions and leads us to become easy prey of advertisers and propaganda. 

If reports are to believed, more than 70 percent of the United-States population are active on social media channels. As a result, it has a direct impact on our behaviors. The website Thesocialdelimma com talks about the issues it can bring to individual life and how badly does it affect society. Earlier, it used to be a blessing; the social media is turning into a curse as advertisers are using it for financial benefits leading people in the wrong directions. 

What is Social Dilemma?

The rise of technology gave us so many things and promised to keep us connected, as a result, it hosts unintended consequences that are catching us. If we are unable to understand this broken framework, we would never be able to address the challenges that trouble humanity. As per the United-States Journal of Epidemiology 2017, a study was done on 500 people across the country. Out of these people, it was found out that the higher use of social media is related to a self-reported decline in mental and physical health along with life satisfaction. The problem with social media is that people who use it face unrealized ill effects, which affects society and people living in it. The advertisers, marketers, and propagandists use the platform to lure people. Thesocialdelimma com aims to help people understand this and come out of that zone. 

About the film:

It is essential to understand what is hiding on the other side of your screen. People living in United-States or anywhere else in the world have a habit of tweeting, liking, and sharing posts about their lives and emotions. Do we know the consequences of increasing dependence on social media? The movie is a hybrid of documentary and drama that talks about how social media is influencing our civilization. The film is available to watch on Netflix, a popular OTT platform. Directed by Jeff Orlowski, the United-States movie is produced by Larissa Rhodes.

Final Words

The movie is a modern age horror that makes us rethink about the applications we have on our phone. It actually talks about things we are hearing from some time now- the fact of using technology and social media with precaution. All the channels collect data, and too much scrolling is harmful to mental health and serves as a great platform to spread false information, resulting in the killing on many innocents across the United-States. The movie develops serious issues explaining the whole process with great detail. Thesocialdelimma com is something everyone should be aware about.

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