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Tikblow.com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is it Legit Or A Scam?

Tikblow.com Reviews {Sept 2020} Is it Legit Or A Scam? >> Looking for more followers or free fans from tikblow.com, then read this.

If you are a social media buff, then you have heard of TikTok or used it. It is a video sharing app that quickly gained popularity.

Many want to get quick followers. Offering quick followers at a range of prices are numerous sites, and Tikblow.com Reviews found one such site. 

It has gained quite some popularity in the United States and mostly for the wrong reasons. 

What is Tikblow.com?

The Tikblow.com is a generator website that offers free fans to TikTok users, and you can select from one thousand and up to fifteen thousand fans. 

There is also an option to generate countless fans, but there is no mention of payment methods. So the site probably gives out free fans to the app users. 

The process of attaining fake fans using this site is very easy, but there is no way to clarify if the site is safe or provides the services it claims.  

Moreover, the Tikblow.com Reviews have uncovered that free fans provided by the site are violating all those provisions established by the TikTok app.

If you do end up using it, there are chances of your account on the app getting deactivated. 


  • The website is one that offers unlimited fans to TikTok app users 
  • The app provides free fans by merely taking a survey 
  • For this to happen, you have to provide your TikTok id beforehand 
  • This website has the January 2020 creation date
  • There is no information provided on the Tikblow.com 
  • There are signs that the website is scamming people in the country of United States 
  • Gaining fans this way is violating the provisions set by the TikTok application 

How to use the tikblow.com?

To gain fans on the site, you must first open it up and then fill out your TikTok id in the space bar provided. 

Then click on next, after this you’ll have to choose your device and then continue to choose from the number of fans you want on your account. 

Once you have chosen, your page is directed to one that shows ‘Generate’ fans. Now on clicking that, you will have to take a survey to receive these fans. 

This process is straightforward, but not worth it. 

What are the customers saying about Tikblow.com?

TikTok users give Tikblow.com Reviews that mention of them being sceptical about the website—questioning if it is possible to hack TikTok followers this way. 

Online review sites mention a strict code of ethics followed by TikTok and if a user is found not following them. Then your account could be deactivated. 


The Tikblow.com provides users with free fans for their TikTok accounts, but they provide no information about any success in their services. 

Online Tikblow.com Reviews  claim that these practices are not safe and violate the rules established by TikTok.

Many websites entice TikTok users with similar services but rarely ever do so. Therefore, the usage of this website is not recommended. 

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