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Tiktok Class Action Lawsuit 2021 (Nov) Who Is Eligible?

This article discusses the recent Tiktok Class Action Lawsuit 2021 and offers all the relevant information.

Lawsuits on prominent establishments and well-known businesses and conglomerates are quite common. Through these lawsuits, people make sure that these entities don’t use their power and influence to perform illegal, immoral, or unethical activities.

Lawsuits often end in settlements, where the parties and eligible candidates who petitioned the lawsuit get some monetary compensation. One of the recent such lawsuits is the case with TikTok, which has made Tiktok Class Action Lawsuit 2021 trending.

The lawsuit primarily concerns users in the United States. Keep reading this article to know more and find out if you’re eligible for the compensation.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media apps with billions of downloads since its release. ByteDance is the owner of this Chinese video-based platform. 

Users create short videos on this platform that range from 15 seconds to three minutes and share them with others. The worldwide emergence of TikTok came only after its merger with Musical.ly, another Chinese service.

The Tiktok Class Action Lawsuit 2021

  • It’s a federal lawsuit filed against TikTok in the United States, where some recent developments have been made.
  • The settlement for $92 million by TikTok is pending in the court, which will likely be accepted, and eligible users will get the compensation.
  • The lawsuit states that TikTok violated major laws by collecting users’ data without asking for their permission. 
  • TikTok and Musical.ly are both mentioned under the same charges in this lawsuit.
  • TikTok had denied these claims, but the court settled for this case in February this year.
  • Users received a notification from TikTok about this settlement on November 15.

Results of The Tiktok Class Action Lawsuit 2021

  • The lawsuit claims that TikTok collected biometric data without the consent of the users.
  • Users who used the application before September 30 can file a claim by March 1, 2022. Minors are also eligible for the claim.
  • Since Illinois has strict laws about the same, users in Illinois can get upto six times the payment. However, the users must have created videos on TikTok.
  • Eligible users can visit the website for TikTok privacy settlement and file their compensation claims.
  • Sources suggest that users can get compensation in many forms under the Tiktok Class Action Lawsuit 2021.
  • Users can receive the compensation through PayPal, Venmo, a prepaid card, or a physical cheque.
  • The amount of compensation will depend on the number of users who file the claim. The total settlement amount will be divided between the users.
  • Read more about this settlement here.  

The Final Verdict         

Concerned users filed a lawsuit against TikTok and Musical.ly, Chinese social media apps for wrongful collection and storage of personal data. The case has been settled, and eligible users may get some compensation. All relevant details are mentioned above. 

Are you eligible for compensation? Kindly share your thoughts on Tiktok Class Action Lawsuit 2021 in the comments.

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