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Tiqueena Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

Tiqueena Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam? -> Here, we will be reviewing a website that has got a unique clothing collection for all the women.

Are you a fashion freak? Are you in constant search of new and latest trends?

In this time, when people are very much concerned about the latest trends and fashion, they need to upgrade and update their wardrobes as well. This Tiqueena Reviews will let our readers know if this website can fulfil the needs and demands of their customers or not.

This website has a fantastic clothing collection that satisfies the customer needs and helps them have the trendiest collection with unique fittings as well. Going forward, let’s find out Is Tiqueena Legit or not.

Also, this website is founded in The United States.

What is Tiqueena?

Tiqueena is a unique website which has got a fantastic collection of trendiest clothes that a person will ever need.

In this common changing era, every person wants to have that one trendiest piece that was the talk of the season. Every person wants to own the latest articles. But, some people usually prefer to have a unique collection which is not similar to anyone or is not related to a celebrity.

This website has got the exact thing that a person will need. They have a unique and trendiest collection of clothes for every woman out there. The collection starts with tops, dresses, bottoms, jumpsuits and goes upto accessories and shoes.

The website is an excellent platform for the people who like to shop and stay updated with the trend.

Let’s move forward and give you more information.

Specifications of Tiqueena

  • This site has a mythical collection.
  • The group is dedicated to women.
  • The site and the selection is fantastic.
  • The website is based in the United States.
  • Delivery time- 10-35 days
  • Return of orders  is applicable within 15 days of purchase. 
  • Contact id -service@tiqueena.com
  • Payment through: PayPal only

Pros of Tiqueena

  • Enables a woman to have a unique collection
  • Helps people to choose from a vast collection
  • Available in different sizes
  • Return is applicable on all orders.

Cons of Tiqueena

  • The site has not gained much popularity.
  • No Tiqueena Reviews were found.
  • Buyer is responsible for returning shipping cost.
  • This website accepts only PayPal Payments.

Can customers consider Tiqueena Legit? 

Tiqueena is a kind of website which deals in a vast range of clothing items for women. To know about the site, we researched and collected some pieces of evidence.

The website was found to be new to the market; it was introduced on 2020-06-12 that is just two months old. The website is not found to be blacklisted on any platform plus; it also uses a valid HTTPS connection. 

All these points were impressive, but some aspects were of concern. The website has not recorded to have massive traffic. The traffic that is recorded is much less.

Also, it seems like the website uses fake photographs of the models as the face has been cut out due to the copyright issues. It was also found that the site has no contact number or address given for the customers. 

Thus, we would say that the website is not legit and is a scam.

What are customer reviews on the website?

A major primary factor that affects a website’s performance is its customer reviews. People mostly rely on other customer’s reviews and experiences before going forward with the purchase.

Therefore, we did our research to find some reviews but, we could not find many customer reviews as the site is just two months old.

Final Verdict

For finding Is Tiqueena Legit or a scam, we researched in detail on the website. Through this, we found some information that can clear the doubts of our readers.

Also, we found that the website was newly introduced to the market, i.e., on 2020-06-12, that is just two months old. We saw that the site has not recorded heavy traffic. The traffic recorded is much less than it should be.

Also, it seems that the website uses fake photographs of the models as the face has been cut out due to the copyright issues. It was also found that the site has not added any contact number or address for the customers. These points create a sense of doubt and prove that the website is a scam.

9 thoughts on “Tiqueena Reviews {Oct 2020} Is It Legit or Another Scam?

  1. They are very difficult when it comes to returns clothes not very good quality and run very very small.

  2. The clothing is a joke… cheap cookie cutter poly nylon blend crap!!! So disappointed!!! Don’t buy!! The pictures are fake… clothes are nothing like that when you get them….cost too much to send back!!! Junk…

  3. The sizing is extream I received 2 tops one was 2 sixes big and the other was too small they were both the same size and style. I will not order from them again.

  4. I would not recommend purchasing from this company. Their sizes are way off and the quality is well all over the place. They are either extremely small or huge! I requested a return and so far no answer. Save your money! Do business with a company that actually has a customer service number. These folks do not!!

  5. this company is a scam! states returns good 15 days after purchased; however, you don’t receive the items until 30 to 45 days AFTER purchase! no response when trying to get a return authorization.

  6. Furious is what I’m feeling!!! I could not reach the customer service department even with more searching than they provided. I wanted to make an exchange within the time given, yet they make it impossible! Now I’m stuck with a top I don’t want and out nearly $22.00!
    Furious, livid is an understatement!!!!

  7. I ordered a hat and got a
    COMPLETELY different hat from the one I ordered and cannot contact them through anything but email and they have not responded! TOTAL SCAM!!

  8. Do not buy from Tiqueena. Bought 6 tops with progressing percent off. Came at different times, some taking 6 weeks to arrive. Carefully chose size but way off on arrival. Says you can request return authorization but they will not respond. If you buy it, it is yours! Like it or not!

  9. Definitely a scam – I ordered three items months ago and only received one – my credit card was charged for all three. The one that arrived was huge and not as illustrated – am donating it to Goodwill. The item arrived in October and I’ve received nothing since.

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