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Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Chapter 85 {Dec} Releasing Date!

The article will inform you about the Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Chapter 85 and its dealing in the chapter.

Do you recognize the “Hanako” character? Even in the last chapter (84), Hanako, the toiled bound, made a return. We saw his emotional moment with “Aoi” in the previous chapter. He discusses many things with Aoi.

Hanako tells Aoi about the train from ”Far Shore”. And how he becomes the magical object. By listening to this, Aoi gets emotional, but she controls herself.

 The series is very famous in the United States, and many audiences enjoy the series and storyline. But it’s time for a new chapter.

The chapter is called Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Chapter 85

What about the Chapter? 

Akane, Teru, Nene and Kou are crucial characters in the series. We saw them jumping into the wall. They were trying to get into the supernatural universe and stop the train going towards the Far Shore.

On the other side, Hanako and Aoi are on the train. They are trying to travel to the last station. The heading to the previous station is for one reason. Aoi needs to be secure from the supernatural elements. So, they need to go to the last destination by hook or crook.

Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Chapter 85The Story Line

In chapter 85, we can watch the friends of Aoi successfully stop the train in time. 

The friends of Aoi are successful in rescuing Aoi from the supernatural elements. But from the previous chapter, we came to know Teru’sTeru’s main intention was to kill Hanako. 

So, Teru starts his plan to kill Hanako. But the question is whether Teru will succeed or not? Or what happened to Hanako? 

We are hoping that chapter 85 will reveal everything, and we can see a great climax.  

Is it Break of Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Chapter 85

Many audiences and experts think Hanako Manga is going for a break. But many say it is not valid. 

Hanako-Kun-Manga is an essential character in the series. So, Hanko can’t get a break. 

In the previous chapter, team friends gather in the morning, but they want to go to the boundary. But they saw a burned Red coloured house. 

But when they start examining the house, they find some supernatural entity, and they start work to find the truth. The finding will come to the next chapter. 

The Release Date

Many people are waiting for the Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Chapter 85

As per our information, chapter 85 will be released on 18 December 2021. The audience is eagerly waiting for the 85 number chapters and wants to know what happened to Hanko, Aoi, and other friends. 

Why is the News Trending? 

A book of Toilet Bound Hanako Kun is released in the English language. Readers can’t find the book online. That is the reason the news is trending.

Last Thought

The characters and the series are prevalent among the audience. Many people watch the series regularly. Now they are waiting for Toilet Bound Hanako Kun Chapter 85.

Besides this, you can also click here to get more information.   

Have you read this book? Would you please comment in the comment section?

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