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Tolastore Com Reviews [April] – Is This One Not A Scam?

Tolastore Com Reviews [April] – Is This One Not A Scam? >> Do you want to know the answer of this question? If yes, then read the whole post by our ecommerce expert! Get proper info regarding this ecommerce website.

Are you looking for shopping necessities online? If yes, we have so many websites available online. As so many websites are available for every item, you want to buy online. At times, it becomes difficult to determine from a given number of websites, which website to trust and which not to.

For your ease, this article will refer to one of the online websites and provide you with information that could affect your buying decision.

Tolastore com tailored for men products is based in the United States. As this website is getting more attention among other websites, it becomes necessary to know about its authenticity. For all your confusion you can read Tolastore com reviews. An insight into this website;

What is Tolastore com?

Tolastore.com is one place for all the menswear, accessories and bags available online. If you are likely to buy any of these items from this website, it is essential to read tolastore com reviews. 

On their Website, they offer various discounts, coupons on first order and many other attractive offers like after-sale services design for its customers. But due to limited items sometimes website looks unfeasible.

Who’s this is for?

Tolastore.com is personalized for menswear, which includes clothing accessories and bags. This website promises to provide a different style of clothes for men. They can choose different colors and products are available in all sizes. It attracts people who are aligned with the new fashion. This website offers product according to the latest trend. 

They provide Innovative and creative items and also you can choose a variety of things to gift your friends. An overview of Tola store.com reviews gives you an exact picture of the reliability of the website.

Benefits of Tolastore.com

  • Products are offered at reasonable prices.
  • The website provides various discounts and coupons like they are offering 10% off on your first order and earn discount coupon on first purchase.
  • The website provides all the information about the product like product details and sizing.
  • They provide worldwide shipping, and you can receive your order in 5 to 7 business days after purchase.
  • Great online shopping experience as they provide after-sales service.

Specifications of Tolastore.com

  • There is always some uniqueness in every website as it provides more idea about the website.
  • You can track your order online on the website as they provide order tracking facility. 
  • You can cancel your order anytime before the product is shipped or dispatched.
  • The website is SSL protected, so the trade is all safe.
  • Their return policy lasts for 30 days since your purchase.
  • To know more about the company policies visit the website or contact at 
  • support@tola store.com.

Few Negative remarks

With the good, there are some negative aspects as well.

  • Less information about the company.
  • No cash on delivery.
  • Some of the pictures of the products not available
  • Website offers limited items in different categories.

Due to these adverse remarks, some customers don’t buy from these websites even if they offer right products at reasonable prices. These remarks need to be considered before making any order.

Tolastore.com Customer Reviews 

There are few customer reviews available online, which could be essential for buying decision.

Positive Reviews 

There are some customers who have given five-star rating to the website. the customers who have given five-star rating to the website are happy with the service and price of the product.

Negative Reviews 

On the contrary, some customers are not happy with the website, and they say that they haven’t received their order on time. Also, didn’t get any email for tracking the order. 


How to check order statuS? 

Once your order is shipped, you will get a confirmation mail. Then by using the tracking number provided in the mail; go to website and click on order tracking where you can check your order status. 

Do they offer menswear in all sizes?

Yes, they provide men’s products in all sizes.

Final verdict 

Although website is creatively designed, offer attractive policies and comply with giving good online shopping experience still many important things are missing.    

They are not active on social media; they do not provide owner identity and conceal other relevant information. On the other hand, products are attractive and at affordable prices. They offer different styles of clothing for men. 

This article explains both aspects of the website good and bad. After satisfying from Tola store com reviews, enjoy your shopping experience on Tolastore.com. 

0 thoughts on “Tolastore Com Reviews [April] – Is This One Not A Scam?

  1. I ordered from them 3/31 and it is April 9 how long will I get my shipment also never received a tracking number who do I contact (tolastore.com)

    1. I also never received any information about the ice maker i ordered from them. the money was taken instantly and there was never a conformation number or tracking number. i gave them the benefit of the doubt but now im doubting the benefit of online shopping. i would like to have my fifty dollars back from them. any information please share. one angry ass customer here.

  2. Received Receipt of order, no shipping confirmation, no tracking number no e-mail support responses, and last but not least phone number not reachable
    Definitely a scam my credit card was charged for the order

    1. This company seems to be a scam. I ordered a product on March 31st. I never received an invoice. On April 9th, I emailed them. Today, I received the second returned delivery of the message. It was undeliverable. I called them yesterday and the phone call could not go through. I cancelled the order through my credit card yesterday. I will never use them again!

  3. Ordered over a week and a half ago. No communication from them at all yet they took payment in 15 minutes. No confirmation email, no receipt of order, etc. Called support number 2x, call wouldn’t go thru. Emailed 2x, no response. Closed my cc account because of this order.

  4. They re lieing people should call the cops they took my money too never respond too me only bullseye number

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