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Tommie Copper Mattress Reviews [Jan] Legit or a Hoax?

Tommie Copper Mattress Reviews [Jan] Legit or a Hoax? -> if you are troubled with stiff back, you can read this review for comfort sleep.

Product differentiation is one thing which catches the attention of most the customer in the United States, and they are willing to pay extra for value addition. Are you the one who is troubled by recurring back pain and aches in your body? Are you looking for a product which can comfort your back and make you feel fresh for days work?Founded in 2010, Tommie copper came with copper znergy technology to help people live a healthy, comfortable and happy life. They developed a product line that will help people enhance their performance and physical recovery. 

Tommie Copper Mattress Reviews will take you through one of their products that will comfort you while sleeping.

What is Tommie Copper Mattress?

Tommie Copper has come up with their apparel line, which they claim if used regularly can enhance muscle recovery, reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Tommie mattress is one of their product on offer with the same benefits and uses copper znergy technology.

The product is available in four variant with six different sizes for each. Four other variants are highdensity, core, performance and pro-grade. The price range is from $ 1299 to $1899; the pro-grade is most luxurious with the highest price.They also claim that copper znergy fabric also prevents odour causing microbe growth on sleep surface of the mattress.Tommie Copper Mattress Reviews will try to find more about their claim and benefit to the people.


  • Product: this mattress uses copper znergy technology for their product differentiation.
  • Variant and their price: the product is offered in four different high density variants with different price.
  • High density- $1299
  • Core- $1299
  • Performance- 1599
  • Pro-grade 1899
  • Sizes: the product is available in six different sizes within each variant.
  • Shipping policy: Free shipping for orders of $75 or above
  • Guarantee: 100 night
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Refund: the 100-night refund is only for mattress purchased from the website.


  • The product is available in four variations with six different sizes with different price for each. 
  • Tommie Copper Mattress Reviews found the 100 night sleep guarantee scheme to the United States customers to be quite beneficial.
  • A discount of 30% for purchase of product worth $150 or more from the website will help the company increase its sale.
  • The copper znergy technology fabric is a valuable addition to a regular mattress. 


  • Not everybody will be benefited from this technology as claimed by the company offering this product.
  •  The product pricing is entirely on the higher side, so every customer will think twice before purchasing it.
  • Shipping and discount are not product-centric they are more website centric due to high price of the product.
  • According to Tommie Copper Mattress Reviews, nothing concrete is known yet, about the benefit of copper znergy to circulation, pain relief inflammation in the scientific world.

Is Tommie copper mattress worth?

Is the product safe to use, or is it beneficial for everyone claimed by the Tommie copper? As speaking for ordinary people, it may offer them some comfort or little relief from pain. Due to the lack of research in the scientific world about this technology, we can say nothing with certainty.

For the person who is having some issue with their nervous system, they should consult a doctor before using this mattress as compression may worsen their nerves dysfunction.Many other sites offer the product with copper technology, but not much is known about its benefit.Therefore, Tommie Copper Mattress Reviews believe that like all other mattresses this too will allow you to have a sound sleep at night.

What are Tommie Copper Mattress Customer Reviews?

This website has well developed social media presence with its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account icon on its web page. The Facebook page was created on 27th October 2010. It has around 69,539 likes and 69,541 followers, so a lot of customers are visiting their page and posting their comment.On some of its product review page also a lot of customer review is available. When closely looking at customer reviews, most of them are commenting about the issue with the company apparel product line. 

On the product page, there are some reviews about mattress and customers are happy with their purchase. So Tommie Copper Mattress Reviews feels that people purchasing this product are quite satisfied with the product.


After thorough research about copper znergy technology used Tommie mattress much cannot be said about the company’s claim of lessening inflammation and pain, there are also many people complaining about its refund issue with its other product line.

But not much has been written about the mattress, and on the website product page, some review is positive for the product. Many questions can be asked about technology and its benefit as claimed by the company, till more about is known in the scientific world but there is no question about its usefulness in giving comfortable night sleep.Therefore, Tommie copper mattress Reviews gives thumps up to the product. If you have purchased this product or have experienced it, do write in the comment section.

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