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Top 10 Apps to Increase The IQ

Top 10 Apps to Increase The IQ: The brain function tends to slow down with time as people age, thus to keep it active there is a need to have it exercise as we do for the whole body. However, brain exercising involves asking it to work on complicated things for it to process information and disseminate it to work faster and harder. 

This can be done through IQ games that improve the IQ and speedily help the brain function, for example gauging out situations and solutions. So if you want to improve your IQ and brainpower, you should go for these applications that will boost your brain. 

However, for these types of apps whether you play with them on your phone or your desktop you need super-fast internet so there are no lags. You could also be from the rural areas where a fast connection is not possible without having a satellite connection since cable or fiber optics do not have such an extensive network. If you are in the urban areas, many reliable brands like CenturyLink and of the likes are expected to be available in your vicinity. 

These games are important as the researchers from the Smart Ageing International Research Center from Tohoku University studied and got a result that these types of activities enhance the memory, processing speed, and provide improved learning through situational activities. These are not only for kids above 15 or 16 years of age but people beyond this who are seeking to improve brain functions. 

The Top 5 Games For Improving IQ Are:

  1. Elevate

In order to increase IQ, there are many ways and the most recommended way is to focus on the kinds of foods that boost the brain’s power. Another way that can be used – to supplement the diet – is to practice brain exercises from the platform Elevate. The application has been developed using AI and observes how one interacts with the features created. Using this information, the mind workouts then become molded to the user’s preferences: thereby creating unique content focused on your capacities. The user needs to determine their goals to allow the application to develop a customized set of exercises that will help the user achieve their goals. The range of activities is wide: comprehension, memory, focus, and many others. The application has been backed by California State University’s study which reported an improvement of 69% in users’ cognitive skills.

  1. Lumosity

Backed by Mensa International members, Lumosity is an OG brain training application. The app currently has over 85 million users while developing memory, flexibility, attention, and other brain functions. The app has been created by over 100 researchers located around the world and has been performing excellently in surveys and studies. Lumosity works simply: sign up to the app and take the assessment test. Based on your performance you will be given a report, which shows your performance against others in the same age bracket and then recommends 3 to 5 daily exercises which will help develop those functions which are lagging.

  1. CogniFit

In case you struggle with small daily tasks such as remembering your email password or where you left your keys, the CogniFit is the app for you. This app has been created to help improve short-term memories in users and also allows access to tests that judge 20 cognitive skills. Once the user has taken all of the tests, they receive an in-depth report and consequent access to mental challenges or games which focus on developing specific cognitive functions. 

Cognifit works since it utilizes the same technologies as in hospitals and medical centers and is beneficial for those diagnosed with different kinds of mental impairments including chemo-fog, multiple sclerosis, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s. The app is free but has some purchasable options as well.

  1. Peak

Peak allows you access to 30 plus mini-games that have been developed to improve memories, concentration skills, languages, mental abilities as well as problem-solving capabilities. The process is simple: download the application, sign up and start by playing the initial games, which will determine your current skill levels. Then based on the results you are recommended which game to play in a customized plan. The paid version allows access to all of the games at any time. The developers suggest using the app three times a week and users can also activate reminders on when to use it. The app also tracks your development throughout its usage; while also allowing an understanding of how your performance fares against others. It is worth paying for the 12-month subscription to access complete functionality.

  1. Duolingo

It has been long known that learning a new language allows betterment in mental attention and alertness. However, you do not need a tutor or school: simply download Duolingo and begin the learning process. The app allows users to learn all of the basic skills: speaking, reading, and writing. The app has 38 languages that quizzes in the form of games. The app has been developed to judge your current grasp of the language and then devise a custom course from that point onwards. The app is free, convenient, and very accurate! It allows you to learn a new language from the comfort of your phone exclusively!

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