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Top 5 Free Legal Research Tools

It can be not easy to browse the right one for you, with many legal sites. Here we have listed the Top 5 Free Legal Research Tools. So, scroll down the post.

What’s the fastest way to find a court case or an attorney? You can search exhaustively on the Internet or check out these free legal research tools. 

If you are eager in learning more about a specific topic or research a legal issue, look over this list of resources for a minute. You might find what you need without spending a dime! This post will cover our Top 5 Free Legal Research Tools and how they can be useful to you.

  1. Fastcase –Fastcase is a comprehensive legal research tool that recently made all of its content free. It has a significant search engine that gives you access to every U.S. federal and state court decision and includes statutes, regulations, and court rules. Its interface is a bit clunky and difficult to navigate, but it’s completely free, so it’s worth exploring.
  2. CourtListener – CourtListener is a free legal research tool that provides access to more than a million federal and state court opinions from across the country. The opinions are searchable by keyword, citation, docket number, etc. Keep reading Top 5 Free Legal Research Tools
  3. Caselaw Access Project – This tool gives you access to more than 6 million U.S. court cases from 1658-to 2018 from 50 states and federal appellate and district courts. That would cost you a good amount through other legal research sites, but this one is completely free! CAP uses machine learning technology to provide users with an easy way to find relevant cases based on keywords or citations. 
  4. Findlaw – Findlaw is a great platform for finding Supreme Court decisions. You can start your search by using the search feature on the site’s homepage, or you can browse and search for cases by year. While analysing Top 5 Free Legal Research Tools, FindLaw also has a blog featuring posts about recent news and updates in the legal industry and a section about legal research. Here, you can search all Supreme Court cases from 1760 to the present and summaries of the most famous cases over the past year.
  5. Casetext and ROSS – When you need help sifting through complicated legal doctrine and issues, Casetext is among the best free online tools available for legal research. You can search court decisions, statutes, regulations and secondary sources like law review articles that rank results by helpfulness and relevance.

Why Need Top 5 Free Legal Research Tools?

Lawyers require a lot of information to proceed with any case. They need to research the facts, gather enough evidence and check precedents, regulations and laws before they can begin arguing their case. This is where legal research plays an important role. These tools provide quick access to necessary information required by lawyers to get started with their work. 


To sum up, Legal research can be complicated. Without the right research tools, it can take days to go through countless pages of slow-loading documents. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of legal research tools. These Top 5 Free Legal Research Tools help you save time and find what you need in no time flat.

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