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Tower Blitz Wiki {Oct} Read To Know Latest Advancements

If you are looking for Tower Blitz Wiki and the updated codes, you are at the right place reading about the game.

The Tower Blitz team has been working on Overhaul for the last five months, recently completed. The game featured more enemies, more towers, more maps, more game codes, redesigned enemies and modifiers. In addition, it had given a complete visual overhaul to the game.

The update was released Worldwide, with aliens invading and causing destruction across the planet. Let us go through the Tower Blitz Wiki and the new codes below.

What is Tower Blitz?

Tower Blitz is a fun RPG tower defense game where you need to destroy enemies by building and upgrading towers. 

Enemies, avatars, and accessories:

Enemies are featured as aliens in the game. Different aliens have different health levels. With the attack from the towers, the alien’s health gets reduced. To kill the alien, their health should be reduced to zero. The aliens can spawn, aid other aliens and destroy your towers. 

  • In Volt Union mode, there are 18 different avatars for the players depending upon the waves achived.
  • In ISC Faction mode, there are 26 avatars. 
  • In Tower Blitz Wiki X-Faction mode, there are 43 avatars, including accessories. 
  • The game features 27 random enemies. 
  • The Lord Swordmaster, Banded, Architect, Underwhelming boss, Commander, HeavyBoss old, Blader, and Evoked were removed.

Towers, upgrades and cost:

Towers help to defend your base. You can place a maximum of 25 towers. Each tower has a different specialty and price. In addition, the towers have two types of upgrades. One type of upgrade focuses on damage, and the second type of upgrade focuses on special attacks. 

  • Slinger will cost Free
  • Crossbower will cost 225 tokens
  • Freezer will cost 350 tokens
  • Market will cost 1,500 tokens
  • Mounted Minigun will cost 3,000 tokens
  • In Tower Blitz WikiSharpshooter will cost 900 tokens
  • Sniper will cost 1,800 tokens
  • Gunslinger will cost 700 tokens
  • Demolitionist will cost 900 tokens
  • Electricizerfixed will cost 5,500 tokens
  • Techbladefixed will cost 1,500 tokens
  • Buglericon will cost 2500 tokens
  • Trapper will cost 1,700 tokens
  • Recon Base will cost 4,500 tokens
  • Elite, Businessman2 and MechanicBadge are Exclusive
  • Magician tower is under testing and 
  • Conscript tower was removed

Recon Base, upgrades and price:

These are units that can be set up on the path to attack enemies. The player can choose to place the units at regular intervals (or) automatically. 

Different path 1 and 2 upgrades from Tower Blitz Wiki:

  • Air Cooling costs $600
  • Ghoul Rider costs $780
  • Anti-Personnel Truck costs $5,000
  • Tank costs $15,000
  • Suppressor costs $900
  • More Recruits costs $1,000
  • Teamed Up costs $2,500
  • Ghouls are now Phantoms
  • The bliss of Finality costs $150,000

Latest Tower Blitz codes:

Tower Blitz released new codes recently. Below are the new codes.

  • Dreamform fortnite – gives the player Tech blade X Skin
  • businessfixes – gives the player 300X tokens


We understand that you were able to get an overall picture of the game. To redeem the codes mentioned above, you need to click on the Twiter icon on the Tower Blitz Wiki gaming screen and paste the codes there. 

To stay updated on the latest codes and upgrades, you can subscribe to Tower Blitz’s official Twitter page.  

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