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Towpool Homes Reviews [May] – Read This Review Before Buying

Towpool Homes Reviews [May] – Read This Review Before Buying -> In this article, we learned about a website with electronic gadgets.

Are you a gadget geek and looking for some affordable gadgets? Let’s check out Towpool Homes Reviews.

In today’s tech generation, gadgets have become our best friend; our entire life is surrounded by gadgets and electronic devices that help us to make our life easier.

Customers from the United State have been giving there helpful Towpoolhomes Reviews,which helped us to bring you a piece of detailed and insightful information about this website. 

We all know that gadgets with long usage time and warranty are costly, and buying these products is like a one-time investment. 

Buy these products from a new website creates doubts in the buyer, and then they prefer to buy from a more reliable website than from new sites leading low traffics on the new website. 

Therefore, we are here to clear your doubts and insecurity, regarding Towpoolhomes, and provide you with an overall detailed analysis.

What is Towpoolhomes.com?

Towpoolhomes.com is a home for a vast collection of electronics with an affordable price range and warranty offers.

Electronics available on the website are Mobile Phones, Digital Watches, Cameras, Ipads, CCTV Cameras, Bluetooth Adaptors, Play Stations, Trampolines, Toasters, Floor Standing, Desktops, PCs, etc. 

The website also has a blog system to keep you updated with the latest invention in technology and new gadgets launched. 

The website is simple and clear, and it has all its policies mentioned with great details. 

Why is Towpoolhomes.com unique?

The products on the website are affordable by all the customers of different financial sectors. 

The discount offer are remarkable, and the best thing to notice about the website is that they already have the lowest price on the product and still offering discount offers and gift cards to the customers.

The website has detailed information and other policies mentioned, and they claim that they are always available to clear their customer’s doubts.

Specifications of Towpoolhomes.com:

  • Product Type: Electronic Gadgets. 
  • Website Link:  https://towpoolhomes.com/
  • Email Address: billing.towpoolhomes@gmail.com
  • Address: 3096 Carman Rd, Schenectady, US, NY 12303
  • Telephone Number: (+1) 738-606-5412
  • Delivery Time: Not Clear
  • Shipping Fee: Not Clear
  • Refund: Available
  • Return / Exchange: Available
  • Mode of Payment: Visa and MasterCard, Amex, PayPal. 

Pros of towpoolhomes.com:

  • Affordable products. 
  • 14 days return policy
  • 7 Days Refund Policy
  • HTTPs protocol followed
  • Fantastic offers and gift cards
  • Informative Blogs section 

Cons of towpoolhomes.com:

  • No official domain of the website available. 
  • “About Us” page missing
  •  Cash on delivery not available
  • No information about the shipping charges
  • No information on delivery time

What are the customer reviews on towpoolhomes.com?

The website is new, and therefore it has received a very minimum number of reviews, but whatever reviews we found were useful. 

The reviews claimed that the customers never got a refund when they have received a damaged product. The customers got no response when they tried o connect with the officials of the website. 

There were no reviews on the website’s product as most of the studies were negative and complained about the late delivery. 

The customers were quite unhappy with the website’s services, and some of the reviews also stated that the number on the website is not legal, as when they tried to connect with the given telephone number, it was invalid. 

Some of the customers also said that the product’s price is unusually low, which causes mistrust in the minds of the buyers. 

Final Verdict: 

After doing an in-depth analysis of the website, we observed several flaws in it.

The website does not have clear information about its origin or the shipping policy they follow. There is no clear information about when staff will ship your order or when the order is delivered. 

The website follows proper Google Security protocols, which is a plus point for them. 

The website does not have its domain name yet and is using a Gmail id to process orders and provide customer service. The website does not have a proper tracking system to allow you to track your orders. 

As per customer reviews, the telephone number given on the website not registered, and the response time of the site is disappointing. 

The discount offers and gift cards applied to selected products with some conditions applied. There the website offers false advertising schemes to lure customers into their traps. 

The website seemed the copy of the Amazon website in every aspect. The advertising of the products on the website are unclear and has a designing issue. 

In conclusion, the website needs to work on its designing tools and policy section. 

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