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6 Common Treadmill Mistakes to Avoid While Exercising

A treadmill is one of the best cardio machines to lose fat, tone your body, and burn calories. Walking or running on a treadmill is the best way to tone your thigh muscles and strengthen your legs. However, if you use it only during the icy winter season when running outside is challenging, you need to brush up on the safety regulations. Yes, knowing what to do and not to do while working out on a treadmill is necessary. Otherwise, you will end up injuring yourself. Several people end up in the ER because of treadmill injuries, and if you do not want this to happen, ensure you do not make the following mistakes with treadmill exercises.

Mistake 1: Not using the safety key

All treadmills have a safety key or harness, which you can use to stop the treadmill automatically by pulling it. You should attach the key to your clothing every time you are on the treadmill. It will help you be safe because a wrong move can make you fly off the treadmill, and this key will help stop it.

Mistake 2: Forgetting to do warm-up

Skipping warm-up because you are rushing to run on the treadmill is a big no. Without warming up, you risk straining your tendons or pulling your muscles. When you warm up before the treadmill, you increase the elasticity of the connective tissues while warming up the glutes, hamstrings, and more. It also ensures that your heart rate rises gradually. Thus, priming your body before you run on the treadmill is necessary. Do a simple walk or butt kick for thirty seconds before exercising on the treadmill.

Mistake 3: Taking long strides

People always worry about their strides when running on the treadmill, which is okay. However, putting too much focus and stress on this may cause you to fall. Therefore, stop stressing about it, as your legs will determine their right distance. Also, when you constantly work on taking significant steps, the body weight lands in front of your body. It is not helpful for your knees.

Mistake 4: You are not changing your routine

Doing the same routine on your treadmill is never a good idea. However, mixing things up is necessary as it helps with mental burnout while giving you a challenging exercise to try. When working out on a treadmill daily or weekly, try different variations. For instance, one day, you can do intervals, and next time, you can try a hill workout. This variation will also challenge your mind and body while enhancing your strength.

Mistake 5: Grabbing onto the sides of the treadmill

People often grab the treadmill’s side, thinking they can now push faster. However, this is not true. In reality, holding onto the side makes your job easier because there is no load on your legs. It means your leg isn’t making as much effort as it should, leading to fewer calories burned.

Also, holding on to the treadmill will promote a lousy posture and create tension in your shoulder, arms, and neck. There would be a time when you would want to hold on. That happens when you are running too fast. In that case, change your pace after holding on the sides for a few seconds.

Mistake 6: Holding your breath

Why would you hold your breath while running on a treadmill? It’s a common mistake that you should avoid. During any exercise, breathing is necessary unless you are doing yoga poses that require holding your breath. Otherwise, don’t try to control or hold it. The lungs know how to breathe while you work out, so let them do their job while you move your legs.

Mistake 7: Moving your head

If you move your head while running on the treadmill, you will fall off because your body follows the lead. If you have to look at anything while running, use your eyes. But never move your head.

A treadmill is one of the busiest machines in a gym because of its multiple benefits. Use it to become healthier without committing these mistakes, whether you use it at home or in the gym. Read the instructions well to avoid injuries.

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