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Tribute.co Reviews {May} Is This A Reliable Site?

Tribute.co Reviews {May} Is This A Reliable Site? >> In this article read about what is Tribute and how it works.

Are you planning to give the most meaningful gift on the earth to someone you love? 

Tribute made it more comfortable; You can create heartfelt video messages that and gift it to your special ones on any momentous occasion.

At this time of unprecedented disruption caused by the pandemic where the people around the globe is suffering from this uncertain global emergency, they want to be socially connected to the ones they care about, either be it their family or friends or other relatives.

Tribute.co Reviews is all about what is Tribute?

How does it work? How can you use it to make someone feel special? 

Currently, Tribute is on the top for people of the United States. They are celebrating their special occasions by getting Tribute and Creating a Tribute.

What is Tribute .co?

As the Tribute’s Tagline says, The most meaningful gift on earth which depicts if you have anything to say to anyone you care, say it all.

Tribute helped people connect so joyfully so that they can share their love, appreciation, support, and hundreds of emotions to the people they love. 

Tribute is on a mission to spread gratitude in the world. It creates magic when people share love and celebrate the ups and downs of life.

Tribute’s logo is one of the magic you will find as one paper plane flies. It depicts that whatever message you will create for your loved ones using Tribute, It will personally deliver.

What does Tribute.co offer?

Whether it’s birthday or any other special occasion of your loved ones, you have always spent your precious time and a lot of money on finding a fantastic gift for your loved ones, which will reflect how much you care about them. Tribute offers an online platform where people can record short video messages about why they love and care for their special ones.

As Tribute is technology-driven, so it’s faster and easier to build collaborative video messages that celebrate the people you love about on special occasions.

Why Tribute .co unique?

Tribute is a platform that partners with Non-profits in their ” Give Tribute ” program where they support two significant communities, i.e., patients struggling with substantial medical hardships and active-duty military personnel.

Tribute believes that those who all are facing severe hardships need encouragement and support so that they can meet the challenges in their lives.

It’s unique delivery options make it stand out from its competitors. You can turn your videos into a personal keepsake with sustainable Bamboo USB, or you can opt for A LCD video card of 4″ or 7″ so that videos can be played anytime anywhere.

Benefits of Tribute.co : 

  • Useful for all occasions
  • Concierge coordination
  • ” Give Tribute” program
  • A custom employee recognition program
  • Team of professional video editors
  • Four different custom packages
  • Two delivery options 
  • Capture testimonials or run marketing campaigns 
  • Delivery within 3-4 Business days
  • Trustworthy
  • Transparent policies
  • Easy working
  • Secure Payment option 
  • Easy Checkout

Specifications – 

  • Service – Collaborative Video montages
  • Email –  support@tribute.co
  • Delivery time – 3-4 Business days for all physical deliveries
  • Exchange/Return – 
  • Mode of Payment – All Major credit cards 

Pros of Tribute.co :

  • Wood USB 
  • Classic Tribute 
  • Concierge Tribute
  • Bundle Pack
  • Discounted tributes 
  • Prompt delivery
  • Secure payment options
  • Customer email support

Cons of Tribute.co: 

  • It Accepts Credit cards only.
  • Sometimes trouble uploading videos.

Customer’s feedback on Tribute.co

Customers reviews and ratings are not mentioned on the website But in this Tribute.co Reviews, we have tried to summarize some of the fantastic reviews we got from other websites.

People who have used the service of Tribute broken down tears of joy as they found it the most significant thing that it connected them to their loved ones and helped minimize the distance by putting the whole montages together.

Some found it is the greatest gift to give to their loved ones on their special occasions, and They found Tribute a more effortless and joyful way to make their loved ones feel special.

Final verdict :

Now that you have read what the Tribute is all about, It would be easy for you to make your loved ones feel special on their special occasions by just creating a tribute for them.

The website has all the necessary details anyone who wants to know how Tribute works; besides the pros and cons, you can access the FAQs listed on the site.

Tribute has also worked on its transparency by keenly working on its pricing of custom packages, and It’s a great deal.

0 thoughts on “Tribute.co Reviews {May} Is This A Reliable Site?

  1. Customer service, located in the Philippines is a joke. They still have not helped me send out invites. I want American help and not the robotic answers. Be forewarned

  2. I spent two months waiting for my husband’s birthday gift which was a tribute. They do not give a phone number so you have to constantly repeat yourself through a chat on their site. I was assured four times that the USB and video I paid $125 for would be arriving…each time I waited a week and was again told it was on its way. Two months later I messaged again, was told they can’t do it (HIS BIRTHDAY WAS TWO MONTHS AGO WHEN IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE READY) AND YET NO ONE BOTHERED TO TELL ME. THEY BILLED ME THE $125 AND NEVER BOTHERED TO CALL ME BACK TO TELL ME THEY WERE HAVING TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES AND COULD NOT DO IT. I was just told that a manager would call me (Kimberly) and30 minutes later I have not heard from her. DO NOT GET DISAPPOINTED AND ORDER THIS VIDEO FROM THIS COMPANY- THERE ARE BETTER ONES OUT THERE. I AM SAD MY HUSBAND’S 60TH BIRTHDAY GIFT WAS RUINED!!!

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