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Trombetta Piacere Girolamo {Aug} Read to Know the Story!

Trombetta Piacere Girolamo {Aug} Read to Know the Story! >> This article will detail you about bemusing phrase from the latest animated release from Pixar animated studio.

Do you also love online streaming films? Have you watched the film Luca? The streaming giant Disney+ Hotstar released the animated film Luca, on 18th June 2021. The ending word by Alberto “Trombetta Piacere Girolamo” gain the attention of the people Worldwide. Here we will see an overview of the film and few words used in the film.

About Disney and Pixar’s Luca

Luca is the latest release from American Animation studios Pixar and released on Disney+ Hotstar. The film is perfect for creating unforgettable summertime memories with friends. As Luca found as coming of age story about a teen experiencing an unforgettable summer with his best friend. The film sets in the town of Portorosso on the Italian river, and there are plenty of Italian phrases such as “Trombetta Piacere Girolamo” used in the film.

The story is centered around Luca Paguro, the sea monster boy who wishes to explore life on the land, ride bikes, etc. But his mother warned him what humans do to monsters.

However, he got a new best friend, Alberto Scorfano, a sea monster who has been stealing objects from passing boats. Alberto teaches Luca about human life and the almighty Vespa, which can take a person anywhere they wish to go. Now their dream is to win enough money to buy Vespa! They were helped by Guilia, a human friend who takes part in the race to win the money!

What does “Trombetta Piacere Girolamo” mean?

To give the more authentic Italian touch to the film, uses a lot of Italian phrases. While few of them you can guess on your own. For example, “bravo” means a Good job, “Perfetto” means Perfect, “Mamma mia” means Oh my goodness! But some lines leave fans scratching their head. For example, “Signore e signori means Ladies and gentlemen, “Santo pecorino,” which means Oh my goodness!

However, in the end, Alberto says to Luca something which compelled the audience to search the meaning. You will surprise to know that even some Italian don’t know the meaning of the word “Trombetta Piacere Girolamo.” So, here we will detail the meaning: “Piacere” is a greeting in Italian that means “pleasure to meet you!” Whereas “Girolamo” implies “I rotate my hand.” And “Trombetta” means “trumpet,” as they were pulling hands to and fro as they played the trumpet.

Meaning of Piacere, Girolamo and Trombetta: –

  1. Do a usual handshake say, Piacere.
  2. Twist your hand left and right, saying, Girolamo.
  3. Pull hands back and forth, saying, Trombetta.

And here, you followed a cute handshake and learnt the word as well.

You can see the other Italian quotes from Luca film here.


Many Italian phrases appear in the film, and some Italian words such as “Trombetta Piacere Girolamo” compelled the audience to search for the meaning Worldwide. However, we have given you the detailed meaning of each word.

We hope that you also learned the cute handshake, don’t you; comment and tell us.

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