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Truonggathomo com: What is This Truong GA Savan.com? Check Details Here!

Before visiting the Truonggathomo.com website, please check all the authenticity points of Truonggathomo com.

Do you love to watch chicken fighting videos? In Vietnam, chicken or cock fighting games are known as Sabong sports. Many Vietnamese citizens love to watch cock fights.

But recently, some people discovered a website called Truonggathomo.com that lets you watch cock fighting videos and bet on them. So, let’s see if the Truonggathomo com website is authentic. 

Disclaimer: We have gathered all the details from genuine and authentic sources. Because of the unavailability of social media site links, we are unable to attach them. All the information mentioned here is for educational purposes only.

What is the Truonggathomo.com website?

The Truonggathomo.com website is an online betting website that lets you bet on the cock fighting videos. So, there is a high risk of losing money on this website. Also, the interface of the website is suspicious. Though the website is also available in the English language, most things are written in the Vietnamese language. So, those who are unaware of the Vietnamese language cannot access the Truong GA Savan.com website. 

Is Truonggathomo.com a trustworthy website?

When it comes to the authenticity level of a website, it is crucial to learn all the small and big details of that particular website. Sometimes, a little information is enough to determine the trustworthiness of a website. We should not trust any random websites for anything. So, let’s read all the authentication points of the Truonggathomo com website. 

  • The Truonggathomo.com website is only two weeks old. That means the owner of the Truonggathomo.com website created it on 11th August 2023.
  • On 16th August 2023, the owner of this website last updated it.
  • The Truonggathomo.com website will expire on 11th August 2024.
  • The trust score of the website is awful. It is 0%.
  • Not a single blacklist engine detected this website.
  • The domain of the Truonggathomo.com website is HTTPS protected.
  • The Truong GA Savan.com website is not popular at all.
  • This website’s proximity to suspicious websites is 35 out of 100.
  • The phishing score and threat profile score of the Truonggathomo.com website is 96%.
  • Being a new website, no one gives reviews for this website.
  • A website’s spam score should not be more than 3%. However, the spam score of the Truonggathomo.com website is 91%.
  • 92% is this website’s malware score. 

So, as you can see all the authentication points of the Truonggathomo com website, you can understand whether it will be okay to trust the website. The Truonggathomo.com website has so many drawbacks. These drawbacks warned everyone to not visit the Truonggathomo.com website. Also, the website is full of inappropriate advertisements.

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What can happen if we use the Truonggathomo.com website?

The contents on the Truonggathomo.com website might have been stolen from another website. Also, the videos on the Truong GA Savan.com website might harm your device because the videos might be full of viruses. So, there is a high risk of identity theft. 

Some scammers can hack your details and misuse them. You can also face financial loss. So, it is better to avoid such new and random websites. We personally believe that the Truonggathomo.com website is fake and unreliable. 

The Last Words:

The spam score and trust score of the Truonggathomo com website are enough to understand that Truonggathomo.com is not a legitimate website. But in curiosity, if you still want to use the website, do it at your own risk. Despite watching cock fighting videos on the Truonggathomo.com website, click on the link to watch actual cock fighting video

Do you still want to visit the Truonggathomo.com website? Please comment below.

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