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Tvpromise.com 2020 {Feb} Want To Know Why Channel Closed

Tvpromise.com 2020 {Feb} Want To Know Why Channel Closed >> This article will brief the readers about the ongoing dispute between Tegna and AT&T, read here.

Are you wondering why AT&T U, DirecTV, and KHOU 11 are not accessible on your TV? If yes, then stay tuned here till the end of this article as the article going to share all the vital information related to Tvpromise.com 2020.

People in the United States are eagerly waiting to get the answers to their questions.

What is Tvpromise.com?

Tvpromise.com was registered on 25th February 2019. The services provided here are internet connections, home phone with plans and accessories, prepaid services, mobile plans, TV entertainment and accessories, and much more on great deals and discounts in the United States.

But due to recent clashes between Tegna (channel 11 owner) and AT&T, few changes have occurred, which raised questions in the mind of the users. So here in this article, we will state the reasons behind the changes in Tvpromise plans and the cause dispute between Tegna and AT&T.

About Tvpromise.com 2020

  • The reason for the controversy between Tegna (owner of channel 11) and AT&T is the rates of re-transmission. 
  • Due to the dispute from AT&T, Tegna (owner of track 11) has pulled off its way.
  • Tegna (owner of channel 11) has pulled off its way because DirecTv and AT&T have denied paying market-based charges.
  • The controversy between Tegna (owner of track 11) and AT&T have affected the users as they are unable to access their favorite games and shows on Saturday and Sunday. 
  • AT&T is trying to settle down the dispute with Tegna with mutual agreement by deciding the higher rates on which both agree.

What are people saying about Tvpromise.com 2020?

Few customers have mentioned the below feedback, so read ahead-

Within a week, I will be switching from a two-year plan as I plan to cancel service in favor of an ‘OTT.’

I received a call informing me that I need to change my old plan, and I am required to switch to a new project. After years of being satisfied with U-Verse specifications, they now want me to switch to DirecTv. In addition to this, the pressure was palatable over the call.

Rates for the services provided are increased while the quality of the service provided is decreased. DirecTv or whatever they call themselves now. I’m about to switch to other service providers.


Tvpromise.com 2020 is trying to make a new agreement with Tegna (owner of channel 11) with mutual understanding by deciding the higher rates on which both agree. But to date, both of them have not reached a negotiation amount to which both agree. As a result, Tegna has pulled off its services.

But it is currently not known when the channels like ‘Channel 11’and others would be back for customers to enjoy their favorite games and shows on Saturday and Sunday on AT&T U-verse and DirecTv. 

Friends, comment your thoughts in the comment section below about the controversy between AT&T U-verse and Tegna and our efforts on Tvpromise.com 2020.

434 thoughts on “Tvpromise.com 2020 {Feb} Want To Know Why Channel Closed

  1. You did not give us any more information that I didn’t already know after calling u-verse this is outrageous we’re dealing with not just NBC but the ABC and I’m not paying the kind of money that I’m paying to not get what I want to watch so it looks like I’m going to change to another provider this is ridiculous and I’ve had nothing but problems with you ever since I took him on 2 years ago internet sucks

    1. Ridiculous the amount I pay for direct tv and you can’t have channel 6 on. I’ve watched that my entire life . Now I’m checking to see my other options for other companies or getting rid of cable altogether.


    3. I feel that the price we have to pay for AT&T and for the package we are entitled to every channel that we are paying for! Also, I am seventy five years old and
      somewhat disabled and my one and only soap opera “yes I said soap opera” is or should I say was on that channel! If that channel is not back soon or at least
      filled in with something else I am going to check on other alternatives!

    4. I am retired from AT&T. I have been with this corporation starting march 1, 1981, I see they, along with all corporations, including Tegna, are all for profit only. Not a single corp. gives a shit about quality customer service. I do have a long history with AT&T, If any want more details of my experience with AT&T just ask.

      1. I agree with you 100%, How dare they charge us so much and take away our favorite channels ??????????? GRRRRRRRRRR I am looking for something else too. Very upsetting.

  2. This is absolutely pitiful that both over rated parties cannot or will not come to a fair agreement. The problem is while you are worried about your egos, WHO pays the price……of course, the CUSTOMER. We are constantly at the mercy of all of you and frankly I am sick of it. The “little” guy always gets an increase , while receiving NO INCREASE in any service. In fact, the service is awful.
    During this terrible time in our country, with the Covid virus keeping most of us confined to our homes, you have done NOTHING for your customers. You should be ashamed that you are part of the problem in this country and not part of a solution. You are no different than the Congress and Senate, letting people struggle while you selfish idiots squabble over a few dollars. You are only worried about your bonus!!
    Please be decent human beings and think of others, just ONCE!!
    Totally disgusted!

    1. I totally agree with you Annette, we can’t even watch our local news and weather now. Maybe they need to close their wallets and open their bible’s. And again I say to you: It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19: 24

    2. Yes, I agree! Pitiful , greed. I am so tired of this. Give me back the NBC that I am still paying for. Or take it off my bill.

  3. Been with Directv since 1999 I put my first satellite in my self. Things have changed a lot since then . Very disappointed now paying more, not getting good service. Missing football games due to their dispute over channel 11 in Atlanta. This is unacceptable for all your customers!!!

  4. I have been with at&t for goods years now and i love channel 11 that is where I watch all my shows i pay my bill so why this is happening this is not good for ur customers At&t not good your running us away

  5. Plz do NOT put channel 8 back on my plan. If you do I will drop the cable svc. Plz put old tv shows on in its place. Who’s the boss, wonder years, dallas etc. We would watch that. We will not watch the tired channel 8 co tent.

  6. This is bullshit local channels that we have paid for for years should not disappear from any service they are local. We are looking into another service plan. We have had directv for at least 25 years. So sad

    1. I knew when ATT bought Direct TV, It would eventually suck. I have been a customer for ever. Can’t continue watching series we have DVR-ed, lost our news programs, lost our NFL games, Always have to call every few months and beg to get special discounts and a fair price. With so many streaming services, and the way you treat your customers during these times, is revealing how greedy you bastards are.

  7. I hope my bill go down after paying it I can’t watch channels I would like to watch but still get charged full price it needs to be rectified untill an agreement is made not good for business or your consumers

  8. This sucks! Channel 11 is what I watch the most. I pay way more than it is worth. I will find an alternative.

  9. For years and years, this keeps happening! and it is because of the stupid sports channels ! Why in the world don’t you dumb owners buy a channel and only have sports on it for those who want it and leave these other channels alone I am sick of having to wait till some dumb football game , golf game and the like goes overtime sometimes as much as a 1/2 hour + then I miss my program
    Take the dumb sports out of the equation or let us buy the channel without sports that would be the best just have pure sports channels!and let the people who want that pay for it!

  10. This is similar to being held hostage! While corporations fight for higher prices, which WILL be passed on to users as”fees”, the consumer has lost no matter how the pie is sliced! I’ve been a DirecTV customer for over 20 years and am fed up with being caught in the middle of Price wars! I WILL be looking for other providers that try to keep customers first…yeah I know Good Luck!

  11. I want all the channels I pay for to be available. If I cannot access them I shall have to consider moving to comcast at Xfinity which sends me ads in the mail regularly for a much better price than yours.

  12. This is very upsetting to me. I have my favorite shows i watch as many do. I will be canceling my TV package , DO you know how your upsetting so many of us to pay and watch these shows now we cant. !!! Please make your settlement and agree on a deal. This is not fair to any of us !!!

  13. I will be canceling Direct TV and going with another subscriber. This is a recurring problem that affects a channel I watch all the time. I won’t be paying Direct TV or AT&T as this is a breach of their contract. It is simply that straightforward.

  14. I think U verse sucks. I’m getting ready to cancel everything I have with them except internet. Thry should be ashamed, as much money as they make. Americans screwing Americans. It goes on all the time.

  15. This sucks. Local affiliates and cable providers should not be allowed to hold customers hostage to their disputes. Direct tv should refund the charges to customers for the interference in not providing theses tv channels.

  16. I’m getting ready to cancel DirecTV, they’ve removed the channels I CHOSE in MY package 10 years ago & left the channels they chose for me to have. Is this communist tv now where we only get propaganda!!

  17. I pay good money to watch abc (channel 8) through Direct Tv. Why are any of you raising your fee at this time? Both companies make millions if not billions of dollars!

  18. I am upset and frustrated that I am not receiving the programing I am currently paying for.
    This dispute needs to be resolved immediately or I, for one, will be taking my business elsewhere.
    At least I will get to see my local channels, which I can not see all now, if I go to free over the air TV.
    That is certainly better than being ripped off by DIRECTV which continues to charge the same rate for fewer channels.

  19. Tega a is being a bully controlling our viewing and we have no choice but to put up with it. They should pay us for what we are missing! Seems their timing suspiciously coincides with the finals of the Voice.

    1. First of all it’s a crying shame that we even have to pay for local channels to begin with. What ever happened to the good ole days of free TV? I’ll tell you what it boils down to. Everybody’s got their hands out money,money and more money. Whether it’s taxes etc. Just chalk it up to GREED the root of evil. So sad. If there was more heart in people this would be a Better WORLD.

    2. NBC this is a Joke come on pulling your channel from a paid service when I can buy a digital TV antenna for $19.99 and pull it of the airway free… All the big players want as many viewers as possible ABC, CBS, FOX but NBC wants a smaller user base ? If you had 1 living brail cell NBC would want as many viewers as possible so you could sell upgrades and improve your Peacock sales.

  20. What a stupid thing to do at the height of football season!! We have waited through the weeks to support out teams when we can’t attend the games! PLEASE DO SOMETHING TO RESTORE THE CHANNELS WE THOUGHT WE WERE PAYING FOR!

    1. Just get an antenna up in your attic and run the coaxial wire down to tv and go to source on your remote and switch to tv from directv. Then select the channel you want on your tv remote

  21. Why should the customer suffer because of an issue between the two companies? Not fair whatsoever to the consumer! Figure it out! Would like my CBS channel back! C’mon, do we not have enough to deal with this year! Life is too short!

    1. I totally agree with Laurie I have been a subscriber to both AT&T & Direct TV for over 40 years. When I first started all was great. Good service and support. However the price for both services has grown exponentially since the two companies merged. This is a joke…. acting like someone named Trump!!!! You big companies need to focus on your customers and not your wallet.

      THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!

  22. Totally ridiculous!!!!
    We pay such high prices to cable companies and we can get free tv with an antenna.
    It is just not right to do that to your customers . The advertising companies are not being treated fair either. What a shame!

    1. Both of these companies need to get their act together, the only ones being hurt are the customer. You say the customer is important to you, then show it and settle the issue, otherwise we will know that we are not.

  23. OK – it’s time to fix this farce. A few days of negotiation is OK but it’s time to agree and start transmitting again. I have missed the evening news on Channel 12 here in Arizona for a few days BUT I will not miss Premier League Soccer. Unless this agreement is fixed by Monday I am GONE from AT&T, Tegna , Direct TV and whoever else is screwing us. We will pull the plug and NOT return ever.

    1. I agree. If Direct doesn’t give us a refund on channels lost or fix thos immediately we will be changing companies for sure.

  24. Hello I have noticed channel 9 Washington DC area has been removed from my directv hopefully it will be put back in line up with nfl playoffs fast approaching as a Steelers fine cbs carries afc games hoping I don’t have to change providers but I will

  25. Dear Staff of TVPROMISE.com,
    I am very displeased with TEGNA for removing channel 11 from Direct TV,especially when seniors like myself are home bound ie., sheltering in place, I strongly object to this selfish move and will organize others in my position to have their feelings known. I am hopeful that TEGNA management will recognize the damage done to their reputation and act soon ( before Christmas) to restore channel 11 to the DIRECT TV lineup.
    Robert Rusnak

  26. I think it is unfortunate that a compromise can’t reached. People have enough stress with this pandemic in their lives and you guys can’t get a solution on this. Really small on your part.


    1. You’re kind of an uninformed type, putting this on ‘Democrats’. Your TV services are delivered by commercial operations – nothing is free. And this issue is a corporate money grab. Truth be told, there are far more Republican supporters of unfettered capitalism sitting in those CEO chairs.

  28. I pay att directv a ridiculous price for tv. You need to fix the channels lost and discount the package I have with y’all’s sorry as hell service. I will switch my service phones internet and tv today. I hope att has to file bankruptcy and tegna goes out of business!! Y’all suck!!!!

  29. Tegna and AT&T your customer are the ones loosing out here and we are tired of being used as pawns. Settle this dispute and please don’t tell me that you are both loosing money. We both know who any increase is going to be passed on to.

  30. I will be talking to SCC and our US Senators on Monday. There is no good reason for us not to have our programs because billion dollar owners are in a cat fight. We do need more regulations because of such antics.

  31. You SOB’s need to give some consideration to the faithful who have been with you for years and greatly resent this disruption. Get off your asses and get something done.

  32. I have U-verse and ATT for all my wireless including phone. Channel 5 is my go to channel. Please resolve the issue .

  33. As as I am concerned I entered into a legal contrace with Direct TV for $197.95 / mon. If I don’t fulfill my end of this contract then you will take this TV contact away from me. I feel you are not fulfilling your end of this contract with no no resource on you. I can cancel my contract with AT&T /Direct TV. I have been with Direct TV foroom 20yrs +. I feel there should be an adjustment to my bill. Im hope you too can resolve your trivial differences and resolve this matter Thank you, W.D. Crawford

  34. We pay our bills so why should we not get what we pay for. With everything going on this year we DO NOT need to deal with the loss of a network.

  35. Both conglomerates are disgusting. They take an enormous about of money monthly from people for tv programing that is duplicated at least twice on the programming guide. Taking away a national/local station is deplorable! Put NBC back on and show your consumers you are actually human!!!

  36. please restore my channels 11 and 36. this is ridiculous and greedy—customer service should matter just because “somebody” should have an ounce of integrity…. you keep raising the price on things but the service gets less… directv get what your customers want even if we have to pay a little extra (and I don’t mean an arm and a leg)… you have taken away my best channels but have not added to my package… sooooo disappointed in you

  37. I am not happy with losing kytx 19 missing my favorite shows and football yall need to get this figured out as you sta d to lose alot of customers

  38. I am sooo aggravated that big corporations are putting their money before the customer! I want CBS back on before Monday night the 7 th before Wheel of Fortune. Plus now I will miss the Cleveland Browns play on Sunday.. This really stinks and so does your desire to ditch your customers for more money!

  39. How disappointing to be unable to enjoy shows on Channel 5 St. Louis after all this time. Now more than ever, with people asked to remain at home, avoid crowds, etc. , it would be considerate to resolve the controversy; after all we the subscribers are still paying our monthly fees/rates.

  40. We Lost channel 4 here in Abita Springs this is the channel for my wife’s soap opera and this not going to work for her . I strongly suggest that you guy fix the issue are we leave Att,direct tv very soon .

  41. The 4 shows I watch that I really love are on CBS and you have taken it off. I’m not a big tv watcher but this is ridiculous. Don’t you get enough money from us already? Why deprive us viewers the shows we enjoy? Unacceptable

  42. I’m extremely disappointed and unhappy. If not resolved soon, our rates should decrease or I will be making changes as Channel 11 has most of shows we watch.

  43. We have Direct TV and are particularly annoyed to find our local NBC (WKYC in Cleveland OH) station is being blacked out. I realize this tactic is a pressure tactic to gain more money and wish negotiations could finalize a deal so we can get back to our normal viewing. Its not like this is a premium channel. So – registering dissatisfaction big time !

  44. This is pissing me off! Fix it. So angry that I won’t get to see Saturday Night Live. This has gone on long enough. One more week and I’m switching to Dish.

  45. Bills are already outrageous so why try to raise them right now during this WorldWide Pandemic. The majority of your viewers are low or moderate-income families. So why do we have to suffer the tiny pleasure of television while you multi-millionaire companies and CEO fight over money? There should be an easy answer where everyone during this already bad time of life to get along. I thought the saying was “WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER”?

  46. If I am not able to get channel 11 programs please consider this a breach of contract and refund all my money . Also pay for me to switch to Comcast so I may resume watching the programs on CBS!

  47. It is shameful that at this time of our lives that companies are arguing over money when the rest of the world (literally) are fighting for their lives and their family’s lives. Most people are getting comfort from the tv more than ever and you decide to start this mess. Be grownups and grow up.

  48. I was going to watch a game and just became aware of this problem. It is no big deal to me any more as I am fed up with politics in sports anyway. I stopped watching all Pro sports all together. I have U-verse and am in the process of dropping it. I had already canceled Directv as they are a bunch of crooks. The athletes and the providers can kiss my ass. So long, good by and sayonara.

  49. At& t and tegna, get over yourselves! Settle and give us back our tv stations now!!
    Many people can’t afford all the streaming channels. A lot of us are older and we don’t want to change our service provider.
    Stop messing around. Should I call my Congress person? I will by next week.

  50. This garbage! This is what happened wnen you allow everyone to get a piece of the pie. The consumer suffer the consequences

  51. I negotiated with ATT to keep uverse and was assured specific channels in order for me to keep ATT as my provider. As far as I am concerned they are not adhering to what was promised. I liked u else as I did not need a satellite dish. Time for a change if they cannot keep their end of the agreement.

  52. I have to believe that, given the one-sided facts offered in this “explanation”, as well as the horrible syntax associated with same, this is no more than a cheap and poorly conceived attempt at extorting more money from my service provider on your part. I believe that the rates at which your agreement was initially set are more than adequate and your group is simply trying to leverage your position for more money from Directv, even knowing that it will ultimately come out of my (the consumer’s) pocket. Shame on you for this, and you can keep your programming, for all I care!

  53. This is ridiculous and we should be compensated for this channel. And will be switching services soon as possible!,,

  54. Interesting. I have issues with AT&T’s wifi it only works part time and the door camera doesn’t stay connected all the time. Add to this my 91 year old mother lives with me and can not get to the door if I am not there at times I don’t get notifications that someone came to the door. However AT&T says they are not the problem but I can watch the wifi signal come and go. Sounds like it’s time to say AMF to AT&T and Uverse.
    AT&T= Arrogance

  55. Why can’t at&t customers get some kind of discount from at&t in our monthly bill until this matter is resolved?

  56. If a settlement is not reached by January first we will be switching cable companies this is totally not acceptable.

  57. You know you people should negotiate a agreement before you get cut a channel off your only hurting yourself we the people can drop you’re crape channels and go with other tv and cable companies so l say have a
    nice time with your team.
    I was a long time DirecTV customer well not anymore

  58. This is a terrible inconvenience to AT&T customers; especially during this Pandemic, when many people are at home. The CBS network is too important and popular; for customers not being able to view football games, the Soaps, and other shows. Please quickly resolve this problem. I have been an AT&T loyalist for years; eventhough it is expensive

  59. It sounds to me that AT&T are attempting to coerce Universe customers to change tp Direct-TV. I have had my experience with Direct-TV and will not be signing up for that service. The only choice will be to change providers. That I can do.

  60. If AT&T does not get this worked I am
    Switching provider this just another poorly managed issue THAT AT&T FAILED TO GET RESOLVED before it got to this point.
    Same with their payment APP that is slower than mallasses if it will ever let you log in. I believe that AT&T IS WANTING THEIR U-verse customers to switch to their other services so they can shut U-verse down.
    Unhappy customer!!!

    1. I am arranging to drop direct tv , there is a wait to get another provider hooked up so assuming a lot of people are doing the same. Alex Trebek is an American icon and we can’t watch his last shows because greedy selfish idiots don’t care about their customers

  61. I need this station back on my direct tv or I will be switching providers. One local channel that is not accessible is outrageously wrong. We pay a nice sum for direct tv and to not get a local channel is going to make a lot of people switch providers. I am very dissatisfied.

  62. Absolutely unacceptable to not receive a local channel on direct tv. For what we pay this is complete robbery. We will switch providers.

    GET A 💯 😄😄

  64. Screw this. You’re taking away a local business that supports the community. I will do anything I can to get out of my contract and support a broadcaster that is part of my community.

  65. I sure hope I get channel 12 in Beaumont Tx back soon i’ve been with DIRECT TV for over 10 years but if I don’t get that channel back I might find another provider

  66. You raise the rates for every thing else pay the provider and get us back our channels. If I don’t get it back soon I will have to consider changing to a new provider.

  67. The Corp. world can’t get their business
    done so the paying customer (which is supposed to come first) has to do without what they’re paying for. There should be an adjustment to the monthLy bill for the lapse of coverage on Ch. 2 (in my plan) as no substitute was offered for the loss of programming , some of which involved weekly series where continuity is crucial.
    Bah! Humbug! as Scrooge would say!



  69. We have a contract With Direct v which we pay on a monthly basis And we expect service or a refund . We may need to change our programming carrier if a resolution is not forthcoming .

  70. Very upset that WXIA channel 11 has been off the year. As a value member of UVerse for years this is a horrible event happening for their customers. We pay high prices for this service and losing one of our own local station for a day, week or even weeks is disheartening. Please get NBC back on our lineup right now.

  71. It is not fair for the Direct TV customers to lose the channels in question. We have been a loyal customer for a long time. Our neighboring county can still get their channels. Especially with the COVID virus we are watching TV more than normal.

    So this being said I ask will our bill go down this next pay period? Or do we need to look for another service? Or go back to the old fashion TV antenna?

    Cleveland County North Carolina 28152

  72. We will cancel AT&T. Uverse if ABC and NBC are not back on this week. Why do we need it, when there are other options!!!

  73. How can you remove a national TV station
    This is NBC for me,pay the higher amount,
    ATT has no problem constantly raising their customers Bill’s monthly,STOP this
    Non sense ,settle this so your customers
    Can view NBC.

  74. THIS ALL SUCKS. I am looking forward to when these to can agree to a fair solution to this current dispute.

  75. This is awful! We are paying for a service that we’re not receiving. I won’t pay anymore for this service. I’m looking for a refund. What’s to prevent this from happening again. People are stuck in their homes during covid and this is how we’re treated! GREEDY businessmen or women working against the American viewer!

  76. Put your ego’s aside and negotiate a reasonable contract between Tenga and AT&T. Because No one is winning!

  77. att and their money hungry executives. I should be able to disconnect my 2 yr plan because they haven’t fulfilled their contract

  78. Look i pay alot of money for this service a month. Lately evert month my direct TV bill is higher. We shouldn’t have any problems with any company or anyone. This is just sad. I’ve been with the company for a long time. I would hate to switch.

  79. So ATT doesn’t want to pay market value, but they expect me to. Are they going to credit my bill each month until I can watch what I pay for?

  80. why not get TEGNA and the other 6 local channels get together and form a network with a good recorder a price us older viewers can afford. This 120 premium channels that is not to our liking or our view habits at 170.00 a mouth is just to much . Can’t afford it. Think about it .

  81. In all these perilous times people losing jobs, income slashed and many on the verge of being homeless now not only do we have politicians playing with our life’s but now the TEGNA and AT&T doing the same. We are nothing but pawns in the eye’s of the rich who only seek to get richer at our expense.

  82. This is the worst service for TV and internet I have ever had. I am always loosing service of both TV and internet. If I had another choice I would change.
    Trying to contact Direct TV is a joke .

  83. I have been with AT&T for years for TV, Internet and my landline. My favorite channel is 10 and all of my shows are on that channel!! I am furious that I cannot see and keep up with my shows. During this pandemic makes it worse as we are all staying in to be SAFE?? I will be checking other service providers for my business!!

  84. Negotiate in good faith. The biggest losers are your customers. I will consider cancelling direct TV in the future.

  85. Just one more reason why I am finally considering dropping Directv after being a customer since the beginning of Directv. As a Hughes employee when Directv was first launched back in t˙e 1980’s, I become one of the first Directv users and have remained faithful through all these years in spite of continually increasing costs and decreasing quality of service. But now my relationship has finally become so strained that I am now looking into a streaming service in lieu of Directv.
    One saving grace might be if I could get my NY and/or LA CBS channels back (Ch 390/391), which I had from the very beginning until just this past year when Directv required me to give up these channels. I will look into that option this week while also researching the streaming option.
    So sad after all these years.

  86. Due to Covid and retirement, I am pretty much homebound. My TV is extremely important to me and probably 80% of what I watch is on KPNX Channel 12 Phoenix/NBC. I haven’t been able to watch any of my regular shows for over a week now. I would like some answers as to when this situation will end.

  87. Are you planning on reducing rates until you get this resolved? I’m paying for something I’m not getting

  88. We are already paying too much for the freedom to watch our own TV in our own homes . We all used to have antennas on top of our roofs and watch our TV for free. Let’s all go back forgot these crooks.

  89. AT&T Uverse subscribers should not be charged the full amount due because we are NOT receiving the full agreed upon service.

  90. Don’t we have enough problems going on right now! Fighting over money, and who suffers again, the little guy (customers).

  91. This is just another way to get more money from consumers and we are already suffering from this pandemic, have you no compassion! This is ridiculous and just evil with people trying to work and survive each and every day and then can’t come home and even watch simple tv. God bless you anyway!!!

  92. I really don’t care if AT&T cant reach an agreement with Tegna. Hassling over money is your problem not mine. Since I am not getting a channel that I paid for I believe you have decided to make your problem my problem. I have a great solution. I currently have a land line, 2 smart phones, tv and internet service with AT&T. I believe I will be calling Spectrum TV and set up a package with them that will cover all the things I have with AT&T. This will cost AT&T about $350 a month. Not a hell of a lot of money for a company like AT&T but I’m sure Spectrum will appreciate my business.

  93. Missing college and NFL games in December is blackmail by both Directv and Tegna, they don’t give a rats ass for their customers, it’s only about them

  94. It’s football season first of all and channel 11 is one of the local channels everyone watches on a daily basis can we get the channel back please.

  95. I’m trying to watch football on channel 8 but I guess not.
    Someone wants more money😉 because they think $70 to $100 a month just isn’t quite enough.
    More money,more money, more money, more money.
    For less shows.
    Sounds good, for them.
    I guess its time to change cable companies again.
    Every 2 years or so.
    Thanks for nothing.

  96. We are not happy at all about the loss of channel 8 on our DirecTV. Many of the programs we watched were on this channel and if this dispute is not settled soon, we may have to switch to another carrier. This is not the only channel we have been unable to receive in our packet as things have been changing a lot with this carrier. We appreciate the need to keep costs down as this is a very trying year for all of us and we have been instructed to stay at home throughout the year due to COVID. Please work out your differences and compromise.

  97. Th[s [s the first time in 50 years that I have not been able to access this channel. I am not happy. With the outrageous amount of money that U-Verse charges, they should have no problem reaching an agreeable amount. It makes me long for the days when we all used “rabbit ears” .

  98. REALLY? During this Covid “crap?” I’m sure the Tegna people can’t feed their kids? That’s sarcasm for all you big money people that don’t live in the REAL WORLD?

  99. i have lived in this area for 20 yrs and we were forced to have Georgia nbc cbs and others when we moved in. when we had direct tv available we jumped at the deal. now we have had our major station nbc 12 taken away twice. the last time it only took 24 hrs but this time its been three days. this is unacceptable and i wish Tenga and direct could get together. if this is not fixed soon you are going to lose a bunch a listeners and a lot of money


  101. I want my AMERICAN foot ball back on my chanels. I pay so much money just for watching a movie all mont long. I want my foot boll back.

  102. As much as I pay for Directv and to lose a channel, not just any channel, but a local channel is absolutely ridiculous!! If they don’t get this matter resolved quickly I will be switching services!!

  103. We are not happy at all and there is no way to watch our game today. Not even pay per view and this is not acceptable.

  104. We pay a hefty price for ATT/Direct TV services. To lose a major network – CBS – in our area is ridiculous. This sort of penny-pinching over service is why folks are cutting cables and dropping your service. I may have to join them if you cannot resolve this issue quickly!

  105. \We are paying for this service of Channel 11. So put the channel back on. Or refund our money. You are doing us a disservice. Corporate world again hurts the common folk.

  106. AT&T and Directv service has become more expensive and has deteriorated over the past 2 years. My only other choice is Spectrum which I don’t consider a good one. Over the 30 plus yrs that I have been associated with AT&T you have failed to negotiate for channels in a timely manner on at least 10 occasions I can remember. THIS IS POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  107. I expect a discount on my next Ditect TV bill because I can’t access the channel promised when I signed up for Direct TV.

  108. I can’t believe we are still paying the same rate, which increased not that long ago and can’t watch CBS. That is one of our major networks. If this doesn’t get settled very quickly then we will change Providers.

  109. As a football fan , I am THOROUGHLY disgusted. I feel that profit is being considered to be more important than consumer satisfaction.

  110. I am very upset about my channel 12 being deleted. I am not interested in the conflicts between the 2 companies, I have been paying monthly the fees which included the use of channel 12, and demand it being reconnected asap. I don’t appreciate this cancellation as well as many other viewers, I’m sure.
    I will not be pressured into paying higher monthly fees, as I already pay an unreasonable amount now.

  111. This is simply bs which only hurts those customers that are depending on tv as entertainment during this pandemic

  112. This is a lot of BS!!! Now we will be charged for our home channels. Because someone or something wants more money, Forget the old people, living on a fixed income. I would really like our channels back. Please settle this dispute, as soon as possible.
    Thank you
    PS. Plus I now have to hear my husband fuss, because he can’t watch Football!!! UGH!!!!!!!!!!

  113. This is total b.s. We were basically required to switch to DIrectTV and now numerous channels are removed and then this Tegna crap comes up and a simple local channel is removed…but our rates continue to go up. Something needs to be done to help the consumer. We contacted AT&T and were told to go in to tvpromise.com and apply for a $20.00 credit…there is no place to apply for this credit. Someone needs to get back with your customers and explain better than just stating ‘we are sorry and we are working on it’…sorry doesn’t help me pay my bills and if I don’t pay my bill, you will disconnect, correct? So you make things so hard that most people will just give up and you just keep your $20.00…why don’t you just give the credit to everyone affected without us having to even try to figure out how to get this?? Would make much more sense…

  114. My response… I cancelled Comcast afterr45 years to use U verse. Since taking U Verse we have lost 5 channels But my rates have only gone up. This is the last straw(and I am sure ATT doesn’t care what I think) If my local NBC Station(WTHR 13 ) out of Indianapolis doesn’t come back on my line up I am done..

  115. If I cannot receive weekend nfl shows, I will consider leaving Dirrect TV soon. There are other formats out there to accmodate me. PS: I have been a long time user, over 20 years.

  116. I am totally ticked off by this. We already pay high fees for Direct Tv service and we are being held hostage by these companies. Resolve it soon!!

  117. When can I expect a refund for the unavailability of a network channel that is included in my Uverse service but has not been available for the past week?


  119. this is happening almost every year with direct tv, either this company or someone else. In the meantime the customer is effected, while paying the regular monthly payment. this is not in the agreement with the contract the customer signed sooo…..

  120. If a channel is taken away from us our bill should be lowered but instead it was increased right before the channel was removed.

  121. I’ve been with Uverse for over a year having switched from Direct TV which stopped working everytime it rained.Now I’ll probably switch to
    Comcast. Why don’t you give your customers
    a break on their cable bill while you are settling
    this dispute?

  122. During this time of the pandemic worldwide, this should not be going on with television service providers. So many customers are not employed and has loss love ones. Local channels should always to allowed regardless of the service providers. Please resolve this issue for customers. Thank you

  123. Is this all about money?. Y’all already get enough from us.. thinking about just dropping this whole crap.

  124. This is a bunch of BS. I want to watch my football and thr channels I pay money for. Whatever is occurring between Tegna and AT&T needs to stay between them. In the meantime give us, the customer, who has already paid for the month our channel 11. How you just going to pull a channel from a package people pay for. WTH!!??

  125. I believe that this is just a scam so you can raise our prices for U-verse I am guessing that you don’t mind loosing valued and long term clients So I will look into switching to Spectrum

  126. If they are not going to play the games on Sunday n please put the games on another channel. This is really making me mad. If there was something I could do I would. What a real disappointment.

  127. The channel involved in this dispute in my area is CBS. CBS is and had always been both a national and local media for news, sports, and other longstanding programming. This is ridiculous to lose a major network provider and this must be resolved ASAP!

    1. This is a shame! You pay for a package. Then these companies and just take it off. Are your reducing the fees! 😕😕

  128. this situation is not acceptable–many of my wives favorite shows are on channel eight and we will switch to Spectrum !H

  129. I pay a fairlyhigh bill every month with AT&T. and now I do not get Sunday night Football. Maybe time to find a new provider!

  130. I’m paying for a service I’m NOT receiving, so I expect a refund. Thanks for not sending a written notice out to paying customers, that is called deceit, unfair business practices. At this time as people are sitting home trying to stay safe from COVID this is done to paying customers, how unfair. I’ll be calling another carrier tomorrow. This won’t be forgotten and word of mouth really goes a long way.

  131. So, two greedy companies are debating how much more money to rip off from their customers. You also said there would be information alternative ways to watch. There is nothing here about that.

  132. I am 80 years old, and a widow who lives on social security. I depend on AT&T to get my news etc. Our world is in turmoil right now! We don’t need to also have interruption in getting our favorite programs and news reports, due to money disputes! Life certainly was more simple years ago. We trusted companies when we paid for something–now that isn’t the case. Please think of the many seniors who are going though the pandemic and living on social security. We look for truth and trust in our companies, and the service we expect from our payment each month. RESOLVE THIS ISSUE for us!

  133. this is the SECOND channel that has been removed for our service in a short period of time.
    I will be looking for an alternative company to provide me with reliable TV Service and wil
    DISCONTINUE my association with AT & T Uverse!!!!

    Are we being given a CREDIT for having channels REMOVED from the service we are PAYING FOR?????

  134. WHAT A CROCK❗❗
    WHy can’t these disagreements be settled before NBC (channel 13 in Indianapolis IN) had to be taken off the air❓❓
    NBC is the channel I watch the most between ABC, CBS & NBC.
    It’s a shame you folks can’t stop trying to make the most money you so obviously & desperately need to function & work on pleasing your customers–keeping them happy with uninterrupted service.
    I’m sure nobody goes without a paycheck❗❗

    I understand that costs for everything gets more expensive regularly–but don’t make your customers
    unhappy by shutting down a major tv station.
    Try informing customers that our monthly bill will increase by some approximate dollar ( $ ) amount, get
    the new contract signed without shutting down tv stations & EVERYBODY’S HAPPY❗❗

    When new contract time draws near, (maybe 6 mos. before contract expires), start negotiations early.
    If you’re already starting negotiations early, maybe start earlier or threaten employees jobs if contracts
    aren’t signed before they expire & FIRE 🔥 THEM❗❗
    After all — it’s your customers that help pay employees wages & programming, right❓

    I don’t understand taking a channel off the air @ Christmas time. 🎄 👎
    DOWN NBC❗❗ 😞 👎 WRONG❗❗ WRONG❗❗ 😞

    NFL 🏈 playoff games will be starting soon & I want to be able to watch them @ home if they’re broadcast on NBC.

    There isn’t anything I can do to get NBC back on — it all depends on you folks ❗❗

    RESPONSE❗❗ 😏

  135. I have become very frustrated with service from AT&T Uverse. I am seriously consider changing my cable provider. First you had to eliminate
    channel 8 (CW) and now Channel 13 (NBC). In addition it seems like every other day we have interruptions to all our tv stations and internet service. What is going on?
    On top of that our bill keeps going up. It needs to stop.

  136. I want Channel 9 and 20 back on, this is ridiculous to cut local channels. Now I’m missing the Bronco Game and my favorites will be back on soon, when is this nonsense going to end!!!!!!!

  137. According to my contract between AT&T and myself states that I am supposed to get all my channels including CBS. I don’t care what kind of dispute is going on between you all and Tegna. I either want that channel basck or a reduction in what I am paying. If I can’t one or the other then I figure my contracvt is null and void so I will be looking for asnther provider.

  138. This is how corporate America treats it’s customers. Like garbage. So we get caught between a dispute that we have no fault at all. Nice going guys. If I were single and it was my choice. I get rid of both . I basically gave up TV because of this non sense. So will the world. When they find it’s not a necessity!

  139. You both are incredibly greedy. Who cares about the customer, I mean the ones that pay your stupid high dollar salaries. Hopefully the management team and owners for both company’s aren’t hurting to bad. With the worst pandemic in the world happing right now. (Or at least I think it’s still going on. Kinda of tough with news being limited) this is what customers have to do with their spare time.

    I think AT&T does not want to service their customers on U-Verse and Dish. They want to force us to either change to a new provider or chose their other service.

    I have been a loyal customer for 40 plus years.

    Here is your survey that you make your employees hand out.
    Your score is: Very Dissatisfied.

  140. This is why we need a stronger Consumer Protection Agency.
    This is why we need monopolies to be broken up in favor of competition that will insure the consumer is charged a reasonable fee.

  141. Put CBS back on AT&T tv 📺 all my Tuesday show are on it and my husband ‘s morning game shows , we are not happy about this

  142. It’s all about money. These are billion dollar companies and yet they leave the middle and lower class citizen without , at least, some form of entertainment. This is absurd. Come on, company, let’s get this resolved ASAP.

  143. This is BS. I pay too damn much for ATT Uverse each month to miss out on my favorite shows. Uverse raised my monthly cost 2 months ago and now this. By January 1st I will be getting rid of it and just doing internet and streaming. I feel I will save money and be more satisfied.

  144. It would be nice for both parties to reach an agreement. So that I can continue to watch my regular shows.

  145. This isnt nothing more than corporate greed. Neither of these companies care about the consumer,the ones who are stuffing their pockets. As much as we pay for monthly service for AT&T we shouldn’t have to worry about this issue, let alone dealing with it. I know I will be contacting them for a reduction in my monthly bill. Why should we pay for something we’re not recieving.
    With everything else going on in the world these days the last thing we should have to deal with is why we aren’t getting all of the channels we pay for in our contract with AT&T.
    Its bad enough we get new charges added on almost monthly for a “contract” we must keep.
    Its time to cut the cable.

  146. As senior citizens, we have little choices. We have been channel 5 watchers for over 50 years. The Nice franchise, FBI franchise, CBS Sunday Morning etc. Now not only have we missed Exposures 1 on new season we’ve missed are favorite news coverage and more. Why, for GREEDY PEOPLE, we’re confined to our home for safety, have only our TV for entertainment and thanks to Selfishness on the already rich we list our CBS. If we were tech savvy our computers would help but we need lessons since emails is the only thing we know how to maneuver. SAD, yes, but true. Very disappointed in your UPPER RICH STAFF for giving us lessons on GREED. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR ACTIONS!

    William and Carolyn Leikam

  147. This is totally ridiculous that during a time when information is of utmost importance that a channel is pulled off the air. This channel has the most trusted news shows which means a lot to many viewers during this pandemic. Please work this out quickly. Don’t act like our federal government….reach across the aisle.

  148. We elected to go with AT&T other another TV carrier because of good customer responses. However, now we can not receive the NBC channel, channel 13. If we need to get an antenna in order to watch NBC, we may just drop AT&T totally.

  149. We pay way to much for this service not to be able to watch our favorite local news or shows . You people don’t take in consideration of how this may affect your customers it’s all about money. I hope you get it together soon if not we will be switching to another service, sadly since we have been customers for 5 years.

  150. This sucks!! I am ashamed of both companies! During this pandemic we need our favorite tv channels!! If you wait to long CBS u may find that we won’t come back to watch you at all!!

  151. Att uverse has raised prices of newly released movies on their On Demand option from $5 and $6 to $20.00. So maybe they shouldn’t be complaining about prices. Figure it out ATand T and stop whining about prices. Everyone knows you’re one of the biggest rip-off companies around.
    I’m giving you one more week – if service is not restored, I will change carriers or not use any at all and just stream through apps that I choose.

  152. I am very dissatisfied with Direct Tv because this was one of my favorite channels. If a resolution is not resolved soon, I will be changing my services to get what I want and pay for.


  154. Apparently customer service by TEGNA and other Television companies have no regards for the customer! If enough of the customers revert back to
    antenna based reception, funding for TEGNA and other companies will fall into the “toilets” and will lose funding. I am a senior citizen over 70 and do not
    like being “played” by the over funded organizations who could care less about what they do to seniors and family funds! Get real and get back to
    customer caring and service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  155. You need to get this resolved quickly!! I watch channel 11 daily & this is really upsetting I can’t watch any shows on this channel anymore. We don’t have an antenna so I can not get it. This also is a major channel that everyone watches daily you would think they would be able to work this out quickly!!’ Not a happy customer!!’

  156. I pay extra for the sunday ticket which some of the football games air on local channels. now for some reason I can not get I can’t get channel nine which is my channel I get for news and the new programs that are airing. What if any other channel gets these programs I am very upset Would not like to switch cable providers But will…..

  157. They need to settle this as soon as possible otherwise me and my family and friends other people I know are going to switch to something else

  158. I have lost my local news station, WCSH Channel 6 out of Portland, Maine, due to contract negotiations with Direct TV, TEGNA. Very disappointed with this disruption of my paid service. I have contacted DISH Network and will be switching to them by next week if this cannot be resolved!

  159. Come on, I know the money you make off the customers is more then most of us can budget on fix income. Think outside of your corporate box? Tag into all of your corporate bonuses, before you hike the prices of people living pay check to pay check! Dollar by dollar why should this cost anybody more? Technology weeds out the the middle personal anyway pass on the savings with your customers. Eventually, you will have no customers, because you are not affordable and do not offer what a customer want ? ? ? ? ? START thinking outside the B O X !

  160. This is ridiculous. They took channel 8 off after a lengthy unsuccessful negotiation. I received no monetary adjustment. Now I cannot view channel 13 , again no compensation . Obviously they don’t care, but I’m switching everything I have to another provider. I have been a customer for many many years. All we have is ATT—phones, internet and Uverse. Obviously ATT does not care about their customers. I will find a provider who does. Hopefully enough people will do the same. Then we can see what ATT will do.

  161. Don’t know which side is holding this up. Please come to a compromise, or I will no longer be an ATT customer.

  162. I understand why the channel was removed and negotiations I hope are still in progress. However, I will not remain a customer if it is not resolved soon. We are missing some of our favorite shows and new casts and are very dissatisfied with the decision to remove this station from our service. There are many other ways and providers to receive the type of service we want. It was very disappointing to have to watch the Sunday night football game on one of the Spanish channels because of the removal of this channel to the services.

  163. Why is Channel 8, WQAD, in Moline, Illinois, not on line? We pay for DirecTV and it is part of our plan. We have not had it for approximated 6 days now.


  164. Ive had DIRECT TV for years. We now can have TV from our Electric Compnay which does our internet and believe me there are 4 of us living in this area that are changing. Waiting for them to hook us up now.

  165. I think it’s awful that you use the consumer to get what you want! That is an awful way to act both for Tegan and AT&T! It just shows that neither of you care about the people all you care about is the money!

  166. I have been a customer of AT&T for awhile but I will switch providers if they can’t get the NBC channel 12 back on air!

  167. I am truly disappointed with the current situation between TEGNA and AT&T/DIRECTV. I cannot believe that AT&T would allow CBS to be removed from DIRECTV and U-VERSE’S line up! With AT&T being such a huge corporation with a net worth of $266 billion this should never have happened. As a longtime customer of this corporation, I feel that there should never be a risk of losing a local channel. Please do not allow this to be a permanent removal of CBS. It’s one of the most watched networks in the U.S. A lot of people are talking about leaving AT&T because they allowed this to happen. Think of your customers. We deserve to be able to watch CBS at no additional cost to us.

  168. Just Figure it out, cause I’m about ready to switch cable company’s. As I’m sure many are..This is Ridiculous..

  169. This is rediculace, I pay enough each month that I should get all the stations I want. NBC is the one we watch the most. Get your act together!!!!

  170. as a 30 year direct tv subscriber i am very disappointed with them i think i should be offered some compensation for the channels i signed up for.

  171. We paid for full service– this is UNACCEPTABLE. DON’T YOU MAKE ENOUGH MONEY OFF OUR BACKS A IT IS? How about we just move to free streaming? Is that what you want? We miss our Channel 11!

  172. This is Ridiculous there is no reason why you’ll need to be fighting over payment and not payment we pay enough for Direct TV service that we should be able to watch all the channels that we want to watch are the ones that we pay for at least. Gives us channel 4 back

  173. So far I have not heard an explanation or a solution. And really — couldn’t you get someone at least with an American accent so she could be understood. I think the video is very poor.

  174. So now I am still paying for a channel that when I purchased Direct TV Fox was included. I watched that station a lot. So I think you should give a discount since we can no longer watch Fox. It is pretty sad that AT&T and Tegna are having a dispute and the costumers have to be the ones who suffer.

  175. So, I am wondering who will reimburse all of us who are not getting services we have been charged for through the monthly Direct TV fee. I plan to call for loss of service.

  176. Please, hurry up and come to a settlement. Your customers are the ones being left out. There are many Christmas events going on now plus new shows, soap operas and sports.

  177. I am currently an AT&T/DirectTV subscriber. DirectTV is failing to fulfill its contract by not including the ABC affiliate KXTV (Sacramento) in its broadcast lineup. This afternoon, I will miss the 49ers/Bills football game. The 49er games are the most important telecast to me.
    Please correct this situation, or I will be compelled to switch cable providers.

  178. This is awful! there are many shows on the channel and we pay a great deal for television already! They really want to loose the business of thousands of customers????

  179. I’m very upset that I can’t get cbs. I can’t get the weather and news that I’m use to getting. I think it’s ridiculous and in called for. I may just go back to my antenna and have my SAT. cut off.

  180. Settle agreement or Ill get my service else ware. I pay over $200 a month for tv snd onternet service and I csnt even watch a locsl channel. This is highway robbery.

  181. This a channel that’s been around for years.CBS. I’m over 65 years old shows like Young and the Restless has been on 50 years and now this . CBS was a local channel and free all you needed was a antenna. Not happy at all.

  182. I am going to leave Direct TV and go to Cox. This is unacceptable for the amount of money I am paying. Goodbye DirectTV

  183. This is absolutely ridiculous! I am paying unbelievably high rates with AT&T to now get hardly any good channels. I will be looking for an alternative television experience shortly

  184. You people make us sick. Just because you can’t agree on a money issue – and it’s always about the money with you – the viewers have
    to suffer. You are unbelievable. We are done with AT&T TV and NBC. Plenty of great programming on tv without either of you – not to mention
    the money WE will save going with another provider.

  185. Where is ABC??? Want to receive what we have paid for!!!!! Come on AT&T deliver what the agreement calls for.

  186. I don’t get the Saturday and Sunday thing, I can’t get this on any day of the week. I’m about to find another service, but where we live that will be next to impossible. Someone put their big boy pants on and help us little people out. This year has brought enough to people.

  187. I will go with another service if DirectTv doesn’t get NBC included back in our viewing. NBC is our channel for news and many programs we watch in our family.

  188. I am very disappointed with Direct TV that at the most difficult time in our country they chose to deliberately not negotiate a firm deal with Tegna. Not only are people spending more time in their house watching tv due to the pandemic, but it is that time of year that all the Christmas specials that many of us look forward to are showing. Depending how long this goes on I am seriously considering changing to Xfinity as many of my neighbors have it and are enjoying all the programs I cannot see. I went thru this last year with Direct TV and Sinclair that went on for weeks/moths. I won’t do that again.

  189. Do you see an end to this issue anytime soon? Will a credit be given to Direct TV customers in the absence of Ch. 11?

    Do I need to find another service as Ch. 11 was my go to station?

  190. What a dam shame there is even a dispute. Particularly during these trying times when all we have is TV.
    MISSING THE LAST OF HIS SHOWS WHILE HE WAS LIVING. We have little to no income and you big
    wigs who have everything are trying to make more money. Where is the equality in all of that? As in almost all big
    entities it’s the little people who get hurt because of GREED. It seems to me that all you want is more,
    More, MOre, MORe, MORE.
    You take, take, take and don’t give because of your need for power and money. And who gets hurt. The consumer.
    You TEGNA have it all while we have naught.

  191. I am ESPECIALLY furious over the NBC channel being off.

    For those of us following Alex and Jeopardy for 35 years he’s been a family every evening. To have this petty crap for money going on during this particular time in America when we need models like Alex Trebek and good clean shows to be viewed time in our nation and for this channel containing Jeopardy to be being petty is horrendous. We will probably never again get to see and hear Alex in the shows he so loved in the order they last appeared. All involved should be ashamed of the selfishness being shown. Am missing him like a true friend. Rather heartless moneygrubbers on both sides. Millions of people are being effected.

  192. i have missed my favorite shows “blue bloods” “bull” and many others to name a few if this goes on much longer I will have to switch
    back to COX

  193. TEGNA can jump in the river. When the government took away our analog access to local stations, we were guaranteed to have local TV via cable from now on. So much for that bs. Not a good time to be screwed – pandemic and winter weather. Will find something else and get off of cable.

  194. I think that both of you are putting everyone in a bind and don’t care how you are affecting soooo many. And yet NOT giving any kind of refund for the weeks or month(s) that you will be having Channel 5 off the air for the ones that is depending on you to bring us GOOD service. This is NOT good service that you are providing. Swallow whatever pride you both have and give us back Channel 5 or give out refunds off of our bill for as long as you keep it off the air and not just a small amount

  195. So how do I get my money back? friends and family are having the same problems, and would like to know the same thing. So, if you take of one or two, what will stop whomever from doing it again, and again, and again.

  196. For the amount of money that we pay each month for this service and we can’t get our local stations. May need to think about switching.
    if this doesn’t get settled soon. We watch our local station most of all.

  197. I could care less…way too many other choices out there for me to watch. All of you charge way too much for your services and offerings to begin with, so doing this only shows your greediness. Best thing could happen is for the entire world to turn their TV’s off, cancel all subscriptions and let all of you self destruct. We will see how you feel about your pettiness then. TEGNA, your Senior Leadership apparently needs to major changes!

  198. my husband watches football on this channel and I watch certain programs on here. I will be making a move to another carrier for out TV when my contract is up. I have had enough.

  199. we pay a very high price to be able to watch regular tv and then to see it has been closed is so upsetting channel 12 kpho (PHX.) station went to watch recording to find out that it is closed for us to watch SO upset !! This is sad ATT and DIRECT really rough at this time to pay high prices .

  200. I think that if they remove channels from At&T and direct tv they need to lower the prices for both. This is not fair to people that keep their bills paid

  201. I am sure my bill didn’t decrease while I am missing my favorite shows. If this problem continues I will have to find a new cable service.

  202. The only thing you two companies are doing is taking away from customer what they are contracted to receive and are paying for on monthly bases. You are already listing on so many channels “Programs to be announced but nothing is ever scheduled. Also there are a number of channel that are just advertisements, they show no actual programs for entertainment enjoyment. If you add up all these stations our number of channels with actual entertainment are greatly reduced. So to both Companies involved get rid of your greed and make channel 13 available,

  203. This should not be our problem. We pay our monthly bill. Settle your argument by end of this year or we are switching to Spectrum!! We want NBC back!!

  204. This is unacceptable. At&t is charging me the same monthly fee and has taken away my favorite channel! SETTLE THIS NOW YOU ARE LOSING CUSTOMERS!

  205. Get going on these negotiations! We are now missing MANY shows that we always record and watch like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune plus many sports. PLEASE FIX THIS NOW!!! If you don’t fix this, we’ll go back to using Spectrum which we used before!!!

  206. So sad because the consumer is the one missing out on their favorite programs while negotiations take place and they cannot seem to come to a compromise. I am not a very happy person….more and more customers will eventually begin leaving Direct TV and At & T

  207. If this is not settled soon I will have no alternative but to cancel my Direct TV for X-finity. I have been a customer of Direct TV for over 14 yrs. & would to see that happen. So please AT&T do something sooner than later.

  208. We are not looking for alternative ways to get NBC. It is a channel we watch often. If it not restored within the next few days we will begin researching other service providers.

  209. I understand the negotiation strategy, what I don’t understand is why the customers have to suffer these negotiations! DirectTV, we are through dealing with you!

    Service to customers is tantamount!

  210. I will be looking for other cable networks to use instead of any cable company associated with TEGNA. To me it’s just greed and wrong.

  211. Nice try but once again AT&T are showing there true colors. Lets see how much more money we can milk out of our customers . As far as I am concerned AT&T is not living up to its end of its end of the contract and owes us a refund. Not only are they not fulfilling the contract but when I was forced to go with AT&T but my bill went up 0ver 45% and the quality of there product has greatly diminished . so as soon as I figure out who I am going to change to I will be dropping AT&T- directv like a bad habit.

  212. I am thoroughly frustrated and angry! I’m paying a lot of money for our Directv. Do they want us to switch to another provider? I am a widow and not computer savy. I don’t know how to switch. I just want to watch my shows!!!!

  213. The country is in the middle of a pandemic and all you big conglomerates care about is raising prices. People have lost businesses and jobs. We seek the only enjoyment we can have in something as simple as a tv channel. We cannot go out to eat, gather with family at holiday time and even have a hard time finding basic needs at the grocery store. The country is in a complete mess and we can’t even rely on watching the good old boob tube. Thanks a lot. I hope you can settle this dispute in a short period of time as it has been to long already. Its a real shame that this is even going on considering the currant situation in our country.

  214. You rich bastards! we kiss your asses and pay your fees because we don’t have a lot of other choices but….other choices are now available. So NOW YOU CAN KISS MY ASS as I will be choosing other ways to watch tv!!!!

  215. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU! You haven’t just discontinued programs on Saturday and Sunday but 7-days a week. Most of my programs are on this channel! More importantly you big business gurus are doing this during the pandemic when your customers are forced to stay at home. TV is a major source of home entertainment but many do not have access to WiFi/Internet and are lucky to afford a TV at all. All you care about is money and I’m disgusted with the lot of you. Take a break this year, give your customers a break and resolve your dispute another time.

  216. Pay the asking price without raising ours. You, AT&T make more than enough money off the regular consumer as well as the many, many, infomercials we are stuck with. Stop being so money grubbing selfish.

  217. It’s always about money and the customers suffer the most. Just fix it already. It is very frustrating for us to wait and wait especially since we are closed up indoors because of Covid 19 now. We need to be entertained with tv. Please hurry…

  218. Very unhappy to hear about all of this nonsense and am considering changing providers — maybe COMCAST if it is not resolved soon!!
    Will you be adjusting our monthly bill since we aren’t getting everything we signed up for?

  219. maybe it is time to move to Dish or else get a refund for not having Kare 11. A local channel that I am paying for.
    I already pay way too much for tv service for local channels. If my service payment goes up AGAIN maybe canceling
    Directv and trying some other service is what is right for me.

  220. Considering how all of us are facing a most solitary and sad holiday season, canceling our contacts to NBC networking via Directv is so very wrong and cold hearted. For many Americans watching tv is one outlet to forget all the sadness due to Covid. Shame on you and your greedy need to further fill your money pockets!

  221. Like most I’ve spoken with we want our two missing channels back. It’s not for just sports but for programs and news.
    Is there any resolution to this mess

  222. Why did you take this channel off I watch alot of different programs on this channel 8 how can I get it back very upset that this was done.

  223. I am very disappointed about losing programing from NBC. Many of my favorite programs are now not available to me. I am considering cancelling my service.

  224. After many years with direct tv. i am going to switch to Dish. We can[t get the ABC channel etc. and Direct tv doesen’t know when if ever this
    will get handled.

  225. I hate it when greed affects my life and there is nothing I can do. Greed, greed, money, money,power,powe! Get this settled.

  226. I’m planning on switching to another carrier. This is unacceptable and very frustrating, especially since us Seniors are stuck inside and want to watch our favorites shows!

  227. I have paid for the service and y’all don’t have the right to hold we the customers hostage. I am researching options to leave. Comcast is one. I will probably be leaving. I have been a direct tv customer since 1996. This is not fair.

  228. Get your act together Guys. We are constrained at home due to Covid -19 and would appreciate restoring the NBS network now

    If you need help negotiating let me know

  229. Credit my account!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For missing my favorite TV programs. Eventually I’ll change carriers.

  230. There are shows that I like to watch on Channel 5. You have denied us access to my favorite show like transplant, a new series like nurses, Magnum PI, Mac Gayvor and Swat. I hope you get this settled as so as possible.

  231. Settle this dispute and do something for the people. Tired of all this greediness, all it does is hurt the hard working people who already pay a fortune for nightly entertainment. Many nights there’s nothing but trash to watch. This is not fair, get it together and settle it.

  232. AT&T TV says to use Locast.org to get local channel 11 in Phoenix. I did that, and it is not free, they want a donation of $5.00 per month and you start a program and then they cut it off asking for the donation. You can log off and come back on only to see about 15-20 of the program on channel 11 when they cut off again asking for a donation. So it is not Free, not can you watch a whole program without them asking for a donation so you can watch a program. I am paying AT&T TV $75.00 a month now which was to include all local channels, why should I pay an additional $5.00 for one local channel. Either get this resolved, or I will be cancelling my service. You definitely are not the only game in town. It’s very annoying and no notice or reason, just cut off.

  233. I’m sick of conglomerates like ATT playing games. Settle this dispute now and get ABC back in the air! I will leave ATT if you don’t.

  234. How much credit monthly will Uverse issue until agreement is reached with ABC?

    This is a loss of a major network for the area.

    John Floyd

    1. This is ridiculous station 19,greys anatomy on channel they took off.They pulled this last year with other channels maybe you should lower our bill since we dont have all the channels this better be resolved. Nothing but a bunch of money hungry heathens.

  235. I think it is DESPICABLE to hijack ATT customers, which is what you are doing for a money grab…the price agreed upon with ATT is what customer should be paying. and to stop our service is not right! We are paying our bill but not receiving our services. I plan to complain the FCC about TEGNA’s actions turn off TV to ATT customers.

  236. I think, canceling our services, that I have paid for is a damn shame!! Here we are trying to hold on, to services and the networks have cancel channels. We have watched these channels for many years. Well TEGNA keep your damn channels and services to yourself. I’m not going to pay any more money! Because, I don’t have any money left zero, nothing.

    A very dissatisfied customer,

  237. It is ridiculous that the two of you cannot come to an agreement. The consumers are the ones that are once again caught in the middle. This will only end up with the consumer paying more for the service which is very expensive as it is. Have the two of you ever heard the word compromise? My family and I will watch the programs on On Demand that we can get and start watching other channels and eventually stop caring about Channel 10.

  238. I am outraged because I can no longer see any of my local broadcasts, mainly on Channel 13WMAZ TV. which is our CBS Network. I depend on Channel 13 for my locals news and weather as well as TV programming on the CBS Network. I can understand a day or two delay in the companies involved to come to an agreement about how much to increase your charges to us, which is high enough, but I know you will increase our rates, so do it, and at least, during this pandemic, when we are being quarantined, let us watch TV and our regular broadcasting without interruption. This is ridiculous that we have been without Channel 13WMAZ TV for weeks. We knew when we heard DIRECTV had been purchased by AT&T that we were in for it. Do what you have to do to get us back to some measure of normal in this Covid world we’re living in, PLEASE!!

  239. Let’s put it this way. Direct TV bills us for so many channels we do not watch to have 1 channel we do watch. Now we have lost channel 6 in Maine. Which we watch all the time. We are billed way over $100.00 a month and watch about 20 to 25 channels. I think it’s time for a change

  240. Not sure what the contractual dispute is concerning. Whet I do know is that you 2 entities are disrupting a lot of viewers peace as if COVID alone was not enough to deal with. Hope you get the proper assistance to aid in setting your miscommunication and get it resolved soon (as in PDQ).

  241. I dont trust you, Uverse, direcTV, facebook, ABC, CBS, NBC, TWITTER OR GOOGLE.

    Maybe I’ll go to rabbit ears. Maybe I’ll just listen to music. I dont know who to trust anymore but I do know no one cares what I want, need or think so why bother!

    I have watched Supernatural from the beginning (12+ YEARS) yet when CBS went off, I never got to see the series finaly. It’s looking like the same now for NBC yet my bill continues to rise. TV in general has gotten so political, biased, violent and sexual that I’ll be better off without it.

  242. I personally have dealt with this now for a while, paying my same Monty bill. No discount for less service!!! I am frustrated not getting the channels I have been promised. I am seriously considering switching to any provider. This is not very good cust service!!!

  243. this is ridiculous because we have U-verse and pay $250.00 fir this and we should be able to watch every channel.

  244. When channel12 NBC going to come back? I am missing my shows…some I have been watching from the start!

  245. Bring channel 11 back I am not able to watch grays anatomy, station 19 and all the other great Tv shows on this channel

  246. Am not very happy about this, am missing General Hospital and other programs I usually watch. Getting ready to close my account with Direct TV , not going to renew my contract.

  247. While two large companies clash to make more profits, the viewers are impacted. The companies care very little about the portion of the population that rely on routine. The elderly, those with dementia, those with autism are a few groups that need their routine to reduce anxiety. Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune are a mainstay at this house and the daily questions and explanations are getting old. C’mon, it’s 2020. Everyone is dealing with enough uncertainty. Just compromise and put your viewers ahead of your profits.

  248. This is greed standing in the way of reasonable negotiations. But, thank you, I have discovered that local CBS, NBC, and yes, even FOX have entertaining newscasts and sports programming. So, continue with your fight. Others, like me, will make the switch.

  249. Guess it is time to let direct TV go. Service has been poor since ATT took over. Too bad. We get lots of channels we never watch. Should be able to pick and pay for only the ones we want.

  250. Sounds like your typical corporate greed between 2 major companies when our country and world is dealing with national pandemic. This is a setup to increase cost with a pass through charge to its customers. Is this the way you treat your loyal customers? I presume AT&T is negotiating in good faith for its customers with no price increase to those loyal. Probably not, but wanted to throw that out there. How are the discussions going? When can we expect resolution? Lack of communication is not an option.

  251. It’s time to get WXIA, channel 11, back on the air with AT&T TV. We pay for what we were promised and this has been going on for over a week. Please reach and amicable agreement and restore the service that we are paying for!

  252. Very upset as our local channel KTVB is unavailable. We do not get local news and some of the shows we watched every week. Local channels were included in our package. Don’t suppose they will credit our bill as we are unable to watch the regular channel. Does make a customer want to change to dish network. I think we have been patience long enough.

  253. In the middle of all this countries problems, you fuss about coming to a fair price to keep channels on your lineup. FOR WHAT EVERYONE PAYS FOR DIRECTV, settle this please! You should feel like Scrooge. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  254. As much as we pay and you take our channels away from us and you don’t even lower the bill. With covid people dying and the holidays and you do this shit. Shame on all of you. All of you people are money hungry pieces of shit. The almighty dollar and to hell with us. Can’t stand you guys right now.

  255. You are not providing what I am paying for. I want my adjustment on payment. Also how I can get cbs or which company I need to switch to.

  256. I want to watch Jeopardy. Alex will soon be gone (Christmas day) and I want to see the last episodes. It is
    sad for me. Also Wheel of Fortune, judge Judy, and others. Why can’t the companies come to an agreement?
    You will lose customers. Is it that much more for AT &T to pay?
    Do we get a refund while NBC is not on the air?

  257. I feel you have voided my contract with Direct TV, if you can no longer provide me with TV service on the ABC Network !! I feel you owe me a refund or I will be cancelling my contract !!

  258. I’ll be leaving my AT&T service due to the dropped ABC, which is basically the ONLY channel I watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  259. We were told we would get all local Chanel’s and now we find out we do not get NBC? How do we get an antenna?

  260. What a bunch of crap! Put my NBC station back on and.resolve this BS now! We have had Direct TV for years and love it and have no plans to change. Quit screwing with a good thing!

  261. I am upset that i don’t have channel 8, I pay all this money I should not have to worry about losing channels especially channels that I have favorite shows on

  262. I just subscribed to Direc tv a couple of weeks ago and now my go to channel 11 for local news and Sunday football is no longer available.
    I’m not very happy with this change! I hope Tegna and Direc tv resolve their issues soon!
    I may have to go back to Suddenlink!

  263. It is illegal to pull channels while negotiating if my channels are not back on by the end of the week I will file a class action lawsuit

  264. I am extremely upset with the removal of my local channel. I am paying you whatever premium is necessary for quality service. If TEGNA and specifically channel 5 is not restored soon I will regrettably look for Another service provider. I watch King 5 about 50 % of the time. Please come to the necessary agreement promptly. Thank you!

  265. It truly pissed me off to not be able to see my favorite tv shows to its finale like the masked singer. Prime tv should force us to pay for its services just to watch a tv show you like. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

  266. I want my channel back by tomorrow evening . We can’t afford fubo TV plus Direct TV. We will drop Direct TV if this issue is not resolved .

  267. Not happy. After 2 years Direct TV virtually doubled my rates, the marketing department calls me at least once a month trying to pressure me into ordering and paying for more channels, and now I can not get all the channels that I was promised. Time to look into switching providers.

  268. This dispute really sucks!!! Both sides are being ridiculous!!! Both sides are getting very rich by these agreements and should be reasonable and come to a compromise! Everyone is being very greedy and the ones being hurt the most are the customers! Get your act together! I’m very tempted to drop my DirectTV account and just stick with cable!!!

  269. Why should we have to pay the consequence of you all not being able to come to a decision- we should have our billed reduced since we are not getting what we agreed to .

  270. Shame on all you executives or whoever decides these things!! Is it really about the almighty dollar? What ever happened to caring about the people whose only form of entertainment? My elderly mother loves our local NBC channel 3 from Cleveland. She’s depressed enough with covid. Cable is a joke anyway lately. You all have power over us as most folks are stuck with only having cable. I know we have the option to change the channel but every other channel is an infomercial. Anyway, Merry Christmas to all you grinches and scrooges!

  271. We are very disgusted about losing three local channels at Indianapolis. Then, today, we received a notice in the mail that rates are being raised, not lowered. We watched local stations about half the time, now my rate should be half, not raised.


  273. My ATT/Direct TV bill just went up $31.32 this month of December now on top of this I’ve lost channel 11 (TEGNA). Somebody better start getting there shit together and resolve this issue. It looks like a time to start shopping around for a new provider.

  274. I think this is totally unfair to the consumer. Where are our rights? Put CBS back on Direct TV or refund my money for all the years I have been loyal to you!

  275. Obviously by now you have no intention of restoring CBS. You must refund this loss of service to us, the customers, paying you for something you have failed to provide. I’m not sure what you can be thinking. This does not seem like a good move on your part. You will lose most of your customers for what?. For years I have spent way too much time every month arguing about increases to my bill. Won’t be sorry to never have to do that again! You’ve lost me for good!

  276. I think I read that TEGNA ownes CBS, NBC, ABC some Fox and others so why is Chanel 11 the only one not on?? Seems the other stations have done something that CBS has not. Smells fishy…

  277. It’s not fair to your customers when 2 businesses can’t figure out what they’re doing. The year has
    been bad enough without you not caring about your customers. Since we’re stuck in the house,
    we’re more dependant on our tv’s not only for entertainment but also for the latest news. We shouldn’t have to pay our bill when there’s no service!! We will probably be switching to another service next week if we don’t get our local news & NBC back. It’s extremely frustrating!!

  278. All of you are a bunch of thieves. I’m ready to go back to antenna and cut off all of you. There is nothing worth watching anyway. Now all you children (or George Soros puppets) settle your differences and play nice.

  279. Both of these companies need to get their act together, the only ones being hurt are the customer. You say the customer is important to you, then show it and settle the issue, otherwise we will know that we are not.

  280. Thanks for pulling NBC of the air. Now I can’t watch Sunday Night Football!!! This is BS!! I’m closing my subscription to Directv and going to to full stream service in 3 months when my plan is over!! I’ve been a loyal customer for over 20 years!!! But I’m done with this shit!!

  281. This is absolutely ridiculous! We’ve already paid for this service. It really frustrated and seriously considering canceling Direct tv if this is not resolved immediately!!!

  282. ATT bought Directv because it would become a cash cow for them. I for one am tired of being milked by ATT. Good by to ATT and Directv.

  283. I can only hope this outfit and directv both go out of business. They think they hold us captive, well not today!

  284. So what this amounts to is two multimillion, probably billion, dollar companies fighting over what amounts to pennies by comparison. STOP BEING GREEDY A**HOLES AND GET OUR CHANNELS BACK.

  285. This is of my local channels I am paying for, if I am still being charged for something I am not receiving there will be a change coming. I was with DISH for quite some time and I can very easily go back, if this kind of BS is what AT&T, Directv and Uverse are going to be doing I will drop all services with same and seek my wireless, satellite and internet from other sources and it looks like the time will be sooner not later.

    1. I am furious that I pay over 200 dollars a month for my cable and internet and you take NBC away one of the main channels I watch, we are going through one of the worst times in this century and you choose now to be trivial . We are stuck at home we have lost so much and can do so little! Do you even understand what your money grubbing ways have done to so many!! You should be ashamed of yourselves !

  286. I’ve been with Direct TV for quite awhile but I’ll soon be switching. Direct TV like Mitch McConnell and the treasonous REPUBE PARTY refuses to negotiate in good faith. TEGNA stand your ground until you get Direct TV to come to the table in good faith!

  287. WTF, I am supposed to go to 410 to watch the game, only problem I don’t speak Spanish. Cmon man, this is rediculus, pay a small fortune for tv not to have what you want!!!

  288. Look at all these responses. Sad so very Sad!!!! I had to miss The Steelers last week then Notre Damn now Steelers on Sunday Night Football. This has been going on for weeks. See you Direct TB and I will never deal with Tengna.. I pay a lot of money for service and I cannot watch??? Someone should sue on this…

  289. This is ridiculous! At a time like this we should be enjoying our favorite programs especially since we pay for them. Do the right thing TEGNA, just bring back the station and stop the nonsense.

  290. if Direct TV does not get it done this week I will be switchig over to Cable . I consider my contract broken by Direct TV

  291. It is shame that companies like you interrupt the views of you station(s). I am missing some great programs due to your greediness. I am sure my bill will not be reduced until this settled and further more will increase when a settlement is reached. I am looking into other ways to lower my cable bill and assure you Direct TV will not be my choice to continue with this company.

  292. This is a crock of SHIT!!!!!
    During a pandemic, when we at home more than usual, less money coming into our households,
    AT&T don’t do business with these assholes!!
    They want more money, for fucks sake, so do we.
    This is going to send paying customers elsewhere.
    Myself I’m looking into Free now good old days of the antenna system 😜😜

  293. My ABC has been removed. I want it back… Not yesterday not a week from now… Now.. We pay an arm and leg for direct TV… We will be canceling if we don’t get this local channel back now… I don’t want umpteen Hispanic channels. 400 and up… I want my damn local channel!!!!

  294. These people have two weeks to get this done or we are taking our business elsewhere. I’d love to know what the other carriers paying…COX, Spectrum, etc.
    We haven’t been able to watch Steven Colbert, our local channel 8 news, Sunday Morning or any of our favorite programs. This is ridiculous. We paid AT&T
    to be able to watch those programs. Stop being greedy pigs and get it done. Remember, you aren’t the only company out there.

  295. I said it when pay tv first reared its ugly head. I knew from start that we would buy into it and be at their mercy .what should happen is that everybody cancel their pay tv, find other free venues and starve the das**res out

  296. I am paying a huge amount for Directv each month. It’s not fair that I am paying for a channel that is and has been unavailable for a long period of time! I know how these contract disputes happen, as I was in the business of simulcast, and now retired. I have over 600 channels and I can’t even watch my hometown NFL game!!! I’m calling AT&T to complain and get rid of everything! I want credit for the weeks we are not seeing the TEGNA channel.

  297. You are over priced and under delivered when it comes to your services. I am confident in saying that you have zero concern when it comes to the rendering of services to your paying customers. I am searching for alternatives – I am not getting close to what I pay for these services. What bothers me the most is that You Do Not Care!

  298. We have not seen some of our favorite CBS shows for over 2 weeks now and it’s about time AT&T and Tegna settle this thing. First, I want a refund for the time I have not gotten a station I paid for in our contract, and second, if this is not settled soon, I will take my business elsewhere. I’ve had it with corporate feuding at the expense of customer service. Taking advantage of us as this pandemic rages on and our stay-at-home orders continue, is really an offense to all of us. You are despicable.

  299. I began HATING AT&T when there was Insistence that I was using 150GB of internet in one day and was constantly being charged a $25.00 fee for each “occurrence” – when the only internet I was using was on my computer – I do not “game”- nor do I stream any movies, watch Youtube, or do any other “internet stuff” – plus Hubby and I were both gone between 6 to 12 hours Mon – Fri each week since I worked full-time – he worked part-time and hubby is computer illiterate – so he only played the card games provided on our PC – NEVER accessing any internet at all. The only thing used was when we would watch a movie off the normal “on-demand” channels through DirectTV (those offered through Hallmark, HBO, Sony, etc.), which I was told “didn’t count” – yet it did.

    PLUS AT&T was charging me $48 per month for a land line that I could not use outside a six mile radius of my home – they said it was 10 – but Kaiser Roseville Hospital is less than 10 miles (exactly 9.4) from me (I’m in North Highlands, Sac County), and because this $48 dollar service DID NOT include ANY long distance capability, I couldn’t call Kaiser on Eureka using my landline – totally ludicrous. So when the challenge began with my internet, I told AT&T to Shove It Where The Sun doesn’t shine, and switched internet and phone service. THEN DirectTV went fully to AT&T – and there have been nothing EXCEPT constant rate hikes. When they switched I was paying less than $125 per month for my whole bill of cable, internet and phone – I HAVE NOT changed Anything with my cable and I’m paying over $170 per month Just For DirectTV – so this is absolute extortion. crappy service. So now, perhaps it’s time to switch from DirectTV to another cable service.

    The ONLY GOOD THING about AT&T is their telephone customer service reps – they were ALWAYS helpful and courteous – it’s just the Company Itself That is totally horrible.

    The sad part is I’ve been an AT&T customer since they were Pacific Bell back in 1970 – as soon as the switch was made to AT&T is when the company became self absorbed and catered to their CEOs, share holders, and stake holders – screw the customer. AT&T has become a totally horrible company.

  300. When am I going to get Channel 5 back on AT&T TV? It has been weeks and nothing is being done. If I can’t get the channels I want, I will have to cancel and go somewhere else. This is ridiculous.

  301. Direct TV has always provided horrible service. And Tegna TV? Why are they doing this…I’m guessing it’s greed, for sure. Both parties are ridiculous but I advise ANYONE who has Direct TV to get rid of it asap.

  302. I am deeply saddened that this controversy marking the final episodes of Jeopardy for Sacramento ABC. The final tribute episodes are being held hostage by parties that have no sense or sensibility with these Covid19 times.

  303. The story of not wanting to give in to Tegna because you would have to raise your customer’s rate to pay for that increase is ridiculous to say. We are already paying
    prime rates and you still go up every year. You would think that this year’s awful pandemic and people trying to pay and hold on to a little entertainment in their life
    would be an incentive not to take anything else away from their lives.

  304. After 24 years with AT&T, or whatever they have called themselves over the years, I thought I finally was getting a reasonable.
    They made me switch to U-Verse 10 years ago and my bill more than doubled rate than stay the same, or at least increased reasonably.
    The service was lousy too. In late November after threatening to quit completely, they gave me a much better deal than what I have had for the past 10 years.
    Then December, all help broke loose. They removed my favorite NEWS/Weather channel, and a lot more. Like I have read, the airwaves are free. .
    We should be compensated and channels turned back on.
    Or maybe we should just cut all TV ties with these comapanies for a set period of time. A boycot. The gustomer should always be right.
    No service, no reimbursement for nothing.

  305. This has gone on long enough…we are not receiving what we are paying for…do we have to cancel with AT&T? We overpay as it is for the “service.” As customers….are we being reimbursed someway for being in the middle of your dispute?

  306. Both of your companies are multi million dollar companies and here we sit having to sit at a blue screen you guys all need to get your shit together and put our station back on we paid for it you guys aren’t we are we’re paying for because we can’t watch CBS evening news we can’t watch sports we can’t do anything when you take our channels off the air get your guises head out of your ass and get the channel back on multi million dollar company and you can’t figure it out you guys suck I missed the army navy game because of this and I’m going to miss another college playoff game because of this i’m a US Navy veteran and this is bull Arkie you’re taking away from everybody who wants to see it and you guys don’t even care signed a pissed off veteran

  307. Please get this settled! Your customers are the ones paying for your stubbornness and greed!!! Channel 2 is our local station (Greensboro) and the only CBS to which we have access!


  309. hi, my name is Donald powell I pay for dictv why did you guy take nbc away it’s a free channel I I’m a wheelchair and a vent I will love nbc

  310. You people SUCK!! I pay premium price for this?! I have been with you for more than a decade and will be looking for another provider. As I as well all others think and feel, you people SUCK!!!

  311. Ok. I’ve been with ATT since 2011 and pay them an average of more than $200 a month. ATT, you have ONE JOB!!! Keep the channels on my TV. So what do you do??? You lose 2 of the biggest networks in the country! I can get NBC and ABC with rabbit ears. How do you lose these channels?? Where I work, you screw up that big you will be FIRED!!! I’ve been getting some good deal offers from Xfinity Cable and Internet service lately. I am missing good football games today because you can’t do your job. Even if you gave me a $50 a month discount, I would still go somewhere else if you don’t fix this by 2021. Who knows… ATT may lose CBS and FOX in the next year. And my bill will go UP again like it did this month. You need to fix this. Poor management….

  312. I pay a lot of money every month for service with direct tv. The ONLY reason I have direct tv is for the football games. Now because of your silly dispute I am missing the ACC championship. Not acceptable, either give me a refund or come get your crap off and out of my house.

  313. If you are removing stations you should replace with other stations. If not the package is miss represent and price is not compare to channels that represent in
    the package

  314. The Super Bowl is on Sunday. Excuse me?! You can’t get your shit together for the SUPER BOWL!? Wait. Is this Cancel Culture? Because if it is, you really suck! If it’s about money, well, ain’t that a bitch.

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