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Twitter Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which One is Best Promotions?

Twitter Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which One is Best Promotions? >> You could be an entrepreneur, small business, start-up, or even a big multinational corporation. Regardless of the size or type of your business, you need to promote it. In today’s day and age, social media is gaining importance at an exponential rate.

In such a scenario, you need to move fast and create a strong client base across platforms. However, each platform differs in its strengths and weaknesses. You need to avoid those weaknesses and exploit its strengths.

Customizing your advertisements and promotions based on the social media platform on which you are posting them, is a great way to do just that. To help you out with narrowing down your choices, we are going to discuss the differences between Twitter ads and Facebook ads.

This will help you to choose between the two, and you can also use both by creating campaigns that suit the platforms.

Here’s a side note. One way in which you can boost your audience on social media is by buying real followers. Hence, Twitter users may look for opportunities to buy Twitter followers to increase their engagement in a short period of time. Use websites such as Viralyft, GetViral.io, and SocialPackages.net to gain Twitter followers. 

The same sites can be used to get more engagement on Facebook as well. However, they are merely a way to encourage people to engage with your ads. 

Make sure that only a small percentage of your audience is bought, and that the rest of them engage with your posts on their own accord. That is what will actually help your business grow.

Here are 5 features based on which you can make your choice between Twitter ads and Facebook Ads.

1. Audience Demographics

Facebook and Twitter attract considerably different audience demographics. While Facebook is popular amongst all age groups and is one of the few platforms that the elderly are comfortable using, Twitter is home to a much younger audience.

Depending on the industry you belong to and your target audience, both platforms can come in handy. If you are looking to attract an audience across all age groups and geographical locations, particularly middle-aged and elderly people, Facebook is your best bet.

On the other hand, if you want to target a younger audience and focus on such a demographic, you should use Twitter. However, given that Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users and Twitter has just 330 million, it is quite evident that Facebook will be able to attract more audience.

But don’t fret. Twitter has its own advantages, and if you are looking to appeal to the young audience, Twitter can help you achieve that quite easily.

2. Campaign Objective

An important aspect of social media advertising is figuring out your campaign objective. Do you want to divert traffic toward your website? Or is your goal to get maximum people to download your app? 

Both platforms require you to select your main campaign objective, based on which your ad is run. This helps the platform to narrow down on a prospective audience that is more likely to engage with your ad.

3. Targeting Your Audience

Twitter provides a unique feature to marketers. On this platform, you can target a specific audience based on keywords and hashtags. Users who have either used the keywords or engaged with Tweets that contain the keyword are specifically targeted. This helps in attracting an audience that would be more interested in your ad than others.

In addition to this, you can market your ad to users who have recently engaged with your Tweets. Want to customise your own audience? You can do that too. Download the list of followers for any Twitter account you wish, and there you have it.

On Facebook, you can only target an audience by the topic of your ad. Clearly, Twitter has the upper hand in targeting audiences. 

4. Analytics

Both platforms provide you with analytics tools that analyse the performance of your advertisements. Additionally on Twitter, you can also view engagement based on Twitter handles of your viewers. 

With this feature, you get a better idea of which part of your advertisement to improve upon. Given that advertisements require payments, this feature can significantly improve your ROI.

Facebook also provides you with certain special features. One of these is Pages to Watch, which helps you to keep track of your competitors’ pages. Using this tool, you can improve your marketing strategies and use your competitors’ posts for inspiration and ideas.

5. Payment

It has been seen that the average cost for advertising on Twitter is lower than that on Facebook. Twitter’s pricing is based on the budget you allocate and your bid for the campaign. 

The final amount that you pay depends on how many users engage with your ad based on your campaign objective. For instance, if your campaign objective was to divert people to your website, then you pay only when your audience clicks on the link to your site.

Facebook’s pricing, however, depends on the competition for the same target audience as yours and the budget you put forth for your campaign. This platform offers varied pricing structures based on your bid.

Twitter and Facebook provide you with unique features that can help you in specific areas of advertising. Keeping the various benefits of the platforms in mind, you can make a choice between the two. Try out new strategies, and see what works best for you on these two platforms.

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