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{Watch Video} Tyler Bigenho Video Scandal And Photos: Who Is His Wife? Know About Twitter Video!

Gather the most interesting data about on Tyler Bigenho Video Scandal And Photos, along with his real wife and Twitter details.

Do you know about the medical field called “natural healing” and chiropractic? Have you heard of this famous Dr. Tyler Bigenho, a chiropractor and an online health influencer?

Tyler’s video went viral in regions like the Philippines, Canada, the United States, and many others. How did this health influencer get himself into a scandal? To know it, everyone should read the full article about Tyler Bigenho Video Scandal And Photos.

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Details on Tyler Bigenho Video Scandal And Photos

Tyler Bigenho is a famous chiropractor who used to post his natural healing videos on his social media pages, and he has amassed around 358K followers on Instagram alone and 2.3 million followers on TikTok. 

Usually, his videos are about spinal correction, posture fixation, tension-relieving massages, muscle relaxation, etc.; he does everything with his hands and without any significant medical devices. 

Recently, in a Tyler Bigenho Twitter Video, Tyler did a natural healing procedure on a young woman, and that procedure seemed very harsh and medically unethical. So, the general public started to lash him for his unprofessional medical treatment.

 Currently, the scandal video and photos are not available on the internet. Still, we were able to see other patients’ treatment videos.

Tyler Bigenho Twitter Video

Tyler’s treatment video went viral on Twitter, and he was trapped in the online scandal because most of the audience felt that his movements and touches were highly inappropriate and that he was fooling people with his chiropractic tradition. 

That young woman getting her treatment with Tyler became viral. However, the viral scandal video was removed as it damaged his patient’s privacy.

Tyler Bigenho Wife

Tyler Bigenho is not a married man, so he doesn’t have any spouses. But he has been dating a lady named “Jales Aurora” for extended periods. 

Recently, Tyler attended his sister’s wedding, where he dressed himself in wedding attire, so the general public thought he was getting married and was eager to know about Tyler Bigenho Wife. But the truth is Tyler’s sister got married, not him.

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Statement of Tyler

The scandal video went viral on social media platforms, creating many controversies for Tyler and his health clinic. Hence, Tyler released a reply-back statement for the scandal.

He said that what he did for that young lady was a medical and ethnic treatment, which was part of natural healing. 

Tyler Bigenho Twitter Video even questioned his doctor’s license. But he powerfully addresses and proves that his treatment helped the young woman heal herself.

Facts about Tyler Bigenho

  • Tyler was born in California.
  • Since childhood, Tyler has developed an immense interest in natural healing, which helped him do his bachelor’s in Neuroscience at a California university.
  • After completing his UG, he chose a chiropractic degree as his master’s, which he completed successfully at Southern California University.
  • He struggled to find a decent job because of the Tyler Bigenho Video Scandal And Photos issues with several other doctors. People couldn’t trust the medical procedures of chiropractic, so he decided to open his own “Clean Spine” clinic in Newport Beach, CA.
  • Presently he has become a great chiropractic doctor and a thriving health influencer.
  • Initially, he struggled a lot to develop his hospital, but he chose the patient-focused model of business, so he started to focus only on the health of his patients so he could gather many genuine patients for him.

Availability of the scandal Tyler Bigenho Twitter Video

Currently, the scandal video has been removed because it tarnishes the fame of Tyler and takes away the privacy of his patients as well.

Social media pages 


Thereby, we have seen how the talented doctor Tyler Bigenho has undergone much controversy and criticism for his natural healing methods. Tyler Bigenho Video Scandal And Photos issue didn’t stop him from doing his job. 

He is posting his natural healing treatments on his social media pages. But he has removed that viral scandal video from his feed.

What are your views on natural healing? Comment on it.

Disclaimer: This article is not endorsing any chiropractic practices. 

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