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Typeld Com Reviews [July] Is This Site Genuine?

Typeld Com Reviews [July] Is This Site Genuine? >> In this article, the users will get to know and understand a web store dealing with the latest trends of babywear. The shoppers who are just waiting for the quality stuff and unique in their way, so the wait is over; in the United Statespeople who enjoy shopping for fantastic quality and stuff, they seel happily and list the product is best for others to use.

Is Typeld Legit a big question, which we will surely answer in the article. Please read all the stuff here for the complete information on the web-store.

Typeld Com Reviews are helpful for the buyers to make their choice and be confident about their buying. The products are very selective at the web store and meet the requirement of precious buyers.

The trend is ongoing for the various web stores that keep on ensuring buyers with excellent service and satisfaction. The role of the web store is the absolute trust of the buyers, which binds them to the store, and both get benefitted.

What is Typeld com?

The website is an ecommerce store where one can find the variety of stuff like rugs, babywear, etc. Some people are always busy finding the type over online stores for their daily and other requirements. The styles and patterns are of excellent variety at this web store.

The customer’s main worry is always how the quality of the product would be, then how much durable these would be, and somehow the web store takes care of all this and provides satisfactory products to their buyers. They believe in building a relationship with their buyers to serve them multiple times.

Specifications of Typeld com

  • Website URL to access – https://www.typeld.com/
  • Support for customer care via telephone at +16598009508 
  • Support for customer care via email is at typeld@outlook.com
  • Address to mail the customer care – 337 LANDSDOWNE RD, Bowman, South Carolina, 29018
  • The web store has stuffed with babywear needs in various styles.
  • All valid payment options are available.
  • The web store sends an email once the product is shipped.

Pros of using Typeld com

  • The web store has a neat appearance, and at first glance, people can find out the products easily. 
  • The entire web store dedicated sections to all specific products in one fashionable way. This becomes easier when we click on parts to check out the further stuff.

Below are the various products offered by Typeld com –

  • Stylish designer square rugs
  • Baby boy wear
  • Block games
  • Photo frames
  • Baby boy shoes
  • Designer candles

So all in all, the stuff is available in stock and varies as per the need.

Cons of Using Typeld com

  • There is no sale or discounts are available.
  • Elongated delivery time
  • No proven records of orders

Is Typeld com Legit?

Is Typeld Legit is very important to search for, and we did our job in this matter. The web store is not safe as there are such valid reviews, which proves that it is a suspicious site. All testing points like domain name duration, the suspicion on payment mode, social availability of the store are all in consideration and making it a suspicious web store.

What customers have to say about Typeld com?

Shopping online is the responsibility of the buyers, as they can assist with reviews and help other buyers. Typeld Com Reviews shall be a source of trust-building because people may tend to search before buying.

We have researched the entire website and could get succeeded if people have provided the reviews. As a vigilant buyer, you have to study and make a judgment on the web store’s suspicion. 

Final Verdict

People generally believe in most of the web stores and shops, but it is always to be safe when there is any new web store. The reason could be that many web stores do scam as well in the United States, and people get stuck with difficulties with their orders. 

As an online shopper, I generally refer to two-three web stores for the same product to get the complete details and then buy after the complete research. So the same, we advise our readers, be vigilant, open-eyed, and shop whatever.

The web store falls under suspicion and is not trustworthy. However, the products are limited to individual users who have baby boys, but still, one has to pay attention to all factors while shopping online. We do not recommend as per the factors stated with the facts.

0 thoughts on “Typeld Com Reviews [July] Is This Site Genuine?

  1. I made 2 orders. Never received them. Response by is, your order in in process.
    I will be filling a consumers complaint with the appropriate athorities in the USA. State and federal. I will contact the credit card company as to what do about this scam site

  2. I ordered from typed. It’s been over 21 days and no product or answer. I will review again if it is received or not. Very wary right now.

    1. I placed an order received a tracking number.I paid $121 for something I didn’t initially order,they sent me some face mask.I emailed and called,no response.This company is a complete scam,this company has an American address but the item shipped from China which I didn’t receive.

  3. I purchase two orders have not received neither one of my orders from TypeLd. Can’t get in contact with anyone.This is a scam

    1. Ya it’s been 21 days for me to and I still haven’t received a tracking # or my product its a dam scam and I’m pissed

    1. sorry for your bad experience … visit the official website for more information… thank you..

  4. I placed an order made payment and got an email saying they was verifying payment was made an that I would get an email once it shipped. Well its been weeks an nothing an now I cant even get a response from email, I called the number and it’s a non working number. This is definitely a scam and I will be filing complaints as well an contacting the BBB and my bank to see what I can do about this online scam as well. It’s sad really messed up especially during these times when everyone is struggling to provide for their families and this site just continues scamming people out of their hard earned money! Karma is a bi*** and you will get yours hopefully sooner rather than later!

    1. Dear customer we are not owner of this company we try to make you happy and for this you have go for genuine webpage for more detail of your order confirmation… thank you…

    2. Ordered from the website, received a confirmation email for the order, then received a tracking email for the order only to receive 5 masks instead of the item I ordered. This site appears to be a scam. I’m still waiting to see if they will resolve my issues. I believe they owe me a refund considering that five masks is nowhere near the value of the amount of money I spent.

  5. We ordered a chiminea and received face masks…

    This is either a scam or they don’t have a clue how to run a business. Either way, stay clear of Typeld.

  6. This so called Company got me also. Ordered A/C for our family room at a good price, Ordered it on the 24th of June got a tracking # that it was on the way. July 13th got a notice that it was left at my house. Never received it, notice came saying if it is not at my home check the post office . I knew then something was wrong. I really hope they enjoy the money they got from me. Who ever they , at the end they will pay for there sins. Leo, Waverly Tenn

  7. I ordered from them on 6/23/2020 got conformation and tracking # but the tracking info disappeared from my tracking history on 7/16/2020 I believe this is a scam and will be contacting my payment source to get my money back

  8. I ordered 2 a/c units from typeld and got 20 disposable masks. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO WHAT I ORDERED. This website is a scam.

  9. I got screwed as well. I ordered a firepit and received masks as well. I’m not sure what the point is of sending masks. If you are going to scam someone just don’t send anything. These people will get what is coming to them. I’m not sure who wrote this site but I hope you don’t get paid. You sound like a 10 year old trying to write his first paper. Do you know how to proofread? The word stuff should never be used in anyone’s vocabulary. Thankfully I will never have to speak to you in person.

  10. I bought an air conditioner for the bedroom on the 3rd of July have not gotten a tracking number cannot get a hold of them no answer yet no tracking number yet no email back yet and I’ve sent quite a few I don’t know what to do

  11. Smh I ordered a AC unit for 70 dollars it took two weeks to come when it got here today it was some face mask smh im highly upset if you reading this don’t order Nttn from this site it is a complete scam an should be shut down

  12. I ordered a cooler on 07/01/20 for $65. Got 7 masks on 08/05/20. Did not order the masks. I will not use them. Reminds me of the blankets the white man gave to the indians with diseases in them.

  13. Same as a lot of other people. I ordered an air conditioner on June 16 and got an email saying it shipped on June 19. On August 10 a package with 5 face masks arrived. Paid $55 for a small air conditioner, received $0.99 worth of face masks.

    1. Omg this same thing happened to me except my shit started two mos ago ,they sent two tracking numbers one said it was delivered the other said it was lost ,they hope u forget I’m fighting through my credit card company ,I’m done ,what they are doing is sending the masks through the mail because that’s the cheapest thing they can send to give u a tracking number

  14. Wow,the same thing happened to me! Unfortunately, i had never bought anything online before and didn’t realize that it was very possible to get scammed with your first purchase. I ordered the a/c unit as well, for like $62.00 and got the tracking number, etc,and also only received 5 masks that I never ordered. I’ve been dealing with this for 5 months now and just now had the nerve to Google typeld and ems shipping. It’s so disgusting that these companies do this and i haven’t seen one story yet of someone who made those fuckers pay. Can anyone tell me what our rights are with this??

  15. Oh,funny side note- type Ld is a version of an expensive car!! Lol. Can’t recall which, but I thought that was a real nice slap in the face that they didn’t even care to hide. JUST EVIL!!!!!!

  16. I ordered a air conditioner from them in July never got it got masks instead I kept bugging them about it with many emails they kept saying it was on its way after many many emails they finally said I would get a refund never got it last email I got from them was saying they sent my refund but they did not. I am so mad at these people are are nothing but thieves!!!!!! Taking money from hard working Americans!!!!!

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