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Uabat.xyz Review [Dec 2021] Is It Legit or a Scam Site?

Uabat.xyz Review [Dec 2021] Is It Legit or a Scam Site? >> To know the product quality selling on this website and the legitimacy of this website. Don’t skip the article to know each detail.

Are you interested in buying trendy accessories from an online store and want to fill your wardrobe with lots of amazing items and accessories at great prices? But you aren’t sure from which website to buy these items and products and don’t want to get into a scam and lose all your money. 

Are you searching for Uabat.xyz Review and want to know all its details and its legitimacy. All the people from the United States are very interested in buying trendy accessories like watches, shoes, shades etc. to look amazing and stand out in the crowd. Well, stay on the page to know more.

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What is Uabat.xyz?

Uabat.xyz is an online e-commerce store that sells different accessories on its websites like shoes, shirts, jewelry, watches, bags, wallets, and many more at good prices. This website was created 4 months 13 days ago from now, which makes it a young website and makes us question Is Uabat.xyz LegitThis website provides free shipping on all orders but may vary in different countries. We also found an instagram page for this website that has around 17k followers.

Specifications of this website:

  • An online e-commerce store providing all kinds of accessories.
  • Shipping charges are free of cost but may vary for different countries 
  • Delivery time is estimated from 7 to 15 days
  • Processing time is 2-5 days 
  • order cancellation is not mentioned
  • Domain age of this website is 4 months 13 days from now 
  • Payment method accepted by this website is credit card online.
  • No customer support or address mentioned on the website

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What are the Pros of ordering from Uabat.xyz:

  • This website provides all kind of accessories 
  • This website has an instagram page with 17k followers
  • This website provides a friendly payment method.

What are the Cons of ordering from Uabat.xyz:

  • This website got a 46% trust score which is below average.
  • This website claimed 436396 ranks on Alexa
  • This website has not provided any customer support and address of the company
  • No information about order cancellation, return policy are mentioned.
  • This website only accepts credit card payments. 
  • We could not find any customer reviews

Is Uabat.xyz Legit?

People want to buy products that are good in quality, and that comes with cost-efficient prices but is this website really selling what it claims and is a scam. Here are some details about this website below:

  • Age of this website: This website is launched recently with a domain age of only 4 months and 13 days
  • Social media presence: we got an instagram page of this website which has 17k followers
  • Customer review: There are no Uabat.xyz Review on any page.
  • Replacement: This website has not mentioned any replacement policy or order cancellation
  • Quality of products: The quality of the items seems good in the picture, but those pictures could be copied from another site.
  • Trust score: The trust score of this website is only 46%.

So, is this website legit?

What are the thoughts of previous buyers of this website? 

We can get a lot of information about the website from its reviews and feedbacks given by previous customers like the quality of product, customer service given by the company and the legitimacy of the website and helps you make your decision about the website. But we could not find any Uabat.xyz Review for this website. 

So here we are not clear about this website’s legitimacy and recommend you to make a deep research about this website before buying any item from this website, or you can use other trusted alternatives to shop.

Final verdict: 

So after making our research on this website, we want you to see these points below before shopping from this website:

  • This website is only 4 and a half months old and too young to shop.
  • This website has not mentioned any customer support number and no address for the company 
  • There is no Uabat.xyz Review about this website.

We are ending our article here and hope you got your information about the website, and if you had any past experiences with the website, please comment down and let us know. In case you are looking for a money-back option from credit card scam, check this useful link


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