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Uistores.com Reviews [Sept 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit?

Uistores.com Reviews [Sept 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> It is an online company that sells all kinds of products at a relatively lower price.

Do you love to do online shopping? Then this article is for you. In the last few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the online shopping platform. E-commerce is filled with amazing products ranging from day to day utility products to fancy outfits. Everything is available online. You can complete your basic needs by just sitting in your comfort zone. All you have to do is to go to that particular site and place your order there. Besides appealing to eye-catching schemes and offers, everything is just a click away. One such store that is creating its place in the whole United State region is uistores.com. The website claims to have everything which you need to buy for your loved ones and yourself. Let’s see if the site is legit or not. 

Here, we are posting Uistores.com Reviews for your convenience so that the potential buyer will not face any issue. 

What is uistores.com?

Uistores.com is an online platform that deals with the fantastic range of products such as leather belts, grooming trimmer, tug toy, paint roller brush tool, washing machine tub bomb cleaner, travel shoe bags, solar-powered fountain pump and other products that is hard for you to find at any other platform. 

They claim that it provides the best quality product. 

Mention here the specifications of uistores.com?

The specifications of uistores.com are:

  • Hosted By uistores.com
  • For tracking your order:  https://www.17track.net/en 
  • Phone Number: 1-877-2534927
  • Mailing Address: Yeyangge03@kokoerp.com
  • Return Policy: You will get 30 days to return the product.
  • Refund Policy: It is only applicable if your product is in perfect condition. Used products are not relevant to getting a refund. 

Mention here the pros of Uistores.com.

The pros of uistores.com are:

  • The website has alluring graphics and engaging descriptions that can lure the interest of any person. 
  • The prices of all the products are meager.
  • The company has products of almost all categories. 
  • The website has a return policy.

Mention here the cons of Uistores.com.

The cons of uistores.com are:

  • The company did not receive any ratings from the web of trust. 
  • There is no detail available about the company’s owner. 
  • The company has booked its domain name a few months back.
  • There is hardly any reference to the company on social media platforms. 
  • The website does not drive much traffic on its website. 

What are the customers’ experiences with this company?

The website has got mixed reactions from customers all over the world. According to the few customers, they did not find the company to be an authentic one. As some people said that they had received the fake product due to which they asked the company to refund the money. But after so many calls and messages, they did not get any fruitful results. They said that their customer support team is also not responsive. 

Instead of staying on this website, they thought of shifting their interest to leading portals. That gives them not only security but also the right quality product. So, they are moving their interests on such portals. 

Is uistores.com a legit website or a scam?

Uistores.com is seems like fake website due to no more information here. The company has a very new domain name, and after thorough research and analysis, we found that the company is linked to the scamming websites. That usually steals away the data of the buyer, and they do the fraud with that person. 

The company sells its products at a little cost. That ultimately creates doubt in the mind of the buyer whether these products are genuine or not. As the chances are higher that this company will dupe them in the name of providing them with a legitimate product. 

Final Verdict

After reviewing the Uistores.com website precisely, we found it to be a fake one, as there are no accurate details of anything mentioned on the website. So it will be an ultimate waste to trust such a company because it shows the unbiased information and hard to say it is legit or scam but there is 1% legitimacy chance. But we advise you to check every information about the company before going ahead with the shopping process. As it is your hard-earned money, and we do not want that to get wasted. The online delivery services have made it easy for everyone to buy their product without facing any issue. 

If you have encountered your shopping experience with this company, then we suggest you share your viewpoints with us as it will be of great help. 

0 thoughts on “Uistores.com Reviews [Sept 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit?

  1. Its a SCAM! Took my money, never sent the product. Every email is in broken English, asking me to give them more time. When I asked them to cancel my order and refund my money, they just keep telling me to wait. Its BS!

  2. Bought and paid for a life like doll and never received it. Ask for refund through PayPal and they can’t help me. I contacted Ulstores and all they say is pls check your PayPal account. So now I’m out of pocket $90.

  3. It is a scam. I ordered and received a smartwatch that after a few days no longer worked.
    Uistores replied that they would give 20% discount on a next order. (The site, today, has only one item for sale)
    Unfortunately the smartwatch did not work and I was not even partially refunded.
    I don’t think this is a serious company. Better to use for ebay or amazon or other purchases but here better not to shop.
    Who is this character?

  4. This place does not sell baby reborn look alike babies, what i got was melted plastic shit that was supposed to be $30 but charged my account $70. My 2yr old grandson said it looks sick, the doll fits in the palm of my hand. Im so angry right now. Thank goodness I used PayPal so they can’t get into my account.
    Im demanding a refund

  5. COMPLETE SCAM! Bought a “life-like” baby doll for $29.99 and it’s about 5″ long, has seams running from top to bottom that look like they were glued together and it’s just horrible! I wish I could show you the photos of what I received. I wouldn’t even let a dog chew on it because it’s probably made with toxic materials. I will be putting in a fraud claim with my bank for a refund of $35.98 which I was charged.

    1. Well I ordered a 17 inch live looking doll through them for 30.00. What I received was about a 5 inch doll that looked like it came from the dollar store. I sent them 3 messages on their contact us post. They have never answered any of them. I would just like either the correct doll or my 30.00 back. I can’t believe people who are just out to run cons and steal their hard earned cash. I totally believe in karma. So dudes, hang on to your hats, karma is coming.

  6. Fake company. Purchased a “smart tripod” that is supposed to follow you using an app when filming. Load of crap! Turns out with a stuipid plastic tripod that isn’t “smart” in any way. Total waste of $20+ shipping

  7. This company is a complete scam. I ordered the 17″ Life Like Doll and got a piece of junk doll that came in a zip lock sandwich bag. Am currently trying to get my $35.98 back for the cost of this crap. I’m getting the same emails about them not understanding my problem and then they said they would take the problem up with the maker and to give them more time. Today that offered to refund me $2 and give me 10% coupons off for future orders. Stay far away from this company. Their phone number is out of service and they give you the run around on all your emails. I am going to bring this to the attention of the Post Master General and see what can be done. I have also contacted my credit card company to see about having the charge reversed. I guess it’s true that if something sounds too good to be true, stay away from it. Lesson learned. This crap they send isn’t even worth the cost of the shipping charge.

  8. Thank You!!! To everyone who gave these great reviews. You all have specific descriptions of what you ordered vs what you received. You stopped me from making a big mistake. I almost ordered that “too good to be true” playful puppy that kept popping up on my cell phone.

  9. I purchased 2 life like open eyed girl dolls for $59.98. They were suppose to be 17 inches and have some accessories and made out of good materials. However, 2 months later I received 2 what I assume are closed eye boy dolls barely 6 inches long. They were just cheap foam material. I have tried to deal with this company but to no avail. They admitted that what i got was not what I ordered but offered me about $9 to settle my claim. This is definitely a scam.

  10. Well I ordered 2life like puppies about 2 months ago I have not received anything yet, I’m going to contact my bank to do a fraud report on this company, you guys should be ashamed of yourself for taking people hard earned money, just like you taking people money somebody is going to take your money and your family money.


    1. I ordered that and all I got was a stuffed animal dog that looked like something you’d win out of those machines that has prongs. At least you get to choose what you want not what they want you to have. I am so ANGRY and the cold part about it, I was looking forward to playing with the dog. Someone is going to catch on to these people. Someone will be at their door and just might be a customer.

  12. I too ordered three of the dogs….I received two dogs but no mechanism for them to be interactive. I am so disappointed, I could scream. Why are they STILL showing up on Facebook? Karma is a bitch and that will be the last time I will be scammed. I am a very disgruntled senior on a fixed budget.

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