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Ukraine Invasion Wiki 2022 {Feb} Get Useful Information!

The below article helps you get the detailed information on the crisis about the Ukraine Invasion Wiki 2022.  

Are you aware of the present Russia-Ukraine crisis? The Russian Government has ordered the military operation of the neighboring country. It triggers the world crisis among the world superpower.

Many reputed institutions cover the war news. The “NATO” powers countries like the United States and the United Kingdom expressed their support to Ukraine. On the other hand, China promises all types of support to the Putin regime.

Note – All the details present are entirely based on the internet’s research.

Now we should discuss the Ukraine Invasion Wiki 2022 in terms of socio-political evidence.

The Historical Background of the Crisis

The present Russia-Ukraine is rooted in history. Ukraine was part of the Russian empire up to 1917. But after the end of the “Tsars” regime, the nation of Ukraine emerged. But after the success of the “Bolshevik” revolution, Ukraine forcefully became part of the “Soviet Union”.

But in 1991, with the decline of the “Soviet” concept, Ukraine declared independence.

In December of 2021 the Russian Government pressured Ukraine not to join the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” or “NATO”. It triggers the war crisis.

Invasion of Ukraine Wiki 2022

The tension arises from the Russian demand to reduce the troops of “NATO” from Eastern Europe. On the other hand, other alliances of “NATO” like Australia threaten the Putin government with economic sanctions.

But as per our source, on 24 February 2022, in the early morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the military forces to start a strike on the Eastern part of Ukraine. 

As per our research, at 03:00 UTC, the Russian troops started selling to the multiple locations on “Kyiv”.

Around 05:00 UTC, the Russian Military Force entered Ukraine. President Volodymyr announces “State Emergency” all over the country.

Ukraine Invasion Wiki 2022– the Global Stand

As per our research, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy ordered the national army to fight against the Invasion. On 25 February, the Interior Ministry of Ukraine stated Russian troops were attacking with missiles.

The Ukrainian President also argues that the country’s citizens join the army to fight against the Russian Invasion.

On the other hand, the national community already imposes bans on Russia. The Putin regime also faces solid mass protest in the country. The Russian police are arresting thousands of people to stop the agitation.  

Many opposition leaders of Russia criticize President Vladimir Putin’s steps for Invasion of Ukraine Wiki 2022. 

Feedback by the International Community

As the war begins at the door of Eastern Europe, the International community has expressed their views on the crisis.

The alliance of “NATO” already warns Russia of the Invasion. “NATO” has already started helping Ukraine on the crisis issue.

Justin Trudeau, the President of Canada, already offers loans to the Ukrainian Government.

At Last

The world super powers are divided on the present crisis as Chinese Premier Xi Jinping supports Russian stand and demand and expresses their full support to Russia.

Antonio Guterres, the General Secretary of the United Nations, requested Russia to stop the Ukraine Invasion Wiki 2022

But Russia still believes and supports the Ukraine attack.

You can also check the link to gather more information.   

What is your stand against this Invasion? Share your view.

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