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Update 5 Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (July) Read!

Update 5 Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (July) Read! >> In this report, we have stated facts related to a famous simulation game in Roblox and its recent codes.

Roblox has numerous games to play and entertain its users in multiple genres, including where players can test their battling and focusing power in the fighting games. Anime Fighting Simulator is one such creation, and in today’s article, we shall discuss this game in detail along with the Update 5 Anime Fighters Simulator Codes, which gamers from all nations, including the Philippines and Brazil, are waiting to redeem.  

About Anime Fighting Simulator

Anime Fighting Simulator is a combat game on the platform of Roblox and is influenced by animated shows on television and comics. This game was created by the user Loedijanto1234 and is filled with exciting tournaments, paths, and quests for the players to dive in. As the game’s name goes, the users have the opportunity to simulate their game environment with different modes and play in it. If you are looking for the Update 5 Anime Fighters Simulator Codes, please continue reading. The game involves the usage of arms and other equipment where the players teach the gaming characters the rules of the game to win it using their strength eventually.

The currencies in this game are Chikara Shards, Yens, and Competitive Points, which have different roles such as removing the Devil Fruits, buying Special items like Grimoires, Stands, Sword Styles, etc., and upgradation of Class and Statistics. These are obtained by battling Bosses and completing tasks allotted by non-playing characters. These can also be procured by redeeming the game codes.

Update 5 Anime Fighters Simulator Codes

These game codes are announced on reaching distinct breakthroughs concerning mending glitches, the number of likes on social media, or simply on holidays for people to celebrate. One can redeem these codes to get the assigned amount of Yen and Chikara Shards and then use them to make in-game purchases. Please find below the current list of these codes categorized under the descending amount of currencies. 

  1. Yen:
  1. 1,000
  • Defildyen
  1. 500
  • sub2tplanetmilo
  • fav75
  • sub2razorfishgaming
  • tigrehaveyen
  • subtokelvingts
  • subtomrrhino

Please read further to find the remaining Update 5 Anime Fighters Simulator Codes.

  1. Chikara Shards
  1. 75,000 
  • 1billionvisits!
  1. 50,000 
  • thankseveryonefor1mlikeweloveyou
  1. 30,000 
  • 2millionsingroup!
  1. 20,000 
  • oneyear500m
  1. 5,000 
  • Emperadorstar
  • elemperador100k!
  • MerryChristmas
  • defild700k
  • goodbyebugs
  • 700klikes
  • subfrango
  • 5000chikara
  • 20kblockzone
  • L3NI
  • 10kfollowers
  • lastyearcode750k
  • bloodlinefixes
  • bloodlinesfixed
  • subn1colas
  • Subemperadormaxi
  • Sub2tanqr
  • 650klikes
  • 600kamazing
  1. 3,000
  • kelvin600k
  1. 2,500
  • anotherbugfix
  1. 2,000
  • gggames50k
  • dwaxinstream
  • Mrrhino50k
  • medtwo50k
  • Elemperadorinlive
  1. 1,500
  • sub2defildplays
  1. 1,000
  • secretrazorfishcode
  • Frangonewcode
  • n1colas2sub


The codes are a great attraction to the players as it enables them to purchase specific items and increase their stats to level up. If your Update 5 Anime Fighters Simulator Codes are not being accepted, they might have expired. You can read about the currencies in this game  to know more about their usage. All the online Roblox also need to check do All The Robux Generators are Unsafe or not. 

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