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[Unedited]Kotashop.com Scam: Read Reviews & Know About the Ongoing Fraud!

Check out the below article to make yourself and your loved ones safe, from the trending Kotashop.com Scam.

Have you heard about Kotashop.com? Do you know why Kotashop.com has become the center of attraction? Kotashop.com is an online-based shopping website in the United States. But do you have any idea that why some people are calling Kotashop.com a fake website? People from different countries complain against Kotashop.com. 

There’s a big reason behind this statement. You should keep reading the article on Kotashop.com Scam to learn why people called Kotashop.com a fraudulent website. 

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Why are people calling Kotashop.com a fraudulent website?

Recently, hackers used automated calls to scam ordinary people. Scammers are calling people and telling them they purchase from Kotashop.com with credit cards. But unfortunately, because of people’s account protection, Kotashop.com declined their order. Scammers also mentioned that Kotashop.com blocked your credit card temporarily for further verification. 

From the Kotashop.com Reviews, we get more information about this scam. The automated phone call will try to make you believe that this call is genuine. They will also mention the purchase amount of $120.40, so you can trust them. Next, they will provide you with a telephone number which is 1866-357-1076. They will insist you call on that number and complete your verification. 

Is the Kotashop.com Scam ordinary nowadays?

Yes, many people from different places received phone calls from scammers. As scammers use robocalls, it is hard to get any information about the scammers. Many natives of the United States especially received this phone call. People get stunned after getting the call because they did not purchase anything from Kotashop.com. It seems strange to them. 

How to be safe from the Kotashop.com Scam?

If you have also received a phone call from the scammers, ignore it. If you know you don’t shop for anything from Kotashop.com, it is better to ignore the call. They might try to convince you that Kotashop.com has declined your credit card. 

But do not fall for their words. When they will give you the telephone number to call, simply ignore that. Those who have written about the Kotashop.com Reviews are strictly prohibited to call that number. 

Is Kotashop.com a fake website?

The website Kotashop.com itself is not a fraudulent website. But the scammers are using the name Kotashop.com to scam ordinary people. Let’s check out some specifications of Kotashop.com.

  • The creation date of Kotashop.com is 30th June 2016. The website is six years, ten months, and twenty-three days old. 
  • The website was last updated on 19th April 2023.
  • On 30th June 2024, the domain will expire. 
  • We could not find any Kotashop.com Reviews on genuine and authentic sources.
  • The trust index of this website is 100%.
  • The popularity of Kotashop.com is horrible.
  • The domain is not detected by any blacklist engine.
  • The proximity to suspicious websites is only 3%.
  • A valid HTTPS connection is not found. 
  • There are no owner’s details or contact details available. 

What can happen if we fall for such scams?

  1. Scammers can hack your personal data.
  2. You might face a massive financial loss.
  3. Hackers can misuse your data for crimes. 
  4. Scammers can sell your personal data at a higher price. 
  5. They can also hack your device and other social media accounts. 

The Final Discussion:

To make yourself safe from the Kotashop.com Scam, please try to ignore attending any phone calls from a suspicious number. Do not share your credit card details with anyone. If you share your credit card details, it can lead you to a massive financial loss. So, please be careful. You can click here to learn about scam call centers.

Have you received any fraud calls before? Please comment. 

Kotashop.com Scam– FAQ Section:

Q.1 Do scammers use the Kotashop.com website’s name to scam people?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2 Are the calls automated?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3 In which number do the scammers tell people to call for verification?

Ans. 1866-357-1076.

Q.4 What is the trust index of Kotashop.com?

Ans. 100%.

Q.5 Are there any particular Kotashop.com Reviews available?

Ans. No.

Q.6 Is Kotashop.com available on social media platforms?

Ans. No. We could not find a single customer review. 

Q.7 Is the website HTTPS protected?

Ans. No.

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