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Rutas Del Conflicto Telegram: Is Rutas Del Conflicto Video Trending on TWITTER & Telegram? Know The Concise Details Now!

The write-up offers all the details about the Rutas Del Conflicto Telegram website that will help readers to know more about this platform.

Are you familiar with Rutas Del Conflicto, an online community? What specifics are you aware of? This platform is a popular portal for war victims’ stories and has grown into a significant journalism database. Despite having a scholarly foundation, the students’ work is gradually becoming of the caliber of professional journalism. 

This platform is popular WorldwideThis article explores the history and significance of the online news portal Rutas Del Conflicto Telegram.

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Disclaimer- Our key purpose in writing this article is to educate our readers; we are not here to promote any website or porta. All facts were gathered from the internet.

What about the Rutas Del Conflicto telegram?

Routes of Conflict is the Spanish name for this phrase. It is an online forum where individuals can share their horrible stories of violence and misery with the public. The speaker and organizer for Routes of Conflict is Oscar Parra. It began in 2013 as a student-led university project.

Rutas Del Conflicto TWITTER Latest updates

The Rutas Del Conflicto Twitter is a database of information on assassinations since 1982. This platform includes data and first-hand accounts of the disputes, which helps validate the data in the official database. You can click on external links that contain more detail about it. 

On Facebook, we found posts about the conflicts and many of the viewers’ comments on the post.

Is Rutas Del Conflicto’s related detail posted on Reddit?

Our findings showed that this website has well-recognition on all the leading social media sites, including Redditt. On Reddit, we found a conflict zone map and readers’ views.

What is the motto of Rutas de Conflicto Telegram

This online news source primarily gathers data regarding warfare in Colombia. This media outlet looks at journalism data by analyzing the scope of conflict and emphasizing how the data can be more approachable and understandable. 

Since 1982, Rutas has tallied more than 700 massacres in Colombia. They keep track of their database containing testimonials, pictures, news reports, virtual tours, maps, podcasts, etc. They work with other media on initiatives to cover particular massacres.

Rutas Del Conflicto Video– Detailed information

Rutas del Conflicto is a part of Vimeo, a platform for admirers of excellent video content. We found several conflict videos on the social web page that is Facebook.

On Instagram, you can get more detail about the conflicts in Colombia. This website page follows by several social media users on Instagram.

Social Media Links-


Rutas Del Conflicto platform offers genuine information about the war history with realistic evidence and depicts the voices of survivors. 

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Rutas Del Conflicto Telegram-FAQs-

Q.1 What does Rutas Del Conflicto mean?

Ans- It has been a forum for conflicts related to mass killings since 1982.

Q.2 When was the Rutas Del Conflicto started?

Ans-In 2013.

Q.3 Who offered financial support to this project?

Ans- The VerdadAbierta portal and the National Center for History Memory.

Q.4 Whose part is Rutas Del Conflicto?


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