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Three Trends to Explore When Updating Your Business Systems in 2022

Updating Your Business Systems in 2022: Suppose your organization is one of many looking to technology to improve business processes and efficiency in 2022. In that case, you’re likely exploring terms such as “cloud,” “software-as-a-service (SaaS),” “automation,” and more. There are dozens of solutions out there that can help you drive a healthier bottom line this year while accommodating a growing mobile workforce, but we’ve encapsulated the top three trends you should keep an eye on below. 

The Move Away From Paper

Filing cabinets and paper-based approval processes are traditional business models that have lost their place in a digitally transforming world. As organizations move to digital communications and collaboration, their documents go with them. Document management software is increasing in popularity as a cost-effective, scalable method to manage a business’ documents without paper. 

Document management software enables organizations to eliminate the costs associated with physical storage, see better productivity and efficiency as electronic approvals move faster than paper, and rest easy knowing all files are secured. Businesses have options to use document management software either on their premises or in the cloud, but in either case, they can leave behind the risks and costs of paper. You’ll remove manual bottlenecks caused by lagging paper trails, say goodbye to lost or damaged files, and give employees their time back as they won’t have to sift through filing cabinets. 

Businesses also use document management software to stay compliant and make compiling documentation a cinch if an audit occurs. Software providers are typically able to keep businesses in all types of industries compliant — no matter how strict the regulations.

Automation, Automation, Everywhere

Moving from manual processes to digital ones is already a form of automation — you’re using software to handle tasks you would have otherwise had to do in the traditional model. But automation is a bigger, more important trend businesses should consider when making decisions about technologies this year. 

Automation in many technologies helps to perform repeatable tasks that often burden human workers unnecessarily. Anything considered tedious, repetitive work can go to technology that frees up humans to contribute to higher-value, more strategic initiatives. Business process automation (BPA) and robotic process automation (RPA) are two popular examples of how automation is increasingly injected into today’s organizations.

There are multiple ways to embrace automation, too. Basic automation tools digitize those tedious tasks, speed up processes, and eliminate errors. Advanced automation supports more complicated work and incorporates machine learning and natural language processing. You can opt for dedicated software that automates specific processes in your business with workflow automation. And finally, there’s intelligent automation, which uses artificial intelligence to create a feedback loop that allows the technology to learn and improve continuously. You can also enroll in one of the best Uipath Training Online Courses.

Outsourcing Where It Makes Sense

Many smart businesses have realized that in order to do what they do best in 2022, they need to hand off areas of operation to experts. Today, any area of your business can be outsourced so your employees can focus on growing your organization. For example:

  • Most businesses treat cybersecurity as an afterthought — a dangerous practice. Outsourcing to a managed cybersecurity provider allows you to rest easy knowing your business is secured in the hands of an expert using the latest technology.
  • Information technology might seem like a department you need to keep in-house, but businesses are increasingly opting to hire managed IT services providers who act almost like virtual chief information technology officers (CIOs). These providers can do everything an in-house IT team can do — without the price tag.

Keep these three trends in mind as you look at what technologies and processes to embrace in 2022. They are all set to grow in adoption and use in future years, so cashing in on the trends now is what forward-thinking organizations should consider doing.

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