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Upthreds Sunglasses Review [June] Is It Good or Bad?

Upthreds Sunglasses Review [June] Is It Good or Bad? >> In this article, you will know about an online platform selling men’s clothing and accessories.

Online platforms are accessible sources for buying any product, as it is easy to shop and get the product in a specified period.

Are you searching for different websites to buy yourself promising sunglasses? If yes, make sure before buying about the site being a legit one and help yourself save your hard-earned money. 

There is a suspicious website known as UpThreds.com, which is based in the United States. It sells sunglasses and various other men’s clothing and accessories at decent rates.

 We will uncover the reality of this website in UpThreds sunglasses review to know whether this website is legitimate or a possible scam. 

What is UpThreds.com? 

UpThreads.com is a men’s fashion line designed to cater to today’s fashionable man. This website trades products of varied categories, which include men, clothing, and accessories.

The products are of the latest fashion styles and are accessible at reasonable prices. The website displays commodities such as watches, sunglasses, jackets, pants, shorts, shirts, sweaters, tracks, etc., which appear exotic and attractive. 

The specifications of the UpThreds.com website:

  • Website: It sells men’s clothing and accessories. 
  • The contact number is +1 609-964-4643.
  • The company’s address is 43 Charleston Road, Willingboro NJ, 08046, United States.
  • The website address:  support@upthreds.com
  • The delivery time for the order is not mentioned.
  • The website has a return policy of 30days.
  • The modes of payment are PayPal, MasterCard, and VISA.

Is UpThreads sunglasses worth your money?

The customer reviews shown about the website aren’t trustworthy. After confirming from the other websites, we came to know that people were not satisfied as the products ordered by them were either not delivered, or they got low-quality products. Thus, this website seemed to be possibly a scam. 

The UpThreds sunglasses reviews show us that limited information on the website is provided, including the absence of about us page, delivery details, and customer care service.

The website shows products that are desirable for everyone due to their latest styles and quality shown in pictures. However, sites show the sloppy work as product description is limited and has items related only to men. 

The information provided on the website doesn’t seem authentic and trustworthy, as this website is only 7months old. Buying goods from new sites is not safe. This website is also not present on popular social media platforms, which marks it as suspicious. Therefore it is not safe for you to spend your money on such websites, or you may lose your money. 

Positive remarks :

  • The websites provide you with the latest fashion clothing and accessories. 
  • Every product on this has a variety of colors and styles available at reasonable prices.
  • The office address of the website is given.
  • The website is operating finely.
  • The website has different modes of payment. 
  • The website has a secure https connection. 
  • Any blacklist engine does not detect the website.

Negative remarks:

  • The website shows sloppy work.
  • New domain name.
  • No cash on delivery option is available.
  • The website doesn’t show us the page and shipping details. 
  • The website seems to be a scam. 
  • Low traffic volume on the website.
  • The website has a poor trust index.
  • No customer reviews are available on this website. 

What are people saying about UpThreds.com?

The website doesn’t have any customer reviews, but the customer has posted their reviews on other websites and social media platforms such as YouTube.  The customer reviews seen were mostly negative. Some of them neither got the product nor its refund while others got low-quality products. 

People regret buying from this site. Moreover, we couldn’t find this website on any other social media platform, and this site deceived many people.  Consequently, this website has a poor trust index.   


So the final answer to the question: Is UpThreds sunglasses worth buying or not? Is UpThreds.com website legit or not?  As the site doesn’t have positive customer reviews so we won’t recommend you to buy sunglasses from this website. Likewise, the website is only seven months old and is too new to be trusted. 

Further, due to limited information available about the products and website, we won’t declare it as trustworthy. However, we cannot say this website as a scam one because it’s not easy to judge a new site, but we won’t recommend this website to you due to the necessary lacks found in it.

2 thoughts on “Upthreds Sunglasses Review [June] Is It Good or Bad?

  1. I ordered a set of glasses over a month ago and they just showed up today. The worst quality in material, the toy glasses you can buy at walmart for your kids (you know those with cartoon characters shapes) have better craftsmanship.

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