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Usfitwear is it legit [May] Are They Worth the Hype?

Usfitwear is it legit [May] Are They Worth the Hype? -> In this article, get to know about an online site to buy fitness products.

Are you looking for a site that gives a solution for all kinds of your fitness needs? Choose Usfitwear.

According to Usfitwear reviews, products varying from weight vests, women apparels to a key chain, quality jewelry, and more can be now ordered online. You can have all the products which are related to your fitness-related needs if you wish to keep yourself fit.

The site has currently gained attention from customers in the United State. People were very much happy with the product, and it received a positive response from the buyers.

The site is trying it’s best to keep people healthy and fit by the products that can be used for fitness purposes. People were attracted to the website very soon since fitness lovers loved the products which they found on the site.

If you wish to stay fit, then the site would help you to maintain your fitness by the help its quality products. Visit the website and end the long wait to be fit.

Read the blog if you still have a doubt regarding this site and check is us fit wear legit? Or is it scamming its customers

Usfitwear is it legit?

Since most of the shops are turning themselves from the offline mode of selling products into an online one, this site has mentioned its terms and condition along with privacy policy. People find it convenient to buy products online, hence the site is acting according to the convenience of the people.

Moreover, the site has also mentioned its phone number and company address for you to contact. Other than this, the site has also mentioned various information such as shipping and returns policy, which shows that this shows that the site is legit.

What is Usfitwear?

usfitwear.com is a site that ultimately concentrates on fitness lovers and delivers all kinds of fitness-related products. It will help keep oneself fit in day to day life through their full range of products.

The quality of products found here is worthy of buying. Hence, the site is a blessing for all the fitness lover who wants to buy things at once and wants them to last for a more extended period.

Moreover, all the products that are found on the site are the ones that the fitness enthusiasts would love to wear or carry with them.

This is how Usfitwear.com is functioning uniquely. Read the article completely to know more about the site and get a clear picture.

Specifications of Usfitwear:

  • Items- Fitness products
  • Time required to process/ Ship orders- 48 hrs
  • Delivery period – 4-10 Business days
  • Shipping charges- the $4.99 on all orders in the US (Varies on International orders)
  • Exchange/ Return period- 30 days from the day of purchase
  • Refunds- within 15 days
  • Payment method- Paypal

Advantages of buying from Usfitwear com: 

  • Fitness products kind of fitness products available single site
  • Easy returns, exchanges, and refunds are applicable product can be returned within 30 days
  • Time taken for processing worshipping the order is meager

Disadvantages of buying from Usfitwear com:

  • Shipping charges applicable
  • No discount available on products
  • Cash on Delivery facility unavailable
  • Payment can be made online only

Customer’s opinion on Usfitwear:

The site gave the impression that it is successfully creating its impact on the buyers within the United States and also from around the world. People who wish to stay fit were pleased when they found out about this website.

 The customers appreciated the quality of products that are being sold through the site. Those who were not satisfied with the product could return the product to the company. They are also able to contact the customer service executive through the number on the website when they had any queries regarding the product.

Final Verdict

The site is new to the market. It gives a solution to all your fitness-related needs. They have shared the shipping, return, and refund policy through the site. Also, the company’s name, contact number, and address have been mentioned. We expect that this article gave a clear picture to you about the site. After checking all the information which was available on the site, it didn’t feel like this site is a scam.

You can place your order at any time on the site without thinking much about it.

Share your experience of buying gym gear online.

0 thoughts on “Usfitwear is it legit [May] Are They Worth the Hype?

  1. Bullsh#t! The address is in Alabama. It isnt even a store. It’s a residential area, someone’s home. Google it. And the phone number is from ( I believe I read ) New York. And the phone number did not work. The products they “sell” cost more wholesale than the price they ask. They also limit your purchase to less than $105, as many scam websites do, stating that they wish everyone to have a chance to purchase the goods, so you don’t hog up on them. Just another attempt to make you think they are concerned about being nice, so you’ll think they are legit. The person that wrote the article above is probably associated with the scam, as he pushes you to buy there, as well as he doesn’t speak English as a first language—.just like many scammers. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE!! They also list tons of merchandise that has nothing do do with fitness, and most scam websites do this as well. I doubt this response will be published, as I said, the guy writing the article above is obviously bent on helping promote this scamming website!

  2. Beware! it is a Fraud site.
    I was shopping on Google shopping for a LawnMower, and guess where I found one, yep on USFITWEAR.com, I never heard of the site now knew that it is a sports site. Since Google took me directly to that mowers page, I trusted the site and bought the mower for $100. I received no email confirmation of the order. I call the number posted on the site too many times to count on different days with NO Response at all. I emailed them 5 times with no luck. I even went and emailed the email listed n the Paypal transaction, and guess what, yeh it does not exist!
    I have checked again and found another email for the Paypal transaction and emailed that one. Paypal did not cancel the transaction nor help, so I had to call my bank and block all E-transaction with Paypal and after all of this still, the transaction is processing in my bank account at the moment.

  3. Why doesn’t your phone number work to your business. And why is your business address a house not a building?

  4. I bought and paid for a bicycle and never heard back from anyone if it has been ordered and being shipped.
    I wrote in several times and no answer. If I do not hear back in the next 24 hours I am going to stop payment.
    Purchased 4/27/20 – Receipt # 6D397540S8549161A

    1. I ordered a Xbox one x for $99.98 I never got my email confirmation but the funds have been taken out of my bank. I tried to call you I emailed you a few times you won’t answer or respond . I don’t know what to do I want my money back I am not rich.

      1. Usfitwear.com is definitely a scam. They are supposedly selling slides and play equipment too. I ordered a cordless iron from them and my paypal showed a Singapore email address. They also copied and pasted another, unrelated company’s Privacy Statement onto their website. Totally a fraud!

  5. I just purchased a swimming pool from your company and I have tried to contact you by phone and I am having no luck. Your phone line has been busy for 24 hours. I would like to know the expected date of arrival for my purchase!!

  6. I bit. The transaction was $99.98. I tried to get Paypal to stop transaction. They could not.
    It is a fraud site.

  7. I wish I would of seen these before I put an order in. I got an email saying my product shipped two days ago but received no tracking number. Now I’m worried I won’t get my product.

  8. Tried to place an order today on usfitwear.com. Put in credit card number. It was declined. Two hours later there was a fraudulent charge to my card for $210.94 at nike.com!

  9. I read this too late I just ordered an item found out they were bogus and called my credit card company to cancel or decline the pending transaction. They stated that I would have to wait till its posted. Paypal has no record of the transaction.
    Totally bogus vendor

  10. SCAM – DO NOT ORDER – The PayPal Link Is a FRAUDULENT replica
    FAKE Phone # – Fake Address FAKE EVERYTHING!!


  12. Wish I would’ve seen this earlier. I wasted money on this bs site thinking I’m getting a good deal on a Xbox one X smdh 🤦🏽‍♂️

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