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Valkyrie Shuumatsu No 51 {Sep} Check Series New Updates!

If you want to know how Beelzebub played a role behind Hajun’s Appearance, read this article on Valkyrie Shuumatsu No 51.

Valkyrie Shuumatsu is a famous Japanese manga series illustrated by Ajichika. The series was written by Takumi Fukui and Shinya Umemura. The series was published in Zenon monthly comic on 25/Nov/2017. In America, the series was licenced by Viz Media. Netflix had announced in June that it would release the animated series of Valkyrie Shuumatsu Worldwide

So, let us read the details of the storyline and Valkyrie Shuumatsu No 51 plot.

The concept of Valkyrie Shuumatsu

The Gods assembled in the Gods’ Council every 1000 years. Now, after seven million years, Gods propose to extinct human beings. But, the Valkyrie Brunhilde requested one last chance to spare humans. For this purpose, the battle of Ragnarok was proposed where 13 Gods will fight with 13 most powerful humans. Whoever wins seven battles will win the tournament. Gods empowered Humans with Volund, a powerful weapon. Criticized for animation style like a slide show and also for lazy fighting moves.

Seed and Soil – The plot of Valkyrie Shuumatsu No 51

In chapter 50, the Greek god Hades, the ruler of the underworld, appeared. 

The sixth battle of the record of Ragnarok brings Sidarta against Zerofuku. Sidarta can fight Zerofuku, which is the incarnation of the Japanese god of luck. Unfortunately, Zerofuku changed form again.

The change was surprising because the god turned into a demon lord named Hajun. It turns out that there is the role of the god Beelzebub behind the appearance of the demon king Hajun. The chapter shows Beelzebub sitting on a chair. Next to Beelzebub was a flower pot. It was revealed in Valkyrie Shuumatsu No 51.

Beelzebub says that this is very good, even in theory. Beelzebub then plucked a flower stalk that was in front of him. Beelzebub smelled the flower. In that beautiful land, what flower will bloom, but I want to see it. So whoever it is doesn’t matter. – Says Beelzebub. Beelzebub picked the flowers that the panel changed back to the Valhalla arena when the sixth battle between gods and humans took place.

The Sidarta’s weapon has now changed again, from what was a shield turned into a stick. In the chapter of Valkyrie Shuumatsu No 51, the god Ares himself thought that the shield that Sidarta used to hold Hajun’s axe was destroyed, even though it only changed shape. But, Sidarta is still having trouble fighting Hajun.

A terrible blow from Hajun managed to hurt Sidarta’s left eye. Sidarta’s left eye bleeds quite a lot. Hajun tries to attack Sidarta, and his axe is ready to be flown towards Sidarta. Hajun moved so quickly towards Sidarta, uttering the word – punishment.


BEELZEBUB IS HELPING the human race to survive. With the HELP of Beelzebub, Zerofuku turned into a demon lord. It is interesting to see the transformation and unpredictable events in Valkyrie Shuumatsu No 51 . Viewers and readers are eager to know about what will happen to Sidarta as Hajun has made his first move to kill Sidarta.

Are you a fan of the Valkyrie Shuumatsu series? Let us know your expectations from Record of Ragnarok.

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