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The Vatican Rules and What You Can Bring for Your Visit

There are many reasons why people decide to visit the Vatican. It can be a great way to learn about Catholicism and feel closer to your faith. It is also a great place to explore art and architecture. Some people simply add it to their trip schedule because millions visit every year. They discover the beauty of the place later. 

There is no doubt that the Vatican is a wonderful place to visit when you are in Rome. But, you want to make sure that you follow the rules if you are going to have a great time. Here are some rules you need to know and what you can bring with you for your visit.

The Rules for The Vatican

Note that there are no rules on what you can bring into Vatican City. In particular, there is no border control, so you are able to walk in freely when you are visiting Rome. Yes, it is classed as a different country. But, there are going to be no strict borders in this sense, as many people expect. The rules begin when you want to visit the Vatican Museums, as well as St Peter’s Basilica.

Bag Policy

You will need to think carefully about what bag you will bring when visiting the Vatican. There is a bag policy in place, which means that you cannot bring a large one. For example, you will not be permitted in if you have a suitcase or any type of large luggage. These must be left in the hotel or wherever you are staying to avoid disappointment. You will have to go through security for areas like St Peter’s Basilica. So, know that you cannot ignore the bag policy and get away with it.

Dress Code

There are not very strict rules when it comes to the dress code. But, you do want to dress respectfully and modestly when you come to the Vatican. Remember that there are people here for religious reasons, which means that certain slogans or signs might be offensive. Avoid anything that is short or might gain attention. For more advice on the dress code, you can always ask the tour company that you book tickets with. For example, check out https://www.whatalifetours.com/tours/vatican-skip-the-line-tours. Their team will be helpful in giving you advice, and you can make sure you go to the Vatican feeling comfortable.

Banned Items

There are some items that you are not allowed to bring into the Vatican under any circumstances. They will be discovered at the security checks. For example, you are not going to be allowed large umbrellas. Unfortunately, this is something that you have to forget about if it rains. In addition, any other large items, such as video cameras, will not be allowed in. Of course, you can expect that anything sharp or that can be used as a weapon is banned.

The Rules in the Sistine Chapel

One place that everyone wants to see when they are in the Vatican is the Sistine Chapel. Around six million people visit every year. But, you also have to remember that this is a very important place. In particular, it is the pope’s own chapel. You will have to be very respectful here and there are some rules you will want to follow.

For example, when you are in the Sistine Chapel, you will want to be quiet and have silence. This is a religious place to visit. In addition, phones should be on silent, so they do not cause a disturbance. They should not be in your hand or on show when you are in the Sistine Chapel You are also prohibited from taking videos and photos while you are visiting. You should pay attention to what you are wearing in the Sistine Chapel. Anything that is low-cut or even sleeveless will not fit the dress code. You also want to stay away from torn jeans or anything that might be considered disrespectful.

There are Security Checks

Note that when you are in Vatican City, there are security checks. For example, these are present before you get into the museums, as well as the Sistine Chapel. You will always have to go through metal detectors and have your bags searched. This is something you should be prepared for, and make sure that you follow the rules. It will ensure that you are able to gain entry and enjoy your experience. It is just not worth taking any risks and being denied entry.

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