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Vbagstore com Reviews (Jan 2021) Is This an Online Scam Site?

Vbagstore com Reviews (Jan 2021) Is This an Online Scam Site? >> Vbagstore is selling the most fashionable purses. We have given all the information about its a beautiful collection of trending purses.

Regardless of men or women, everybody must accept the truth that online website has vast appealing collections. People that are captivated by the style industry can get at present purchase the best of women’s bags and purses. 

Today, with an overabundance of choices obtainable in the world where the finest of online sites gives its consumers with the most excellent deals and discounts so that they get their preferred bags. One of the best websites we have known is Vbagstore, as they give the best results.

In this article, we have been attracting your shopping trip by presenting you with some thrilling Vbagstore com Reviews.

The website is a new player in the world of online shopping portal. In just a small time frame, the site has developed to be ring word in each place of the United States.

Vbagstore is a website so attractive that it will make you crazy the moment you log in. The purses are tremendously stylish and trendy that you won’t be able to remain stable. Let’s check more information below!

What is Vbagstore?

Vbagstore is an online store that sells a fantastic collection of bags and purses. The primary motive of this website is to sell good quality and amazing bags to all those who are fond of bags.

Designer bags today is very costly, and not all of the ladies can buy. Keeping that in mind, Vbagstor sells bags at very inexpensive rates. These are extensively obtainable with numerous dealers these days that are in the occupational of sale and acquisition of hand designer bags. The store has been connected with brilliant designers that make the best bags, which appears to be according to the preferences and taste of the customers.

Benefits of Vbagstore

  • Unlike conservative bags, the brand does not give any straining to your shoulder and muscles. They are comfy as well as simple to use.
  • In case is you are not into getting a giant stuffed bag with you then there is an option to choose shoulder bags from here. These bags are best for demanding quick stridden daily life.
  • All the bags sold here are of excellent quality.
  • They design high-quality leather bags for all age of women.
  • These bags give charm that suits all of them. It is best for meetings if you are to provide the first impression to your boss.
  • The bags is made to work life long and make it desirable for you. 
  • The best part of the website is there is exchange and refund is applicable.
  • They are made of High-quality handbags which gives the most beautiful kinds of materials and are durable.
  • All the bags and purses sold here are unique and trendy.
  • Be it for evening parties, daily use or office meetings. These bags would create you to feel special and stand out from the mass.

Specification of Vbagstore

  • Shipping time must take at least 3-6 Business Days
  • Delivery time is between 7-15 Working Days
  • Order cancellation is applicable after you place the order
  • Mode of payment is applied only via online payments such as Bank Transfer, Debit Credit Card, Card, and PayPal.
  • The refund and returns is applicable, and the process is straightforward.

What are the customers saying about Vbagstore?

There is no customer reviews stated on this website so far. Consequently, we could see ratings and analyses from the internet like Google and so on. The majority of the customers reported that the site is full worth and has done complete righteousness with their speculation. The bags are very colourful, good-looking and are designed with the correct fabric.

Overall the store has got Vbagstore com Reviews. Users have appreciated the excellence of bags. However, they are not much gratified with the strategies and repayment policy of the corporation.

Final Verdict

Browsing numerous shops to get new stuff is amusing, but at times it is tedious, and we have no time. And so the simple and easy answer to this problem is to purchase your favorite bags online!

At Vbagstore, the site knows the significance of brand consciousness. Hence this is the reason it offers an opportunity to customize your preferred bags for life. Overall, we suggest that the bags sold here are good, and the website is not a scam.

Let us know your shop expedition with the store. Remark on the below comment section.

0 thoughts on “Vbagstore com Reviews (Jan 2021) Is This an Online Scam Site?

  1. I have bought handbags from this website and they were brand new with original package and were authentic at more than half the price. . Customer service is awesome. This is not a scam website.

      1. It took mine 6 weeks and it’s fake … The Escale Neverfull mm pink Only comes with Silver hardware the one they sent me had gold hardware!!! I knew it was too good to be true ..

      2. About 6 weeks it takes from order date to arrive in the US. You will be able to track your bag after it gets through customs. Ask the store to give you the tracking # with the USPS. Customer service we very nice I was bugging them every week. I had never purchased before and was very nervous cuz they were saying it was a scam company. It’s not ….they make replicas at reasonable prices. I hope you enjoy your bag when it comes

    1. I call bull shit !!!
      Mine took over 6 weeks and the Escale Neverfull MM doesn’t come with Gold Hardware it Only comes with Silver , they sent the bag with Gold hardware and wallet with Silver .. Fake . And the quality is horrible Nothing compared to the real LV . I have 7 with Matching wallets that are Real . Only buy out of the store …

    2. This company is a scam. I purchased a LV bag and wallet and it was cheaply made and I am still trying to get my refund after I returned the merchandise and they received it. It’s a scam. I lead scammed out of $249.00

      1. THank you for your honesty. I KNEW this was to good to be true. I searched all morning for reviews . most of them kept saying how awesome they were. I’m so glad to FINALLY find this site and get your review. Looks like they must have just gone to the LV official site and cop/pasted all the bags on there and just slashed the price. You just saved me 284!! Thank you!

  2. Let me get this straight, the bottom line is these bags are not authentic LV preowned items, they just well made and copying LV trademarks? Is this even legal? 🤔


    1. It will take about 6-7 weeks from the date you ordered to get your bag in the US. I ordered mid June and got mine last week.

  4. This site is a scam, I purchased a LV bag and matching wallet. It took almost two months to receive the package. Upon, opening the it, I immediately know that the merchandise was fake and cheaply made. Total was $285. I am now working with my bank to recoup all monies and will be reporting this company to the Federal agents of fake products and to LV. Moreover, I was offered20%,20% and 50% refund which I refused.

  5. made a purchase from them on 5/13/2020. 5/24/2020 the shipping info arrived informing me of a 10-15 business day time frame. the tracking info was a dead link, i waited a few days to see if the tracking was incorrect due to world events. it didn’t update so i messaged the seller on 6/8/2020. they provided me an updated tracking number. i waited patiently for any indication of an update, i then messaged the seller again on 7/5/2020 asking why the shipping is taking longer than advertised on their website. They advised me to be patient, the item is being shipped by sea, corona virus delays, excuse after excuse.
    I had been in contact with DHL with the tracking number i did have and DHL advised that their tracking numbers never take more than 48 hours to update. At this point i contacted the company again 7/9/2020 and asked again for the dates they fulfilled my order, when it was shipped and why they advertise an incorrect shipping time frame. I didn’t receive an answer except for a message that said ” we are just sellers and dont fully control the delivery process. The tracking number is from DHL please wait patiently”
    after 2 months since placing my order I had been patient enough.
    do not purchase from this company unless you want your money to be tied up for 2 months with no product.

    1. Mine took 6 weeks and they are fake . The Escale Neverfull only come with silver hardware they sent me one with gold hardware.. so disappointed and made horrible…

    2. Be patient it took about 6 weeks with the Pandemic and all. I was satisfied with my NeoNoe MM in Poppy + the Braid handle. I compared my bag with a friend’s real one and the differences were not worth mentioning for the money I paid. I was satisfied with my purchase. I will be buying from them again very soon. I will fake it till I make it. Lol Babe on budget

  6. They are fake and it took 6 weeks to receive it . The Escale Neverfull MM ONLY come with silver Hardware and the sent the bag with Gold hardware on it , the wallet had silver . I have many real bags they don’t come close ..

  7. These items are totally fake and yes I am reporting them to the authorities and asking my bank for a refund. The stamp is invalid, cheap brassy hardware. I own real Louis Vuittons and can spot a fake. Do not fall for the scam. The other scam is you will begin to receive text messages from China for illegal garbage too.

    1. You should have know that no one on this earth is selling REAL Louie Vuittons for $160- $250. Lol

  8. This bags are not authentic….but pretty good replicas of the real thing. The prices are really cheap for the chick on a budget. I received my bag the Neonoe MM in Poppy. With the recent Pandemic it took about 6 weeks to arrive. The quality of the bag was about 80% authentic. I did some close examination and unless you have X-Ray eyes, you won’t know the difference. Thumbs up to the Vbagstore.

  9. Be patient it took about 6 weeks with the Pandemic and all. I was satisfied with my NeoNoe MM in Poppy + the Braid handle. I compared my bag with a friend’s real one and the differences were not worth mentioning for the money I paid. I was satisfied with my purchase. I will be buying from them again very soon. I will fake it till I make it. Lol Babe on budget

  10. I bought the Neonoe signature print bag in mid June. It took about 6 weeks to arrive my door in Michigan. It arrived in an bubble bag. But it was well protected. For the $160 I paid I was not expecting a huge unboxing experience. I was scared about my purchase because you never see any comments about Vbags. My bag was very, very nice as a replica. Their Customer service was prompt and polite when I emailed questions. I am enjoying my Bag and will buy another soon.

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