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Vegito All Star Tower Defense (July) About Hybrid Unit!

Vegito All Star Tower Defense (July) About Hybrid Unit! >> The article talks about a popular character from an anime game, thereby enlisting more about the game.

Internet does present an exciting platform for bringing out the gamer in you by presenting an amazing opportunity to explore new genres of games. Herein, there are often few games that get etched in the list of favourites. All Star Defense is one such game that has caught the attention of users and players from across the United States.

This fighting game has a huge fan base, with the characters having special fondness among fans. So, in this article, we bring to our readers’ detailed information about Vegito All Star Tower Defense. So, scroll down below to know more.

What is All Star Tower Defense?

All Star Tower Defense is a game that is available on Roblox. Going as per the name, we can state that it is a tower defence game. However, in comparison to usual guns and arms, it is based on popular anime characters. The game comprises characters who can aim at a single target to that of the affected area. Besides, the game also includes one piece to that of characters who can slay demons.

The game is widely played across the United States. Herein, Vegito All Star Tower Defense is a popular character from the game that has earned a lot of popularity. In the coming paragraphs, we would look into this character and list a few of the traits.

Who is Vegito in the game?

Vegito is a hybrid unit in All Star Tower Defense. Moreover, Veguko is a fusion unit based on Vegito, popular from Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Z. To create him, there is no need for any unit slot.

How can you get Vegito All Star Tower Defense?

As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, you do not require any unit but would certainly need any Goku and Vegeta and right and left earrings available at the orb shop. Based on this, you can fuse it into them to create the unit.

Some Other Details

  • Vegito, or Veguko as he is popularly known, is one of the most renowned characters in the game.
  • Besides, it is also known to be the most expensive unit in the All Star Tower Defense game.
  • For getting the character, players will have to purchase Potara earrings available at the Orb Shop. With this, you can get Vegito All Star Tower Defense unit.
  • You can use the unit without getting a slot in your team.


It is to be noted that Vegito is one of the first combined units given six stars. Additionally, it also consists of one of the largest splash AOE boxes. Thus, won’t that make the entire gameplay even more exciting and enthralling? Well, then do not forget to try out this character. Read here more about All Star Tower Defence

We hope this article offered you an insight into Vegito All Star Tower Defense. So do write to us in the comments box below.

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