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Venture Tale Codes {Aug 2022} Discover Latest To Enjoy!

Get the latest Venture Tale Codes and know how to redeem these codes in our dedicated post on this game.

Have you tried the beta version of Venture Tale? Were you aware of this game before? Venture Tale is officially released Worldwide and open to play for everyone. The Roblox game is brand new and one of the few games based on the dungeon concepts. Therefore, if you have not tried this game before, you must try your hands at it.

Moreover, we give you another reason to play this game: its latest Codes! Yes, gamers, we are here with the Venture Tale Codes; let us discuss.

What are the latest codes used in the game?

Roblox Venture Tale was released on 5 August 2022 after the maintenance and upgrade works. And it has released some of the codes that users can get the advantage of it. Here are the lists of codes and what benefits you get using those codes:

  • spidermommy: Scroll of the Scholars and 100 Ayagems.
  • 4klikes: Eterna chunks and 300 Ayagems.
  • released: Scroll of the sages and Eterna chunks.
  • sixthousandlikes: Scroll of the Scholars and hundred Ayagems.
  • gobbylord: scroll of the Scholars and hundred Ayagems.

These were some of the latest Venture Tale Codes. If the codes do not work for you, try to close the game, clear the cache then open it again. Doing this will take you to the updated build of a new server, where codes will definitely work. However, another thing you can do is to copy and paste the codes as it is because these are case-sensitive.

What is Venture Tale?

Venture Tale game first appeared on Roblox on 23 March 2020 and was in its beta version. However, developer Venture Tale Team took one day for maintenance and released the game on 5 August 2022. Venture Tale Codes were released along with it as a reward as data reset for beta players.

Power your gear, venture into a distinct dungeon world, and tailor your build to your style. Hundreds of items, many different classes, and dozens of spells let you defeat the hordes of enemies. Moreover, the game provides epic boss fights and allows you to overpower and rule as the strongest Venture.

If you join the developer team’s Roblox group, you will get 10 percent in-game Gold. In addition, premium players will get twenty percent more Ayagems with every purchase.

How to redeem Venture Tale Codes?

Steps to redeem codes:

  • Open the game on a PC or smartphone.
  • Check the Codes and Rewards section on the main page.
  • Do hit the redeem codes.
  • Copy the codes from our news article and paste them into that box.
  • After clicking enter, you will get the respective rewards.


Venture tale has more than 1.3 million visits and is gaining popularity because of its unique game build and play. Now you know the codes and how to redeem them, do not wait more and join the fun. Meanwhile, for the latest updates on Venture Tale, stay in touch. You must visit here for complete detail of Roblox Generator.

Was Venture Tale Codes helpful for you? Tell us in the comment section below if you are addicted to the game.

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