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{Updated Today} Video Of Shanquella Robinson: Is Video Of Shanquella Being Beaten Revealed Anything, Was She Attacked!

This post about the Video Of Shanquella Robinson will describe the full case of Shaquille Robinson’s murder.

Do you know about Shanquella Robinson? Do you know how she died? Shaquilla Robison’s murder mystery has not been solved yet completely. Although the suspect has been found and we will share details about the same in this article. Another Video of Shaquille was shared online in which she was walking towards a room where they stayed. The audience from the United States is curious to know more about this case.

So in this article, we will discuss the Video Of Shanquella Robinson.

New Shaquille Robinson video.

Shaquille Robinson’s death has shivered numerous people worldwide. Although the suspect in her death is still a mystery. A video of Shaquille went viral tremendously on various online platforms. The video depicts that Shaquille was beaten terribly by one of her friends.

A new video of Shaquille had been getting viral online. The video has been made by Shaquille herself in which she is walking across the hotel corridor and reaching her friend’s room. Although the video does not show something fishy it’s the latest video that is getting viral.

Video Of Shanquella Being Beaten

It’s true that Shaquille’s beating video was spread dreadfully. The video clearly shows that one of her friends of Shaquille was beating her. Shaquille was not wearing her clothes and her friend was continually hitting her. The video is available on almost all online pages. People are asking for justice for Shanquella Robinson. 

Readers who haven’t seen the video can watch it on online sites or social accounts. An arrest warrant has been issued against her friend who was beating her. The face of the lady beating Shanquella is visible. She is the only suspect in her death as Shanquella was Being Beaten by her. 


We can’t share the link to Shanquella Robinson’s videos here as it’s beyond our guidelines. Our team does not support any kind of violence so we can’t post the link.

Who was the friend? 

As per some sources, the name of the woman beating Shanquella is Daejanae Jackson. Some sources have not revealed the name but as per other sources, the lady was Daejanae Jackson. Now an arrest warrant has been issued against her. The autopsy reports state that Shaquille was dead after 15 minutes the medical staff reached her room. Shanquella died because of an injury in the spinal cord and a dislocation of the neck.

The video shows that Daejanae was hitting the back side of Robinson’s upper part. She was hitting her neck as well as back as per the viral video. So an arrest warrant has been filed. 


Who was the friend 

Attack on Shanquella Robinson

The video of Shaquille Robinson showed that she has been attacked by her friend. Her other friends were also present there but no one dared to help her. They were just taking and making a video. The possibilities are high that Shanquella has been killed by her friend who was beating her. You can see the video on Twitter or other social platforms.

Who is Shanquella Robinson?

After the Video Of Shanquella Robinson went viral people are searching for Shanquella’s personal life. We didn’t find much about her but we will be sharing the available information. Shanquella was twenty-five years old business women. She took birth in the year 1997. Her mother’s name was Salmondra Robinson and her father’s name was Bernard Robinson.

Robinson took birth in Charlotte, North Carolina. As per the resources, her net worth was $550 thousand. 

Social Media links

Shaquille’s Instagram account

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Shaquille braid business website


Visit this link to know about the Shaquille’s case new updates.

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Video Of Shanquella Robinson: FAQS

Q.1 Who was Shaquille Robinson?

Shaquille Robinson was a successful businesswoman who was killed on a trip with her friends.

Q.2 How old was Shaquille Robinson?

Shaquille was twenty-five years old when she lost her life.

Q.3 Was Shaquille’s death natural?

No, as per her autopsy reports Shaquille has not died of natural causes. She passed away due to an injured spinal cord and dislocated neck.

Q.4 Who killed Shanquella Robinson?

There is no confirmation about the killer yet but as per reports one of her friends is considered a suspect in her murder. An arrest warrant has also been issued against her.

Q.5 What was in the Video Of Shanquella Robinson?

In the video, Shanquella was beaten terribly by her friend.

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