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Vincial com Reviews [June] Is It Safe To Buy Right Now?

Vincial com Reviews [June] Is It Safe To Buy Right Now? -> The above journal will indicate the trustworthiness and professionalism of the website.

Aren’t you looking for fashionable, contemporary jewellery and accessories? If yes, visit vincial.com to find trendy and sophisticated fashion stuff that will make you look confident and stylish enough for any occasion.

Vincial is a go-to online shopping site for women in the US to buy stylish stuff. You can now fill your wardrobe with the best collection of matching jewellery by placing an online order and get it delivered at your doorstep as soon as possible with no shipping charges.

Vincial com Reviews suggests that the online shopping business is operating in the United States. With quite a large variety of ladies fashion stuff like lip rings, bracelets, headbands and turbans etc, the online shop is capable of attracting and engaging a broad female audience. 

It ensures to provide customer support via two mediums i.e. phone and email. The comprehensive privacy policy and clearly mentioned refund and return policies indicate that the website cares for potential queries of the users regarding order shipping, return and refund.  

Before deep digging the website’s authenticity, let us thoroughly review its product range, specifications, website policies, social proof, customer testimonials, pros and cons of shopping on the platform

What is Vincial?

It is an online shopping website that offers a platform to buy various women’s fashion accessories such as eyewear, tiara & headgears, anklets etc. at affordable prices. The e-shop manages to gather the latest and trendy stuff based on the demands of the customers. 

It offers email and phone customer support to its users and potential customers. A reliable and amiable staff ensures to ensures fast shipping, hassle-free returns, and risk-free refunds.

Specifications of Vincial:

  • Product: Women’s Fashion Accessories
  • Website: https://www.vincial.com/
  • Email: vincials@outlook.com
  • Address: 362 Roosevelt Avenue, Berkeley Township, New Jersey, 08721 2940
  • Contact number: +12564672015
  • Delivery time: Express Delivery within 3-7 Working days; Standard delivery within 10-22 days (Only US recipients)
  • Shipping fee: Free
  • Shipping Time: Within 3-7 days
  • Order Tracking: Via Email Notifications
  • Returns: Within 30 days of the product’s date of dispatch
  • Refunds: Processed within 30 days of obtaining the returned item 
  • Mode of Payment- Verified and Secured online payment modes

Pros of buying from Vincial:

  • Hassle-free order returns
  • Customer support available at +12564672015
  • Email Customer services can be availed at vincials@outlook.com
  • Free Shipping across the United States

Cons of buying from Vincial:

  • Lack of Social proof
  • Missing consumer testimonials
  • Refund will be processed within 30 days of receiving the returned order
  • The website is just 12 days old
  • Unprofessional and amateurish web design

Is Vincial a Legit Website?

Are you dealing with a legit website? Some usual website research isn’t enough to verify it is safe. Therefore we are here to conduct an in-depth investigation and indicate flaws that are egregious that you need to take care of.

The e-shop is a newly registered website dealing with the product category of sophisticated women’s trendy accessories at competitive prices. It has laid clear privacy policy along with refund, return and shipping policy.

Customer feedback on Vincial:

Unlike any reputable website, Vincial fails to prove its integrity because of the absence of customer reviews on any of its product pages. Zero social presence leads to scepticism in consumers’ minds. The amateurish look and feel of the website is another factor impacting the perception of the site’s credibility. 

The website is newly registered that makes it less credible of online businesses. Conversely, the prominent website’s contact information subconsciously gives a sense of believability. The site holds an SSL certificate which safeguards sensitive information of users to be exposed to cybercriminals. Also, a well-written “About Us” page makes it appear authoritative.

Final Verdict: 

While digging the website deeper, we found plenty of non-clickable links and overlapping content that displays a sloppy web design. It lacks to provide product details such as specifications, features etc. refraining potential customers to buy any products.

With zero existence on social media platforms and domain age of only 12 days, the website is incompetent to acquire potential customers. No customer reviews imply its inability to generate business so far contributing to negligible conversion rate.

Caution: The unprofessional web design implicates that it could be one of the potentially compromised websites. 

On investigating the website based on its security mechanisms and its vulnerability towards online scams, we would not recommend collaborating with the online store as it may be participating in suspicious business practice.

14 thoughts on “Vincial com Reviews [June] Is It Safe To Buy Right Now?

  1. Certainly a scam site. I had never heard of them and was looking for – get this – an above ground pool heater – and an ad and link came up for their site at a price point far below all other sites carrying that particular item. So why would a site offering women’s fashion wear be advertising sales for pool heaters. I ran across another scam site when I was researching the pool I purchased and it too was advertising at a far cheaper price than what I had paid but it was totally acknowledged as a scam.
    They are advertising these items – which you will never receive – at such low prices that that should be your first clue.

    1. It’s scam.
      they now have another name is Sessinae.com. They use the same phone number which cannot contact. It’s fake phone number. Also, they use fake business address.
      please be aware this business.
      vincial.com and sessinae.com are scam website.

  2. They are “selling” other items not relative to any of their listed categories. Considering that I found this site while looking for stairs with a gate system for my above ground pool. They have exactly what I’m looking for and for a better than awesome price of $75. That is normally a good deal just for the gate! But it has to be too good to be true for the two stairs, the two rails, the bridge and the gate! Yeah, it’s a little too good to be true. Which really makes me seriously sad. I was really kind of hoping this was a legit site, but I knew it was too good to be true.

    1. I ran into the same problem with the phone number. I’ve got a couple emails in to them, waiting on a reply. They have a pump system I’d like to have.

      1. I too was scammed by these people!! They led me on and on. I recieved 2 face masks and they wanted my banking info to send a return. HA HA HA I TOLD THEM TO GO F**k THEMSELVES! I’m gullible but not stupid!

  3. Scam!!!! Ordered a pool pump and got a small bag of face masks. They need to be shut down before they rip other people off!

    1. Took me a little bit to put it together, I but I too ordered a pool pump and received a bag of un-sealed face masks. I contacted them with the title of “refund asap due to scam” and told them I’d like a refund by tomorrow or I’d have to take legal action. The replied they would start a refund immediately. We’ll see about that. :/ Turdly lying thieves.

  4. above ground used pool automatic vacum scammed. took my money never got my product. I am calling my bank to fight it.

  5. I ordered a Saltwater system and face masks as well. they did answer my last e mail with 75% refund do to labor and shipping. They had free shipping!!!

  6. I ordered a pool cover and 3 months later NOTHING!! They said if was delivered to my mailbox??? What?? They told me they would send me another one… guess what NOTHING!!! Then they offered me a full refund, I said yes and then they starting negotiating with me about maybe a 75% refund. I don’t know how they sleep at night taking money from innocent people who have real jobs!! I still haven’t got a product or refund.

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