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VIP Sunshades com Reviews [July] Read It Before Order!

VIP Sunshades com Reviews [July] Read It Before Order! -> The online store knows the current requirement of users. The store is a busy, buzzy shopping mart in the virtual market, selling exclusive sunshades.

Summer is knocking your door. Are you ready to escape from the hot scorching weather? If “yes,” then get your Sunshade via VIP Sunshades com.

The online store is a perfect match to get designer sunshades at affordable prices. So, with the store, you will love to hang around in summer.

We are extremely obliged to assist our readers with VIP Sunshades com Reviews as this review works as a temptation for your summer shopping.

The online store is the best place to visit for your shopping. The store is decorated with elegant and classy shades, which surely enhance your looks.

The store is collecting love from the users in the United State. So, get your favorite colored shade soon, as shades work like ice in the summer.

In this article, you will get a bucket full of knowledge about the VIP Sunshades Scam is real, or it is fake. Stay tuned!

Is VIP Sunshades is a scam?

The online store is serving the summer needs of the users. As without wearing shades, you cannot move around as the sun rays won’t let you work for long hours.

The store takes care of the user demands and craft shades accordingly. The website has a fantastic collection of sunshade with eye-pleasing summer colors.

The store products are of top-notch quality and have affordable prices. Even the store celebrates its success in being one of the renowned online brands in the US.

The store makes you love the shades; if you are summer hater, you will love summers after connecting with the store. Try out now!

We hope the above words have proved that VIP Sunshades Scam is just a Rumor or a competitor’s strategy.

It is possible that some users still are confused about buying the shades because of Scam false news. But, the article will give you all the accurate information. Keep scrolling!

What is VIP Sunshades?

It is an online store, hitting the digital market in the US. The store is known for its hot and trending sunshades collection.

Knock Knock! The online store wants to help you to hide the hot sun rays. The store crafted sunshades for Men and Women to give them a stylish accessory.

The store says-if you want to see a beautiful world tomorrow, stay at home at present and shop online. The inspiring words on the website portray the store’s dedication in its work and perfection as an online venture.

The superb and colorful sunshades give the feeling of relief in the hot climate. The store wants a user to get wrapped with great deals and offers, presently going on.

Sunshades available on the website are:

For Men

  • Shiny black kelp
  • Matte tortoise
  • Blush Gold
  • Translucent grey/orange and many more

For women

  • Anaa sea glass
  • Gray with gray rubber
  • Shiny black
  • Bay tortoise and much more

The above colors are soothing. Shop now to avail a 30% discount on selected shades. Check out the site for more information.

Product Specifications of VIP Sunshades

  • Product type – Sunshades
  • Design – Elegant and Mesmerizing
  • Shipping – 2-4 days
  • Delivery – soon after shipping
  • Refund policy – within 30 days
  • Contact details – service@vipsunshades.com
  • Contact form: You can fill contact form within 24 hours
  • Mode of the payment – Visa, EMS, DHL, Master Card and more

Pros of shopping with VIP sunshades

  • 30% discount on selected shades
  • Great offers and deals
  • Pocket-friendly prices
  • Featured collection is displayed for men and women separately
  • Beautiful colors of shades

Cons of shopping via VIP sunshades

  • The contact number is not there on the website.
  • The proper delivery time is not there.
  • Fewer customer reviews

After discussing the above product details, let’s dive into the customer views about the store and its product.

What are the customer’s sayings about the VIP Sunshades?

Want to hide from the hot sun rays? Coordinate with the creative store, VIP sunshades, and feel the magic.

The online store is working with top -shade designers, as to give fresh looks to the users. Now, get shades for your matching dress.

Final Verdict

Are you still searching for the right summer shopping platform? Come and be a part of the online store and get astonishing shades at your place.

The online store is at its peak of success, and that’s why it has become the home of thousands of users. Want to be the one? Visit now, and share your experience.

0 thoughts on “VIP Sunshades com Reviews [July] Read It Before Order!

  1. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! Stay away from this website not unless you want cheap and fake Chinese knock off sunglasses. I ordered 3 pair of sunglasses and 2 of the 3 were the wrong type and color. I emailed for a refund, email is the only way to contact them and “Rita” said she would refund me just $11.00. I wasn’t getting anywhere with getting my refund until I started a complaint through PayPal and threatened to open an FBI investigation. All of the sudden Rita is going to send me my full refund. This is a fake Chinese website and you should not waste your money!

  2. You are full of shit. Sent wrong product, contacted 4 times with still no reply. That isn’t scam news thats Scam company. I agree with last writers statement. Terrible company and less than poor service.

  3. DO NOT BUY OFF THESE CROOKS !!! I ordered 2 pair of sunglasses, one for me and my wife. They were supposed to be Costa and high quality. The 2 pair I received were not what I ordered and plastic pieces of trash. I E mailed the company 4 times over a 2 week period wanting the correct glasses or my money back. I didnt even get a reply E mail. Dont order from these scammers.

  4. This company is a giant scam. I’m embarrassed to say they took me for $76 for two pairs of sunglasses. VIP Sunshades took 8 weeks and sent me the wrong pair in both instances. They never return email and… surprise! The company is based in China with extremely long shipping times, non-existent customer service, and any attempt you make to get your money back will just be ignored.
    VIP Sunshades, while appearing legitimate, is a scam.
    I tried to cancel my order. They never responded. I asked Paypal to help cancel my order. Paypal is worthless and backs the vendor, no matter what.
    I tried to file charges against them in California State Small Claims Court but they do not operate out of California and although they ship out of California, the laws favor businesses setup in exactly the way VIP Sunshades is setup.
    After Paypal contacted them, VIP Sunshades sent me two ridiculous pairs of sunglasses – 180 degrees out from what I ordered. Now I’m stuck and Paypal wants me to show proof that the items were not delivered.

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