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Vivier Store Reviews 2020 – Really Work or Just Hype?

Vivier Store Reviews 2020 – Really Work or Just Hype? -> In this article, you read about a handbag store.

Do you want the most stylish bags for yourself? Buy from the Vivier store.

There is no denying that women are fond of handbags. It is one of the elements that can be used as a statement piece, and thus investing in such items is worth it. Currently being a massive trend in the United State, this store has come up with many comfortable and quirky bags that are in fashion these days.

But have you heard about this store before? Is Vivier Store Com Legit? Let’s find out.

What is Vivier Store?

Vivier Store is an online store that sells a variety of bags. One will find various types of bags like fannypacks, wallets, shoulder bags, tote bags, crossbody bags, backpacks, etc. on this site.

The bags on this website are costly. Is Vivier Store Com Scam? Are they trying to fool you? The bags on this website cost as much as buying a Channel, LV, or Steve Madden bag.

The website seems new in the online market, and thus there is not enough evidence that proves the authenticity of this website.

The website openly accepts that it designs bags using animal skin and hair. A lot of countries have termed this illegal, but still, we see companies hurting animals to get the best out of them. If you are fond of using real animal skin made bags and accessories, then this website is going to be a good but expensive option for you.

But if you are an animal lover and don’t want nature to get hurt then you might not like purchasing from this website. How many Vivier Store Reviews have you read before?

Why is Vivier Store known among the people?

In this era of wildlife protection and climate change, where all of us need to be aware and alert on saving our earth, there are a few people who love to use animal-based products. Even if this ends up damaging the eco-system, some people look after using high-end quality leather.

For such people who are fond of buying real leather, this website is doing wonders. A lot of bags on the e-store are a copy of high-end brands. People who are looking to buy expensive bags that come with natural leather, Vivier is offering you the trendy bags of your type and style.

Specifications of Vivier Store:

  • All sorts of bags available
  • Shipping charge- $4.98 extra
  • Shipping time- 1-2 business days
  • Delivery time- 2 weeks
  • Exchange/refund- can be applied for up to 6 months of receiving the order
  • Refund will be made in 30 days
  • The bags are designed using animal skin and hair
  • Order can be canceled within an hour of placing the order

Pros of Vivier Store:

  • It allows you to return or exchange items if they get damaged in 6 months
  • Shipping is fast   
  • Many latest trends are available

Cons of Vivier Store:

  • They use real animal hide and hair to design bags, and this can be harmful to our environment
  • The prices are way too high
  • Info on the background and about the founder is missing
  • Payment can be made via PayPal only

Is Vivier Store worth your money?

If you are fond of costly bags and animal skin, then maybe this website will work for you. And if you love protecting animals and want to invest in low-budget or pocket-friendly bags, then this website is not for you.

The website shows that it is registered under the 2019 certificate, but that does not seem original. A lack of info on the site also creates doubts about its authenticity. The bags are highly-priced, but the payment method is only through PayPal.

A lot of customers have had mixed reviews about this site, and thus it is a bit challenging to conclude.

Final Verdict

There are certain brands that you can blindly buy if you want to get super-expensive handbags and clutches or wallets. But any random website that charges you highly that too by making copied designs of some known brands then that ultimately feels like cheating.

On may not be able to trust easily on such websites, especially when the online scamming has become an everyday thing. We recommend our readers to surf through the internet, through the social media platforms, and also ask in the network if anyone has placed the order on the website earlier. If you receive positive feedback, only then spend your money on it.

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