vo.colorstreet com [Oct 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit?

vo.colorstreet com [Oct 2020] Is it a Scam or Legit? -> This review post is about a trendy website selling nail art products that will give you a more glamorous look.

Have you ordered nail colours online? Are you interested in looking for a website that sells nail strips and colours online? If so, you must visit the vo.colorstreet com

This website has been selling nail art products for the last several years. It is famous for selling nail strips, shades, and glitters online. Most people from the United State are showing interest in buying nail products online. We will be telling you everything about this website in this review so that you are able to find more about its legitimacy. To know about the site, in particular, we recommend you read this article in depth. 

This site is on the internet for quite a long time and needs no introduction. But for new users and internet shoppers, it is essential to know about customer reviews. We are here to tell you about vo.colorstreet com. It will guide you through shopping without any doubts and purchasing nail arts as per your choice. 

What is Colorstreet.com?

The best part about this website is that it was designed around 19 years back and sells nail art products like nail strips, glitters, shades, and some packages. The packages are quite pocket friendly and seem economical. The shipping charges are not indicated, but the delivery time taken is around 3 to 5 days. They accept returns within 30 days and offer exchanges of 60 days too.

The payment modes are not given on the website, and you can see after logging into the website for purchasing. There is an office address given for the website. But, no phone number and email are available to make any query. However, you can fill a form. This much information is not sufficient to claim that the website can be trusted or not. 

Specifications of colorstreet.com

  • Type of website: nail art products
  • location of the site: United States
  • Shipping charge: no information available
  • Returns – you can return the product within 30 days 
  • exchange is acceptable within 60 days of purchase
  • Office Address – Color Street LLC 61Kuller Road Clifton, New Jersey

Positive features of Buying from Colorstreet.com 

  • The website has been running on the web from almost 19 years and has gained a lot of popularity. 
  • There are good vo.colorstreet com reviews available on the internet. 
  • They have Returns and Exchanges applicable to their products, which is a benefiting point for the buyers. 
  • They have the right Social media presence available on leading sites. 

Negative features of Buying from Colorstreet.com 

  • The customer has to login first or gives his details, then only he can purchase products. 
  • lack of email ID or phone number, so the only way to contact them through an online form. 

Is the Colorstreet.com Legitimate?

To know the authenticity of the website, we researched a lot and found some reviews of vo.colorstreet com on some online platforms. Several customers have given positive feedback for their products and services. There is an office address provided on the website, but the owner has hidden his identity. There are no other contact details given by the company owner. 

There is an association available with social media platforms, and they have several followers. The posts and comments available on these leading platforms indicate that the company is well-recognized among its users. If you doubt its legitimacy and ask us, we can only say that the web site seems to be legit and can be trusted by everyone. We have given this word to the website because it is in existence since 2001. 

What do People talk About Colorstreet.com? 

We analyzed the website that sells nail art products and found a lot of information about it. Several customers have given positive feedback about them, whereas some have lodged complaints on the BBB website. However, customer care has responded to all the queries and complaints.

Looking at the social media site posts, we can judge and tell that vo.colorstreet com is trustworthy, and you can rely upon it. Despite having some complaints about their services, they have handled the queries well and provided adequate solutions. The site can hence be trusted and can be considered as legitimate. 

The Final Verdict

On completing our careful research on the nail art selling site named vo.colorstreet com, we can conclude that the online shop is trustworthy. People have given positive reviews and suggest others to try the products without any doubts. 

Every shop or company has its pros and cons, and so does this website also has some loopholes. But the availability of maximum positive aspects makes them a legitimate site. Thus, we suggest you try this nail art shop without fear and buy the desired products. The customer care is prompt in handling queries that you can make before placing an order. 

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