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Volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com (January)

Volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com (January) >> Do you want to know the details of the Covid-19 vaccine for which appointment is needed? Then this article will help you.

volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com – Hello! Everyone, it’s been a few days since we have entered New Year. We all know how hard the last year was. We all spent most of the days at home in a pandemic situation. Luckily many health care departments, governments, scientists, and doctors researched a lot and finally obtained a vaccine for Covid-19, which is happy news to all of us. 

The guide written here is entirely on the Covid-19 vaccination newly invented in the United States. So, please keep on reading the article for more details.

What is volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com?

In partnership with the Florida Department of Health, the County of Volusia is hosting the event for people of age 65 or more. DOH-Volusia opened registration for five hundred people and allotted a time slot to receive the vaccine. 

Due to the high demand for vaccination and less medicine supply, no appointments will be encouraged once the space is full. The location of the January 14 event is given below; please refer.


Volusia County Fairgrounds

3150 East New York Avenue

Deland, FL 32724

United States

DOH-Volusia returns to this location after twenty-eight days to offer the second dose. So those who have received the first dose of vaccine should come back to the same spot in the same time frame after 28 days. 

Details About the Appointment for the Vaccine:

The appointment was must to take the vaccine, and it must be made at volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com

  • Online registration started at 9 am on January 13, 2021, which is one hour slot.
  • The next Covid-19 vaccination takes in Volusia on Thursday, January 14, from 9 am to 1 pm.
  • Only five hundred appointments were available.
  • If the booking made via telephone, a maximum of three registration per transaction is provided.
  • And two registration per transaction if the appointment is taken online.
  • Those who not able to do the registration via computer, the tablet may call 866-345-0345. 
  • Due to high demand and less supply of vaccine, appointments fill quickly.

Note: The only official website to make an appointment is volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com. Hence any invalid site for registration is not considered.

Rules to Receive the Vaccine

  • Complete screening and agreement are required from the individual before receiving the vaccination.
  • Those who had other immunization in the last fourteen days or tested positive for covid-19 in the previous ten days are not eligible to receive the vaccination. 
  • To obtain the vaccine, one must need an appointment and visit the site within the time slot provided.

Final Verdict

With few words, let us conclude the write-up. The appointment for the first 500 people was scheduled. If you have taken the meeting, refer to the section above. 

If you know anything about the volusiacountyc19fairgrounds1 14 Eventbrite Com, please share it with us in the comments section below.

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