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Vothmerch com Reviews {June 2021} Is It Legit Or Hoax?

Vothmerch com Reviews {June 2021} Is It Legit Or Hoax? >> This website sells clothing items and other accessories under the logo of The VOTH. We request you to read this article before you shop from here.

Have you recently heard some piece of music by The Voice Of The Heroes? Do you like their music? You have also come across a website associated with them and want to explore it, but at the same time, do you want to be sure about its authenticity? Then, you are at the right place. Check out our article on Vothmerch com Reviews and clear all your doubts.

The website is currently operating in United States. In this article, we have gathered facts that we found on the portal itself and the internet regarding this website.

What is Vothmerch com?

Vothmerch com is an e-commerce portal selling clothing items such as t-shirts, caps, hooded jackets, sweatpants, socks, and so on. In addition, they also sell other accessories such as lighters, posters, key chains, etc. All these products are under the logo of The Voice Of The Heroes, which in turn, is a studio album recently developed by two American rappers. To know more about Is Vothmerch com Legit, we have listed below the specifications of this portal that we have collected after thorough research of its pages.


  • Type of Website – An online e-commerce website selling clothing items such as t-shirts and shorts, and accessories such as key chains and lighters, under the brand name of The Voice of The Heroes  
  • Address of Portal – https://vothmerch.com/
  • Physical Address – Quantum Pfs, 3400, S Main St, Los Angeles, California – 90007, United States, which corresponds to an office building site as per the internet
  • Email Id – contactdurkotf@gmail.com
  • Contact Number – not available (which is an essential point regarding Vothmerch com Reviews)
  • Product Price – provided in Dollars denomination
  • Filter By Option – unavailable
  • Sort By Option – unavailable
  • Shipping Policy – mentioned in short with no information on free shipping 
  • Refund Policy – not clearly stated, just mentioned that it is applicable for damaged or defective products only
  • Payment Options – thorough Visa and Master Cards


We have jotted down the minimal good sides that the website attributes to itself.

  • FAQs are provided along with the product description.
  • Linking to social media pages of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


If you also have the question in your mind Vothmerch com Reviews, then read about the several disadvantages of shopping from this portal below:

  • The product names are illegible against the black and white sketched background, which showcases poor web design.
  • There is a limited quantity and variety of products.
  • There is not a single customer review.
  • At the bottom of the home page, the FAQs and customer service help links are not opening, indicating naivety.
  • The policies are stated unclearly.
  • Finally, there are trust issues regarding this portal as it is too young in the concerned field.

Is Vothmerch com Legit?

You must have made a picture in your mind regarding the above question upon reading this article so far, yet, read on to throw some more light on the same:

  • Customer Reviews – unavailable
  • Age of Portal – less than a month
  • Trust Score of Portal – 2%, falling under the category of ‘Very Bad Trust Score’
  • Social Media Linking – yes
  • Absence of Contact Number – no contact number is available of the owner
  • Contact Address – genuine, as per internet research
  • Brand Information – pertaining to an American studio album
  • Broken links – FAQ and Customer Help Service links on the home page are non-functional

Vothmerch com Reviews

As guessed, the portal does not have any reference in leading reviewing platforms such as Amazon, Quora, Reddit or Trustpilot. This itself proves the newness and perhaps the infamy of this website. To prevent scams through credit cards, click this link.

Final Verdict

We hope that we could convey to you the deemed illegitimacy of this portal. The website has too many unpleasant facts that clearly make it unreliable. We would suggest you not to attempt in shopping from this website, when there are other more trustworthy platforms in the market. Notwithstanding, as radical and knowledgeable buyers, the final decision is in your hands. 

What are your opinions regarding Vothmerch com Reviews? Write to us in the comments section. Also, to get information regarding pay-pal scams, check out this link.

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