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Vshred Scam {Jan 2022} Read The Entire Reviews Now!

Read the reviews on Vshred Scam, which provides fat loss and bodybuilding supplements, sports clothing, and physical training programs.

In today’s tiresome lifestyle and busy schedule, we tend to ignore our health. Less physical activity and a stagnant lifestyle result in obesity. Did you know incorrect fat loss supplements could also harm your health?

Vshred.com is an online website in the United States and supports mobile apps to provide you with expert physical training videos, safe health supplements, and sports clothing. Let’s read about Vshred.com to know about Vshred Scam.

Is Vshred.com Legitimate?

  • Vshred.com Creation: 29th January 2017 at 09:42:06 PM.
  • Vshred.com Age: 4 years, 11 months, and 19 days old.
  • Vshred.com Expiry: 29th January 2027 at 09:42:06 PM.
  • Alexa ranking: Vshred.com achieved an EXCELLENT Alexa ranking of 30,880.
  • Trust Index: Vshred.com achieved an EXCELLENT trust score of 96%.
  • Place of origin: The United States is the CoO for Vshred.com.
  • Status of Blacklisting: Vshred.com is not blacklisted.
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: 18/100, a negative sign.
  • Connection Security: Vshred.com uses a valid HTTPS protocol to send and receive the data. 
  • Contact person: Vshred Reviews shows that Vshred.com does not specify the specific name of a person for contact.
  • Social relations: Vshred.com is present on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, with more than 11,951,491 subscribers.
  • Owner’s contact: the information about the contact details of Vince Sant is not provided. But, he is active on linkedin.


Vshred.com provides not only fat loss and bodybuilding supplements for men and women but also supplies other supplements to improve your health. There are 16 supplements for men and 13 supplements for women on its list that are:

  • Burn Evolved
  • Burn Pm
  • High Boost
  • Turmeric Black
  • Protein
  • Bcaas
  • Neuroctane
  • Fat Loss Stack
  • Enzymes
  • Probiotics, Etc

Features to check Vshred Scam:

  • Buy bodybuilding services at: https://vshred.com
  • Social media links: present and working for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Discounted Price: begins from $1.00.
  • Physical Address: not present.
  • Customer Reviews and blogs: Customer reviews are present. However, Vshred.com does not support blogging.
  • Terms and Conditions: provided but copied from several websites.
  • Privacy policy: provided but copied from several websites.
  • Phone (or) Whatsapp number: no provided.
  • Delivery Policy: Vshred.com provides tanning online after subscription. Delivery timelines for its supplements and clothing were not provided on Vshred.com.
  • Shipping Policy: not mentioned for supplements on Vshred.com. However, for clothing, you are redirected to vshredthreads.com, considered for checking Vshred Scam.
  • Tracking policy: The physical training videos are broadcast online. However, tracking information for supplements and clothing was not clarified on Vshred.com.
  • Return Policy: for clothing, the return policies are mentioned on vshredthreads.com. For supplements, the return policy is not present on Vshred.com.
  • Refunds Policy: For physical training and supplements, the refund policy is not present on Vshred.com. However, for clothing, the refund policy is mentioned on vshredthreads.com.
  • Email address: emails can be sent using an inbuilt mail window on Vshred.com as email address was not provided
  • Mode of Payment: Vshred.com accepts payments in USD. However, the payments channels were not provided, accounted for reviewing Vshred Scam.
  • Newsletters: Vshred.com does not support the publication of newsletters.
  • Owner’s details: Vince Sant is the founder of Vshred.com.


  • You can find 16 different supplements to improve your overall health at Vshred.com.
  • Vshred.com also provides extensive support with its physical training videos.


  • There are not many disadvantages of shopping from Vshred.com except that the products are sold at a higher cost than the factory price.

Customers Reviews:

The physical tanning and product reviews are present on Vshred.com. Several products were rated above average in the customer surveys present on Vshred.com. In addition, there were several mixed reviews on YouTube.

More than 4K Vshred Reviews are present on reliable reviewing sites, giving an average rating of 3/5 stars. There are 439 reviews on Facebook, rating Vshred.com at 3.8/5 stars. In addition, there are many mixed reviews found on the internet about Vshred.com and its supplements.

Most of the negative reviews suggest that Vshred.com ultimately makes you focus on exercises that can be done independently. Vshred.com supplements provide good nutrition and are not specifically for weight loss. Hence, it is advisable to read about Credit Card Scams


Vshred is TREATED AS POTENTIAL SCAM because they are sold under MLM resulting in Vshred Scam. IT MEANS the Price of Vshred products is very less but sold at high profits with their marketing strategies. Therefore, Read on PayPal Scams. Hence, Vshred.com supplements provide normal nutrition. However, due to Vshred.com reviews and product reviews by customers, Vshred.com and its supplements are genuine and authentic.

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