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Wal Parcel Tracking {Dec} Find The Latest Scam Details!

The article Wal Parcel Tracking is about the trending fraud message that people are receiving these days.

Have you ever been tricked by any fraudulent website? Do you know scammers are always looking for innovative ways to fool people? Even though you are vigilant, sometimes scammers trick and steal your personal information. 

The main aim is to get a click on the link from different users on the text message. A similar case of Wal Parcel users across the United States is reported. Let us know in detail what Wal Parcel Tracking -related issues people are facing.

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What is Wal Parcel’s scam?

Users reporting that they are getting a text message as shown below:

“WAL Parcel: Hi, your parcel with tracking code TX356Y46 is expecting to check the shipping address: lionscene.com/BLL8uRH” or rupturepivot.com/4n4nteL

“WAL Package Tracking: Hi, your package with tracking number HA672Y84 is setting to check the shipping address: prisonsteady.com/i7hZ2Sl” or consultstripe.com/nkX5sTL

“WAL Shipment Tracking: Hi, your shipment with tracking id YP195Z65 is waiting for you to confirm the shipping address: touchingtwelve.com/94SjpaQ” or lostroundish.com/wbB2kdR

If you are also getting a similar type of message, as shown above, be aware. Wal Parcel Tracking scam users get a text saying the tracking id and the shipping address. Would you please make a note that the shipping address they are giving will take you to a different website, which is the main aim of the scammer here?

What do scammers want you to do?

Scammers are sending fraudulent text messages to random customers. On receiving the text message, the scammers want you to click on the quoted link. Once you click on the quoted link, they guide you to the third-party fake website, not to Wal Parcel Tracking.

Here, they ask you to enter some details, where users are tricked. The customer does not pay attention that they have not taken you to the genuine Wal Parcel website, but another fake website. In addition, the link file with the text message may also contain some malware that scammers use to steal information. 

Alternatively, they may also send some installable links or viruses that can hack your desktop or mobile. Once the frauds get your personal information, they secretly sell any sensitive details, passwords or empty your bank balance in no time.

How to avoid Wal Parcel Tracking scams?

To avoid falling into the trap of any such scams, make sure you keep in mind the following points:

  • Be aware of the scams going on.
  • Check the website link if they are redirecting to another unauthorized website.
  • If you have not purchased from the particular website, avoid clicking any link.
  • Do not forward or share a message with any other contact.
  • Report any fraud or scam message.
  • Avoid entering bank details or saving card details on any website.
  • Do not enter any sensitive information if the link is suspicious.


You can alert Wal Parcel Tracking scams or any other frauds if you are aware. Please share this message to reach the maximum number of people. You can also check this link for details on the Wal Parcel scam 

Have you heard of this scam or being scammed? Let us know the message you receive from Wal Parcel in the comment section below.

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