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Walmart Going Bagless 2021 {Jun} Know All About It!

Walmart Going Bagless 2021 {Jun} Know All About It!>> This post contains the details of the environmental initiative taken by retail giants in recent times.

There is some news floating on the digital media platform about the most famous wholesale supermarket that Walmart Going Bagless 2021; it is a fact that retail giant has started the various initiative for a plastic-free environment. Its Vermont pilot project and going bagless in Mexico are some of the efforts in this direction.

As the United States accounts for ten percent of plastic bags used globally, retail giants like Walmart have big environmental responsibility of curtailing its use. 

Facts related to plastic bags:

One trillion plastic bags are used globally in a year with a short life span of twelve minutes per bag. Only 10% of the total bag used are recycled, and the rest are thrown in beaches and waterways in the United States. Initiatives like Walmart Going Bagless 2021 can play a significant role in reducing plastic bags and making the planet greener and cleaner.

As the plastic bag is thrown after a single use, they get into the soil and slowly releases toxin chemical in it, if any animal eats it they get choked and die. 

Walmart Bagless initiative:

Walmart Mexico has taken the lead by persuading customers to use reusable bags and stopped giving plastic bags to customers. Similarly, it has started a pilot project in Vermont to see the pros and cons of implementing the scheme on a large scale.

It has also partnered with Target and CVS Health to start the beyond the bag initiative in 2020 to look for other innovative options. 

Is Walmart Going Bagless 2021 Authentic News?

As per some digital media reports, Walmart is going bagless from 1st July 2021, but when we tried to authenticate the news and searched the Walmart website and other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, no such information was found by us.

Though it has done a plastic ban in Mexico, that may be due to the strict government restrictions, and its pilot project in Vermont also points towards its intention of doing away with plastic bags. So there is no denying the fact that Walmart is committed to its goal of making the environment free of single-use plastic, but its 1st July deadline may not be true.  

Can Walmart Going Bagless in 2021 will become a reality in future?

There is every chance that Walmart will become bagless in future as it is making different efforts to achieve its plastic-free environments goal. It is only waiting for the alternative that will not disrupt its business or annoy the customer.

Walmarts Beyond the Bag initiative is an effort by the whole industry and experts to find the replacement and other ways to help customers get their product home. So we can say Walmart will go bagless in the future.

Final verdict:

A plastic-free planet is beneficial for each species residing on it, and Walmart Going Bagless 2021 will be welcome news for everyone. Still, we can say nothing about its 1st July implementation in the United States as depicted in some digital media.

If you have any knowledge about Walmart going bagless, please share it in the comment section and give your opinion about this post below. To know more about it follow the Link.

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