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Wanda Borges Com {July 2022} Explore Exclusive Review!

This article will give you information about the famous fashion designer and her website, Wanda Borges Com, along with facts about her daughter’s wedding.

Have you looked at the designer dress by Wanda Borges on the official website? Do you want to know about the website in detail, along with the career of the famous fashion designer Wanda Borges? In the recent news of Brazil and other countries, Wanda Borges is in the limelight for several reasons. 

In this article, we will tell you about the official website of Wanda Borges’ work called Wanda Borges Com and also put some light on her daughter’s wedding update. 

Who is Wanda Borges?

Wanda Borges is a fashion designer known for wedding dress design and collections in Brazil. Her design is the most elegant and couture that any girl can wear on her special day, i.e., her wedding day. She made a website on which interested customers can look at her work and decide which dress suits them.

Wanda Borges’s work is available on the official website WandaBorges.com and her social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter and Pinterest that is available for every customer. 

Updates on Filha de Wanda Borges

The daughter of Wanda Borges, was recently married in Italy. The daughter’s name is Constance Borges, who had a beautiful wedding in Italy and wore the beautiful dress designed by her mother. 

The images of the wedding are available on her official social media account and also on the internet. So, if you like to look at her wedding dress, you can search for it on the Google search platform or go to her social media page, like on Instagram and Twitter. However, the groom’s name is not disclosed by the family. 

About Wanda Borges Com

The official website of WandaBorges.com is Portuguese, so if you are from another country, you must translate the page accordingly. On the website, you will find images of Wanda Borges’s work and other sections.

The section that is included on the website are:

  • Noivas (Brides)
  • Madrinhas (Godmothers)
  • Lingerie 
  • Sapatos (Shoes)
  • Clipping 
  • Contato (Contact details)

The website is filled with designs by Wanda Borges; everyone can take a reference from it or even order the dress by contacting the designers from the official website. 

What do critics think about Wanda Borges’s website?

We have already put some light on Filha de Wanda Borges and now let’s see what the critics have to say about the collection of Wanda Borges on her website. The website’s trust score is 50%, which is a good score, but we couldn’t find anything about the domain age. 

People have liked the work of Wanda Borges, and on her official website, you can find her designer’s collection along with other accessories. Therefore, critics have praised the work of Wanda and were impressed by her designs. 


With the information we have collected, we can say that Wanda Borges  is a great fashion designer and her website, i.e., Wanda Borges Com helps the audience select the right dress for their special day with matching accessories. 

What do you think about Wanda Borges’s work? Please share your opinion with us in the comment section.

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