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Warmaus Com Reviews (Jan) Is Warmaus Genuine Or Scam?

Warmaus Com Reviews (Jan) Is Warmaus Genuine Or Scam? >> This article will help you identify the authenticity of the e-store that sells women’s clothing and accessories items.

Are you searching for Warmaus Com Reviews? If so, then let’s learn about this woman’s clothing store in detail. 

These days’ people are crazy about trendy clothes, accessories, and shoes because it is an era to flaunt everything. No person wants to repeat their clothing no matter how expensive it was. But, no, you don’t have to worry about anything as this Warmaus Com store comes up with the exclusive range of products at low prices. 

In the United States, several online stores present that claim to offer the same, so Is Warmaus Com Legit? Please keep reading to know the answer.

What is Warmaus Com?

Warmaus Com is the ecommerce store that trades in women’s clothing, accessories, footwear, etc. The site contains trendy items like a top, t-shirt, bottoms, dresses, shoes, outwears, earrings, bracelets, etc. Similarly, the store has multiple discounting offers on it where customers can save up to big money. 

Warmaus Com is providing straight 10% off on the first order. Customers can get buy one get second at 15% off, buy three and get fourth at 50% off, etc. Besides this, the site is also providing several additional benefits to its shoppers, where you can get free shipping on specified orders and free products, etc. 

The store claims to deliver quality products at your doorstep. Moreover, the product displayed on the site is handpicked by experienced fashion designers. But, what do you think Is this store legit? If you don’t have any idea, please keep reading these Warmaus Com Reviews to know the answer. 

What are the specifications of Warmaus Com?

  • Warmaus Com URL- https://warmaus.com/
  • Products- women’s clothing, accessories, and shoes, etc
  • Brand address- not specified 
  • Location- The United States 
  • Support service contact number- not specified 
  • Customer care email address- help@warmaus.com
  • Discount- The site is having multiple money-saving offers available 
  • Newsletter- available 
  • Estimated shipping cost- Free shipping on orders above $89
  • Shipment time-with 5-7 working days 
  • Return or exchange of item- within 15 days 
  • Refund – within a week
  • Payment method- VISA, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, DISCOVER, Maestro 
  • Warranty/ guaranty- not specified 
  • Tracking feature- not specified 
  • shipment cancellation – within 24 hours 

Please stay connected to know more about the Warmaus Com Reviews.

What are the Advantages of Shopping from Warmaus Com?

  • It is having massive money-saving offers for its shoppers.
  • It is also providing additional benefits like free shipping, free items, etc.
  • You are allowed to return your products within 15 working days.
  • The site has the fastest refund policy as the refund will credit into your account within a week. 
  • It holds a comprehensive collection of fashionable items.

What are the Disadvantages of Shopping from Warmaus Com?

  • It does not hold complete contact details of the company on it.
  • There are no reviews available on the site.
  • It does not have any social media existence.
  • Customers have filed various complaints regarding the store. 

Is Warmaus Com Legit?

Warmaus Com is the clothing site that sells a wide variety of multiple items like clothing accessories and shoes for women. It sells all its products at colossal discounts where shoppers can save big money by using coupon codes. Besides this, the site also provides additional advantages where customers don’t need to pay the shipping charges. 

Alternatively, according to the feedback pages available on the internet, the site is only a few days old and might be a suspicious store. 

Consequently, Warmaus Com store is not an authentic store due to all the above reasons. 

What is the Customer’s Warmaus Com Reviews?

No customer has posted anything on the website, neither the site has any social media existence. From the online sources, we have found several reviews pages where people have posted about their experience. Therefore, as per the customer reviews, the site is a scam as it does not reply to the emails and never answered any quires. 

Final Verdict

We believe that the Warmaus Com is not a legit store as we have found many points that prove it unauthentic. As per the review pages, the store is a scam because it does not reply to its mail. The site is only a few days old and does not hold any customer feedback on it. 

Similarly, we don’t recommend anybody to shop from the Warmaus Com store, and if you still want to buy, please do in-depth verification on the store and its validity on your own. 

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12 thoughts on “Warmaus Com Reviews (Jan) Is Warmaus Genuine Or Scam?

  1. If you order from this site you will eventually get your item. All they are doing is taking your order and then they get it delivered from China to you. It takes forever. Took almost 3 weeks just to ship almost 2 months to receive. Don’t waste your time

  2. I made a large order with Warmaus , 3 weeks after I ordered they provided a tracking ref for part of my order which wasn’t valid. I had to contact my credit card for a refund.

  3. I purchased several items. I did not like the way they fit. When I asked about returning the items I was asked if I could maybe pass them along to a friend. And due to covid the return would have to be sent to China and it could take a while. I then asked about an item I did not receive and was asked if I was sure I still want it as it was lost. That’s the status of my order. Have not yet recieved an address to return my items to.

  4. I placed an order on January 31st 2021, and today, February 21st I still don’t even have so much as a tracking number!!! When I have contact with them via email it takes days for them to get back with me. I’m very dissatisfied and demanding my money back! Do not order anything from these people! I just read a review and they are fake!!!

  5. I ordered 3 tops from them …2 weeks later I hadn’t heard a word from them so I cancelled my order…they sent me a email back saying they were being processed and would be shipping soon…I still requested that they cancelle my order and refund my money back into my account…emailed me back and wanted to give me a free gift…didn’t say what it was but by now I wasn’t interested in doing business with them and I refused it…emailed me again and tried to get me to accept their apology and buy the tops…I declined and asked again for the 3rd or 4th time that I wanted to cancel…emailed me again and said they were shipped…I then got pissed…I demanded my money back..this went on for about a week maybe a little more…finally they said tha a 15% charge was being taken off my refund…so after about 3 days of that I finally said fine..but put my money back into my account….after it felt lije a 100 emails they finally sent a message that my order had been cancelled…now I wouldn’t accept a thing they said as a trustworthy store…I feel lucky that I got $39 back out of the $63 that I pd…but I’m still pissed that they kept some of my money…by the time I was finished with them I felt like I had to give them my money just to get some of it back…

  6. Warmaus rips people off. Items I ordered I didn’t receive, took my order 2 months to get to me. Wrong color coat, wrong size and didn’t even get my butterfly blouse. Emailed them about correcting their mistake but haven’t heard back as of yet. VERY DISAPPOINTED! Don’t waste your money!

  7. Order was placed on January 10, twice I was told they lost my order and I asked that they refund my money in full.
    But all I get is we are sorry and we will send soon.

    1. I placed an order of 5 tops and a pair of shoes, I never received one of the tops. I sent e-mail to their address, but never got an answer. The clothes and shoes I got are ok, but one of them was too large. I wouldn’t buy again from them…

      1. Hello Mary! We appreciate that you spared time in updating your precious feedback here. Thank you! Have a Safe & Happy Online Shopping!

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