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Warmshopper Reviews (Jan Legit Or Scam? – Read Here!

Warmshopper Reviews (Jan) Legit Or Scam? – Read Here! >> Do you want some eye-catching and glamorous clothes online? Then, please check out the legitimacy of this online store here and then make your shopping decision.

Warmshopper Reviews: Are you addicted to buying all the clothing stuff online? Then, this article is for you as here, and we are going to shed light on a platform that is available for shopping and comprises some different range of items.

But folks from the United Kingdom and the United States have some questions in their mind, and they want to know the legitimacy of the site. After reading this unbiased review, they can clear out all their doubts that may be roaming all around their head.

Let us know Is Warmshopper Legit?

An Introduction to Warmshopper 

Simply put, Warmshopper is a web-based online store flooded with a range of items categorized on the website as animals, accessories, New-in, Western, Bottom & Pants, Fluid systems, and some apparel for Winter & Autumn.

The store has provided Free Shipping to all, but the order amount needs to be above $69.99. The products are of optimum quality and available internationally by choosing a nation from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side.

Do you want to read more information? Then, please proceed further with Warmshopper Reviews.

Some Details about the Website 

  • The website is active with a URL, which is https://www.warmshopper.myshopify.com.
  • The site has many products available such as western clothes, accessories, bottoms & pants, and others.
  • The email support address is available on the website for all customers support@warmshopper.site.
  • Shopify powers the platform.
  • A thirty-day return policy has been mentioned on the store’s website.
  • The Shipping takes around three to seven days to process Shipping and can extend to two weeks if the orders are in bulk.
  • You can avail of a trackable order by ordering products over the price of 75.
  • Free Shipping has proffered to all shoppers over the orders of amount $69.99.
  • Different language options are available to shop from the website in our comfort zone.
  • It is available for shopping globally, including the United Kingdom and the United States, as per the Warmshopper Reviews.
  • PayPal is available as a payment option on the web.
  • A subscription option is available for all shoppers to get timely updates.

Pros of the Website

  • The website has a range of products available.
  • It has Free Shipping available over the amount of $69.99.
  • The site has an online payment option that is easy to make.
  • The site has all Shipping and refund policies available.
  • The store has all products available at affordable prices.   

Cons of the Website

  • The website has no social media presence yet, even on Instagram.
  • The website lacks a Contact number and office address.
  • The website has no reviews available.
  • The trust score of the site is twenty-five percent.

Is Warmshopper Legit?

After getting into all ins and outs of the website, we found that the website is quite suspicious, and it has a lot of reasons to say that.

The negative aspects of the website make us claim it as not legit. Some of such factors include no online interaction, lack of contact details, low trust score, and no customer reviews.

Due to all such serious engenders, we can’t call the platform legit yet.

What is the Customer’s Warmshopper Reviews?

While knowing all aspects, we move forward to the site review section and found that it has nothing fruitful at all. We found a few feedbacks from the users, but they are positive and given five stars. But they may be fake or paid as the users are not identified.

If talking about social media responses, then it lacks a presence on social handles, so we are unable to find the same, and only one review was available online and that was negative. So, we do not have much idea about the site’s products and services. 

If any shopper finds anything suspicious, then they must raise Red Flag.

The Bottom Line

After getting into all ins and outs of the website in these Warmshopper Reviews, we found that the website has many clues and aspects that make the buyers stop shopping from this platform. It is also vital for a shopping site to have a contact number and address to support their potential shopper and interact with them through online channels.

However, the website has nothing like that available on it. It is recommended that the website is on the list of suspicious ones, and the buyers need to aware of all such shopping podiums. Therefore, we can’t call it legit yet.

Please write down all your doubts and queries related to the Warmshopper Reviews in the comments section below. We are happy to assist you.

22 thoughts on “Warmshopper Reviews (Jan Legit Or Scam? – Read Here!

  1. I purchased a product on this site on 01/12/2021. The order number is WSP10745. The price I paid is $25.54. I ordered a size 5XL – the largest size you have available to order. I have ordered the exact same item in December 2020 from a different website – the only difference was the color. I am going to try to send a picture I took of both items but I’m not sure I can attach a picture – I’ll try. The reason I ordered a size 5XL from your store was because that’s the size I ordered in December 2020 and it fit perfectly – it’s a night shirt and I like them to be really really big. But – when I got the one I ordered from Warmshopper – it’s half as big as the other – I can’t even get it on. So what’s up with this. I want the night shirt but I want it in the correct size – 5XL – Please check this for me.

  2. Needed to return items as too small ( bad sizing ) …took10 days to reply then when I tried to reply to the email, it kept coming back ‘ unknown address’…

  3. I ordered 3 shirts from them after seeing their ads on my Facebook feed. It did take nearly 3 weeks for my tops to come, but for the price I was pleased with them. I would order from them again as long as I didn’t need the item in a rush.

  4. I purchased two shirts , linen pants and a pair of mittens. Where are the instruction tags for washing, dry cleaning, etc. There is absolutely no care info included. Please respond. Thanks.

  5. I ordered three shirts but have only received two. The one I am missing is the one about an angel. Can you please tell me where my package is or refund my money?

  6. Just received items from Warm Shopper, nothing like the product description, I was supposed to received a sweater with cat print on it I received a long sleeve shirt style tops made from crap polyester, the other item was supposed to be a long sleeve cotton top with an owl on it, it too was the same crap polyester material. Tried to leave a 1 star review but kept rejecting my email address, presuming this is because it wasn’t going to be a 5 star.

  7. I received an item that round up in the Goodwill bag. It was way too small and did not look like the picture. The picture showed a sweatshirt material. The material
    was shiny and looked rather twisted when you put it on. It was not worth the money, the time or the effort to order it.
    They are a total SCAM. Their suggestion was that it was way to expensive to return. Double Duh on me for not reading the reviews on this company.
    Please read the reviews of these ridiculous companies. I have now started ordering from Zulily. When you order from them make sure to read
    the returnability of the product. Their are more than willing to make things right.
    To make a long story short, I lost the amount of money that I put forth for this purchase.

  8. Need to exchange. Ordered too big in case the shirt ran small. This is not a 3x. It’s more like a large. Please advise how to return


  10. My confirmation from


    ORDER #WSP12535
    Thank you for your purchase!
    Hi Elaine, we’re getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent.

    View your order
    or Visit our store
    Order summary

    Women’s I Believe There Are Angels Among Us Printed Long Sleeve Sweatshirt × 1
    Blue / 3XL
    $29.98 USD

  11. Trying to get in touch with you. Order #WSP5822. I am not pleased with my order. If I have more things to come cancel them. I was not happy with the fabrick, looks differen’t on the page. The tops are to small. I did order 2XL. The one top has a tag with XL on it the others don’t have tags. I am not paying for any shipping because I think you sent me wrong sizes. Guess I just lost my money.

  12. Placed an order on jan 5 2021 and still waiting for delivery to sechelt. They partially reimbursed for the 3rd item and did receive a pay pal email. Crazy.

  13. I have received my order but not able to find address to return some items. We would like to order more things but not until I am able to get contact informatiion

  14. I ordered 3 shirts from warmshopper. My experience they are a scam!! I paid but git no products. First I got money backof two shirts cause they were not available. I waited for the 1 I had paid. It took ages to come. I didn’t get any notification that the package has arrived. I contacted them after I saw from tracking that the product had arrived to a smart post locker but since I didn’t have the code to open it I couldn’t receive the shirt. My email was answered automatically first and the parcel was already sent back after they replied that it’s not their fault that I didn’t receive the code. I didn’t get money back from the shirt which was sent back. They told me that I have to pay the fee for not receiving the product… That’s really a way to get customers 🤦‍♀️ Good job Warmshopper..

  15. I ordered a sweatshirt with a horse on the front and I got a CHEAP, POLYESTER item when on the website it states the item is COTTON!! I have since reported them to the FTC and also contacted PayPal to get my money back because when I told this company I wanted my money back because what they sent me looks nothing like the product pictured, they started saying I need to ship the item back in it’s original packaging and when THEY get the item back, they will refund me minus all shipping charges which is basically almost the cost of the item itself! In the item pictured, the background is a medium grey sweatshirt-type design, but the item I got has a stark, BRIGHT WHITE background! The ‘print’ is VERY cheap and not at all detailed like in the item portrayed on their website! DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!! ALSO, this company is based IN CHINA!! CHEAP CHINA CRAP!

  16. I ordered a Rabbit with carrot watercolor sweatshirt. Never arrived. Payed thru PayPal. Hopefully the will credit me.
    The store called Warmshopper said I must of ordered it from another store. I feel it is a scam. I am actually reading a lot
    of negative publicity.

  17. I ordered 5 shirts on January 17th and have still not received them. They replied that one of them wasn’t available and gave me a refund on my credit card. I have tried replying to the email address and it says the address does not exist. Also, the tracking number doesn’t work.

  18. Just after I wrote the last comment my sweaters arrived in the mail. I am very happy with them. I guess it was Canada Post that was the problem, not Warmshopper.

  19. I ordered 5 shirts. They did not have 2 and I dot credit. They shipped the other 3. The one fits some, a little big. The other 2 are to small. I ordered 3x. One was xl the other there was no tag. I will not order another thing from them. I think I was ripped off. The material looked differen’t on the pictures. I don’t like this material.

  20. Ugh!!! You know, I never really shop online, but I saw the cutest t-shirt and thought it would be a perfect birthday gift for a friend.
    A month later, I’m wondering where my delvery is, right? I text the customer service and get a tracking number. They say it’s just
    taking a little longer, could I just be a little bit patient. Then I look at the tracking they sent me… it’s coming from China????
    Okay, even so… it says it’s in Orlando, FL which is about 4 hours away, and there’s no contact info for that either?
    So much for the birthday gift for a friend. Her birthday has come and come and I’m out $25. Yeah, it’s a SCAM!!!

  21. I ordered 4 items on March 20. In the email confirmation it said I will be notified when they have been shipped. It’s been more than 2 months. When I tried to email the address attached to the order to ask when they will be shipped it said it wasn’t a valid email. I just want to know if I will be receiving my items soon or if I should ask for a refund. Bit ridiculous.

    1. Hi Tirza Malcomber, Did you receive your order? We are eagerly awaiting your revert on this. Thank you and stay safe.

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