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Was Kevin Samuels Married {May 2022} Explore Here!

This post is about Was Kevin Samuels Married. This article let users know about the marital status of a well-known YouTuber.

Is Kevin Samuels dead? Was he married to anyone? Many queries can be seen over several social networking sites, making people ask each other about Samuel’s demise. After the news of Samuels’ demise reached its followers across the United States and other areas, they became curious and continued searching to know the truth of the news.

Fans are also curious about Samuels’ marriage status since he was a self-proclaimed guru of relationships. So, let’s find out Was Kevin Samuels Married in the guide below. 

Is Kevin Samuels alive?

When reports went viral on social media, Kevin Samuel’s mother acknowledged that the influencer had died. His mother did not mention the reason for Kevin’s death and informed the reports that she came to know about his son’s death through social networking sites.

However, fans want to know if Kevin was married. Yes, he married twice. So, keep scrolling to know more details about Samuels’ marital status. According to reports from 2021, the YouTuber was dating Instagram personality @sixthegoddis and married twice, which reportedly ended in divorce. 

Kevin Samuels Wiki:

Kevin Samuels, the 56-year-old influencer, was a YouTube star born in March 1965. Kevin always tried to maintain his personal concealed from the public eye regardless of celebrity status.

He died mysteriously and his cause of death is still under investigation. His mother mentioned that putting the news about Kevin’s demise over social networking sites is not good. She was completely unaware and didn’t even receive any notification about the news. It is said that he was married twice. A young woman purported to be the daughter of Kevin Samuels in 2021. However, her name was not revealed. 

But is the news of Kevin Samuels Cocaine true? When Samuel’s death news circulated, it was revealed that the reason for his death was cocaine.

What are the details of Kevin’s wives?

Samuel once stated that he was connected with a high school girl. However, their marriage lasted only for a year. He also mentioned that they could be better friends than being a couple. Kevin was blessed with a daughter in 2001 with his first wife.

After seven years, he again fell in love with another woman, and this marriage lasted for three years and ended in divorce because of differences in opinion.

Kevin Samuels Fentanyl:

A few reports confirmed that the reason for Samuels’ demise was Fentanyl laced with cocaine. While other reports claimed the reason for Kevin’s demise was cardiac arrest. However, the reason for Kevin’s demise is yet to be confirmed officially.

The article is prepared from the information that is available on the internet.


Kevin Samuel, a fifty-six-year-old influencer, died of a cardiac arrest or an intake of cocaine laced with Fentanyl. The officials are yet to disclose the true reason behind Kevin’s demise. Many of you must be wondering, Was Kevin Samuels Married? Yes, he had two unsuccessful marriages and ended in divorce. Also, read about Kevin Samuel.

Are you aware of Kevin’s marital status? Mention it in the comment section.

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