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We Have Received And Being Processed 2022 {Feb} Find How

People in the US are waiting to hear from IRS that We Have Received and Being Processed 2022 Tax Refunds. Read to know more.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) shall start issuing tax refunds to the people of the United Statesand more than 150 million tax returns are expected to be filed. But now, the IRS has to stamp and assert We Have Received and Being Processed 2022 as soon as possible. 

There are millions of Americans waiting to get the biggest check of the year from the IRS. There is a concern that, like the previous year, the IRS can hold the checks of some people. The previous year, this number was 30 million. 

The 2022 Tax Returns

People in America are expecting tax returns, especially while the economy is recovering from the harsh impact of Covid-19. The IRS had started processing the tax returns from 24 January 2022. There is a backlog hugely from the 2021 tax returns that We Have Received and Being Processed 2022, where around 30 million checks have been held up by the IRS.

However, the majority of the backlog has been cleared by the IRS. 

But, there remain around 5 million individual tax returns from the previous year, which makes it hectic for the IRS to process this year’s tax returns at the selected pace. There are, therefore, concerns as to how the IRS shall adjust and synchronize itself with the heavy demands from people and rejuvenation of the economy. Normally, there used to be around a million unprocessed tax returns from the previous year, but this time, the number is five or six times the number. 

How to Know We Have Received and Being Processed 2022?

The IRS has said that people should expect their returns within 21 days of filing as the department officials are working on a record speed. In another recent statement by the IRS, it is mentioned that the revenue services have cleared `4 million checks by now. With this pace, there are chances that IRS could cover up for the time taken by backlogs as well, but the concerns don’t evaporate so easily. 

The IRS Commissioner Rettig said in an interview that millions are waiting for their checks that We Have Received and Being Processed 2022 to be cleared. There are concerns about the staff requirements of the agency as well. In addition, the growing population has put an extra burden on the agency. 

Thus, looking at the current situation, there could be a months gap between the filing of tax returns and getting a check from the IRS. Some people have filed wrong information on their filings, and thus time can be increased to two or three months. 


People in the United States are concerned about the dealy that IRS could cause in issuing the tax refunds this year. To get their check that We Have Received and Being Processed 2022 from IRS, they have to wait a little longer as the agency’s backlog from the previous year is burdensome. To know more, see When will your tax refund arrive? How to track your money  

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