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The 9 Best Weed Perfumes

Cannabis has been proven as a versatile plant with an extensive list of benefits and applications. With infused creams, topical ointments, foods and beverages, is it any surprise that you could get your hands on weed perfume now too?

As marijuana products become more prolific, the public has started embracing them more. Gone are the days of pungent aromas associated with this popular herb. 

In fact, when it comes to enticing aromas, it all starts with cultivation. When you buy LA Confidential seeds, or other cultivars of your choice, you’re sure to enjoy an aromatic surprise. 

Who says you can only enjoy marijuana by smoking? 

Let’s find out more about the 9 best cannabis fragrances. 

1. Cannabis Flower Cologne by Demeter

The first official marijuana perfume, this cologne sticks to the basics. At first, you’ll enjoy an aromatic “green” herbal blend with subtle floral hints. Once you dig a little deeper, you’ll notice this scent blends with your natural skin aroma. Making it a pleasant, natural smell. 

2. Cannabis Eau de Parfum by Malin & Goetz

This perfume is the ideal representation of the 420 community—celebrating the marvel of cannabis. The classic scent has a subtle citrus and sweet magnolia enhancement. It’s certainly a crowd-pleaser, delivering a level of simplicity that only comes with marijuana.

3. Cannabis by Bois 1920

What do you get when you mix boardroom charisma with the dank herb? This enticing cannabis fragrance, of course. When it comes to a mixed marijuana bouquet, look no further. You’ll enjoy a spicy mix of pepper, berries, plum, and nutmeg in just one spritz.

Cannabis is the ultimate perfume to reflect class for those who know how to work hard and play harder.

4. Black Afgano by Nasomatto

When it comes to awakening the best qualities of hashish, look no further than Black Afgano. This cannabis perfume is described to be as aromatic as a joint with the addition of wood, incense, and hints of tobacco. 

The perfume is quite potent, so use it sparingly and be mindful of your surroundings—some might find it offensive. 

5. Open Sky by Byredo

As you’d expect from the name, this hemp perfume delivers an intoxicating, yet simple and refreshing blast. Underneath the lingering zesty aroma of citrus is the subtle hint of hemp and wood. 

This eau de parfum is the ideal match if you’re looking for a scent to express your easy-going nature and zest for life. 

6. I Love You, Mary Jane by DSH Perfumes

Created as part of a collection to celebrate the legalization, this perfume stands out as the most wearable. It packs an initial fruity punch that’ll almost have you salivating. As you go deeper, you’ll enjoy a sophisticated mix of flowers and Sinsemilia oil. What better way to celebrate such an intoxicating culture?

7. Blue Dream by Xyrena

Another celebration in honor of cannabis legalization, Blue Dream from the Reefer Madness Collection bursts with trichome characters. Reflecting the vibrant traits of the legendary strain, Blue dream packs the same sweetness found in the bud. If a mix of blueberries and a humid hothouse sound appealing to you, then look no further.

8. Bad Boy Le Parfum by Carolina Herrera

Adding a twist to the original Bad Boy, this fragrance boasts robust yet refreshing notes of cannabis and grapefruit. The underlying mix of pepper, spice, and geranium round the bouquet off for a balanced scent.

9. Sweet Do Nothing by D.S. & Durga

Not only does Sweet Do Nothing reflect a classic marijuana-related mood, but also an epic perfume. The fresh scent carries a mix of pepper, incense, and grass. Talk about painting a “green” picture of happy laziness on hot, summer days.

What’s in a strain?

While weed perfume bottles won’t reveal the strains used, they play a big part in the final scents that you’ll experience. The complex terpene profile of a strain determines the overall bouquet of the final product.

Do you have a favorite strain with an enticing aroma that you’d love to wear? Why not buy quality seeds and cultivate them to produce your chosen perfume at home?

Just note that some of these scents might raise a few brows, so test them out before wearing them to work. 

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